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  1. (7.30 pm unless otherwise stated) Callington Town v St Blazey 3-2 Cullompton Rangers v Launceston 3-1 Exmouth Town v Plymouth Parkway (7.45 pm) 3-1 Helston Athletic v Torpoint Athletic (7.45 pm) 1-3 Tavistock v Bodmin Town 2-2
  2. Tuesday April 25 (7.30 pm unless otherwise stated) CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Newquay v Falmouth Town 1-3 Saltash United v Ivybridge Town 4-1
  3. CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Camelford v Exmouth Town (7.45 pm) 2-3 Cullompton Rangers v Bodmin Town (7.45 pm) 1-3 Launceston v St Blazey (6.30 pm). 3-1
  4. That's not CHARLTON HESTON is it!!??!! 😀
  5. CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Camelford v Ivybridge Town 3-2 Falmouth Town v Torpoint Athletic 3-2 Launceston v Cullompton Rangers 2-2 Newquay v Exmouth Town 2-4 Plymouth Parkway v Helston Athletic 2-1 St Austell v Tiverton Town Reserves 4-1 Tavistock v Godolphin Atlantic 5-1 Witheridge v Saltash United. 2-5
  6. Good luck to TMS. Hope you get your proper home pitch back. On the verge of senior football a few years back, to nearly fold, then get two teams back in the league to have to pull one out and playing your home games at Malpas Park. It's been a topsy turvy story for you! Best of luck, don't give up on it 👏🏼
  7. St.Day doing Carharrack a big favour!! You don't see that very often! I knew they liked each other really! Fantastic effort by Carharrack, only their 2nd season back in senior football about to win the league by the look of things after coming 2nd last season and winning the Combo league cup and Evely cup double!! Also winning the Trelawny Premier league the season before that!!! What a 3 seasons for the club! Congrats to all concerned. 👏🏼
  8. Well done Danny, that's the spirit! Great effort to be winning up there with 10 minutes to go after a nightmare trip up for yourselves and Falmouth by the sounds of it!? Shame you couldn't hang on for that point. I'm sure if the likes of yourself stay and get a bit more experience in with those talented youngsters the club will have a much better season next time. Must admit the games I've managed to watch this season do not reflect the true story, you've competed with most teams and been unlucky in a lot of the games. It's only the quality of St.Austell and Bodmin home and away in the evening games where I've seen Newquay taken a bit of a thrashing in my opinion. I wish the Peppermints the best of luck for next season, except when you play Sticker twice of course!! 😀
  9. If he is there most of the dressing room will be lost by the start of next other clubs! He inherited this team, I'm sure he will bring his own players in, in the summer. Great set up at Parkway, I'm sure there is a bigger picture! 😳
  11. PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 2-2 Tiverton Town Reserves (7.45 pm) Launceston 1-3 Bodmin Town (6.30 pm)
  12. Great performance from the Stickey yesterday in a physical tough old local derby! Although 2-0 up there wasn't too much in it to be fair until Whetts got sent off and we were ruthless after that. Not been to St.Dennis for a while and must say the facilities and improvements are fantastic. Well done to all concerned with the Saints, all set up for the Premier league with the addition of some floodlights. Hope you achieve it next season. Clay country football is on the up! Just need Nanpean and Foxhole to return to former glories now. Well done to Avers and Gary for their great work this season along with the players, been a pleasure to watch a lot of the games on an outstanding playing surface. Looking forward to seeing how we compete against the big boys next season?
  13. Keith, Leeds has been sticking the boot in on Newquay all season, pretends to care but he's loving it really! Think he got sacked there or got asked to leave about 30 years ago before the gentleman Ray Nicholls took over and brought the club success and a bit of decorum to the dug out and not a tirade of swear words which he still contributes to today in his Bodmin dug out. Doubt if he would still be glory hunting hanging around the dug out if Bodmin were in the same situation as Newquay with no competitive budget and having to rely on mainly young players. He can never resist a little dig, still bitter I guess? I watched the game yesterday and despite their "pasting" Newquay were the better side first half. Always try to watch them when I can't make a Sticker game and they've improved a lot over the season, and can compete with most teams outside of the top 6 who are a different class unfortunately. The youngsters will only get better and with a touch more experience with the likes of Danny OHagan I think they might be ok next season. Glad they've got a second chance and hope Blazey can come back stronger in the future. Two great old clubs that deserve some respect through the hard times.
  14. Monday April 17 (3 pm unless otherwise stated) CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 5-1 Newquay Witheridge 2-4 Falmouth Town RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP FINAL Bodmin Town 3-2 Saltash United (2 pm) at Helston Athletic
  15. Friday April 14 (11 am unless otherwise stated) CARLSBERG SOUTH WEST PENINSULA LEAGUE PREMIER DIVISION Bodmin Town 4-1 Camelford Callington Town 2-3 Launceston Cullompton Rangers 1-2 Exmouth Town Falmouth Town 4-1 Helston Athletic Godolphin Atlantic 4-2 Newquay (noon) Ivybridge Town 1-3 Plymouth Parkway Saltash United 3-1 Torpoint Athletic St Blazey 1-5 St Austell Tiverton Town Reserves 4-0 Witheridge (3 pm)