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  1. Fans also want the truth, not broken promises. Let me ask you Goldeneye was you at the ground when PM was on stage promoting SilverBow, had a little model and plans drawings & if I remember right the company funding it, he was begging for questions now if ask him you get called rude (I Know because he phoned me and did so) He stated that the club would not leave Treyew Road until the ground was built had some sort of clause that stated the club would be safe. The saga of nearly every month an Update of progress (LACK) Work will Start Jan, Feb March then not at all http://www.evostikleaguesouthern.co.uk/match-info/attendance-tables If you ignore attendance of the big teams Truro would be lucky to get 300 then if dropped 2 leagues then 250-200.
  2. I don’t think people are moaning at the team, but the running of the club, 3 years down the line and still talking of ground sharing as the latest smoke dream has disappeared. The season has ended and mass exodus has started. And where have you got average attendance of 400?? I hate how the club is being managed, over 40 players played this season loan player after loan player, and our young goalkeeper loaned out Shocking!! The sacking of Steve Tully was abysmal never known a successful manger getting sacked at this level. Let’s watch what happens before the start of pre-season, I would be surprised if nothing else is spouted by our chairman (Who seems more interested in the paper in bought into) I hope he has an open evening where fans can either praise him or ask him how long before the Pirates ground is built (And did he not spout that Truro would not ground share as they needed their own) Where will the club be playing in next 3 years? He jokes about being evicted from Treyew Rd no smoke without fire!! Finally we are not in the national league south on our own merits, lucky we had help from above. I will be the 1st one to admit I was wrong about our leader if he delivers on what comes out of his big mouth.
  3. I find it hard to understand, a team that reaches the playoffs 12 months ago and now news coming out shocking. Any new player of quality will be hard to sign, 3 years with threat of evection and no ground. A chairman that promises the world and delivers crumbs. (But of course he saved Truro I think that train has truly left the station !!!!) I honestly think we will be playing at Bodmin (No smoke without Fire) also 2-3 leagues down
  4. This is just the start, bigger and worse things will happen over the summer. You can't blame the boys for leaving. The saga of Silverbow which is now dead in the water. Not knowing where the team will be playing next season (Truro or Bodmin) The use of so many loan players, how can a team bond.? I will be surprised if we kick off in the same league next season, the club must be struggling and losing money every week considering the low attendance I do recall the chairman saying we needed at least 500 to break even. Instead of making progress it seems that the owners are hell bent in bringing the club down. Steve Tully got the team to the playoffs, so what do the club do but sack him.
  5. Lets Just wait and see, so many false dawn and broken promises.
  6. No, A question for you, are we now? Bear in mind still no ground, falling attendances, unrest with supporters (Even I, who once backed them ) used over 40 players this season, So are we really in a better position with the current owners who wanted us to play in Devon and even next season ground share with Bodmin.
  7. ( including many of the idiots on here ) Well that's RUDE!!!
  8. It’s the 3rd Season without the players and staff not knowing where the club will be playing its football, also fans like you and TISA and the others who make up the numbers like myself having to put up with HOT air and broken promises from oh year our saviour (that badge is now past it's sell by date) I am glad that the team will be playing at Truro and hopefully against Torquay. BUT it can't go on, Truro City Football Club needs a ground (IN TRURO CORNWALL) the sooner the better it can only be good for the team and hopefully crowds will come back, I remember 550 -800 when the club was performing well
  9. Hell its Wednesday and where is the BIG news story promised by PM on the radio, he said "Monday but definitely Tuesday" again hot air
  10. Well said, especially which leauge will TRURO be IN? Hmmm me thinks we will be Playing in the South & West Div 1 Heard all before (BROKEN PROMISES ,Pipe dreams or living in Coco land) Sums up the above statement. Today is Tuesday any news yet?
  11. would i be allowed to come back to TISA website and see for myself ;-)
  12. Do you believe that the ground will be upgraded to B, or is this more lies? Now we can all see why Truro sacked a manager that nearly got the club promoted and the use of so many players this season, I feel For Lee and his staff, I hope to god he can keep Truro up, then lets see if our Chairman keeps to his promise. OR will we start in the lower leagues ? Should start a POLL will Truro stay up and Get rid of PM
  13. I am hurt NOT If I am Barred so BE It at least I don't tell tall stories on how to change the face of Cornish Football GET PM OUT GET THE FANS IN
  14. I knew this would be the outcome, WE have have been MUGGGED by TRURO CITY OWNERS . he calls me rude in a telephone call last month for talking about the club and falling attendance. WELL I WAS RIGHT HE will now asked that the club be demoted to lower leagues he is a JOKE and I am sorry to all at TISA when we was told this years ago HOW right they are . NO wonder he wanted them kept quite. WELL I hope he now, and let the fans who loves the club run it . GET PM OUT NOW