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  1. Don't let Leeds wind you up Brazilian, that's what he lives for! Comes up with the odd bit of sense but 80% of what he puts on here is garbage. Think he writes most of it after coming out of Blazey club after drinking about a dozen of his cocktails. Good luck to Kevin, a well respected manager and former player down West, and an absolute gentleman as well. Will bring a bit of class to any club and a man that players want to play for. Think Godolphin have made a wise choice, could be a really good fit in my opinion. 👍
  2. Result, scorers, attendance etc anyone?
  3. Good luck to Penryn, lovely footballing team, should be a cracking match to watch. Some nice people there, and great facilities. Remember Playing on Olders pitch many years ago and it was like a bowling green, had nice nets back then as well 😁. Good luck to the Stickey, be great to finish the season off with another trophy, especially this one as we can't compete for it next season. 🏆🏆
  4. One player? Don't make any sense. Ed Wilton had loads of clubs ain't he? Love the old rumour mill. Started before this season has even finished!!! 🙄
  5. There's a nice pitch just up the road but they got rubbish nets 😂
  6. By getting promoted from the South Western League, the Western League, southern league div 1 south and west, and southern league Premier div. 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Penryn should try it sometime Older. By the way you could do with some new nets at Kernick Road last time I was there, they're rubbish compared to that lovely first set you had from Germany years ago!!! 😀
  7. Perhaps if Leeds gave the Newquay keeper a bit of coaching and his expert warm ups before the games instead of Bodmins under worked keeper he might have only let in 161 this season!? 🙄
  8. Godolphin Atlantic v Cullompton Rangers 2-3 Launceston v St Austell 2-3 Saltash United v Falmouth Town 3-2 St Blazey v Exmouth Town 1-4 Tiverton Town Reserves v Torpoint Athletic. 2-2
  9. Bodmin Town v Witheridge (7.45 pm) 4-1 Plymouth Parkway v Tavistock (7.30 pm) 2-3 Quote
  10. Good news, Penzance is a great old club with one of the best stands in Cornish football. Think they'll be fine on the pitch as well nest season from what I've heard regards signings etc. Heard the Tiverton thing was a wind up as well! Nothing to do with anyone from their club saying they didn't want to withdraw! 🙄 🎣
  11. That's when that over protective groundsman down there doesn't call it off for a drop of rain!!! 😂
  12. Been a really good competitive league this season, would like to see the trophy stay in Cornwall being a proud Cornishman, preferably Bodmin or if not Saltash but Tavistock have been the best team to watch going forward the few times I've seen them play and would deserve it if they win it. Massive game on Wednesday night! The West Division was wrapped up ages ago!!! 👌😜
  13. Leeds be back Blazey clubhouse tonight sipping on his Pernod and lemonade gloating how good Bodmin are and how crap Blazey are blah blah 🙄
  14. (7.30 pm unless otherwise stated) Callington Town v St Blazey 3-2 Cullompton Rangers v Launceston 3-1 Exmouth Town v Plymouth Parkway (7.45 pm) 3-1 Helston Athletic v Torpoint Athletic (7.45 pm) 1-3 Tavistock v Bodmin Town 2-2
  15. Tuesday April 25 (7.30 pm unless otherwise stated) CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Newquay v Falmouth Town 1-3 Saltash United v Ivybridge Town 4-1