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  1. Godolphin v Wendron (Tues 7.30 KO)

    Yeah agree Dave! Lot of his old and current county youth team mates at Camelford though so would make sense? I'm sure he would get plenty of game time with Kevin at the G this season though and hopefully another great cup run with the County Youth team?
  2. Godolphin v Wendron (Tues 7.30 KO)

    Where has he gone CL? Watched him a few times for the County Youth last season, a bit inconsistent as with any youngster learning the game but no doubt about his ability.
  3. Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2

    Snooker practice at Blazey club drinking his pina calada telling everyone how bad Newquay and Blazey are and how good Bodmin are!! Wonder why!! πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’΄πŸ’°πŸ’°
  4. Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2

    Looking forward to Leeds usual unbiased match report πŸ˜‚
  5. St. Blazey Nickname

    Does a bear shit in the woods? πŸ˜ƒ
  6. ECPL

    Really sorry to see you go ECPL with all your positive posts and intelligent views and above all your lovely compassion towards people...............oh no only joking!!! BYE πŸ˜‚πŸΈβ˜€οΈ
  7. Pulling out?

    A space opened up for TMS reserves maybe? πŸ˜€
  8. Bodmin 2-2 Truro City

    Who were the superstars??
  9. VOSPERS OAK VILLA mark two

    Yeah agree Bob. ECPL seems to have a problem with quite a few people on here!! Notices he always speaks to Dave like shit! The man who created this very forum we all enjoy! Fair play for what he does for the league but he needs to chill out a bit I think! 'How dare you' !!! What a **** πŸ˜‚
  10. Good first work out for the lads at Roche tonight against a good workmanlike team who looked a half decent side in stages. The lad Geachy at the back for them looked a good player at East Cornwall level I thought. Jack Bowyer carried on where he left off last season with a first half hat-trick and probably could have had a treble hat-trick on another day!! Dragged a few wide, blazed a couple over when clean through and some good saves denying him but he looked sharp. Frankie McAvoy with a brace, his second was the goal of the game with a dipping volley and a goal from the ever impressive Andrew Butler alongside Martyn Duff in midfield sealing the win. New lad Tyler Cheshire looked quick but wasted a couple great chances but this is the time to get the rust out the system and I think we will be okay next season in the Premier league. Maybe another defender needed but plenty of talent in the midfield and up front positions.
  11. Busy on Saturday so had a look at Bodmin on Friday night and as Leeds has said they do look very strong again. Two good finishes from the youngster Seymour? Experienced journeyman striker Ben Watson with a debut tap in and a brilliant strike in off the woodwork from Harry Evans. Can't remember the other goal, ginger midfield lad was it? Can see Bodmin being right up there again this season, will take a good side to beat them, will be interested to see Parkway though. Thought Porthleven looked decent especially going forward and had a couple good half chances at 2-0, could well be challenging in the West Division?
  12. Major Shock

    You are possibly right Darren, but when I used to watch Falmouth, Blazey, Bodmin, Newquay and all the top sides of 25 years ago paying about Β£2 entrance fee and 50p for a programme there were crowds of 600/800 watching which makes it self sustainable!! Agree still a lot of money back then but it's not like today where for example Truro probably paying a player 200/300 a game in front of crowds of 350 every fortnight paying 12/13 quid? Unsustainable without a wealthy backer! I agree there should be a cap on it somewhere but if clubs are willing to pay 100 a game for a player they know that's 4 or 5 grand over a season in a league where you get a couple grand for winning it! Gone on for years and always will while until whoever runs these ambitious clubs sees the light. Just a shame that a great old club like Penryn have had to pull out the league, like Older said you need younger people willing to spare a few hours a week with a paintbrush or a mower, these jobs don't get done themselves! Take pride not money from your club and it'll still be there in 30 years!
  13. St. Blazey Nickname

    Blazey Bear Boys πŸ˜‚
  14. St. Blazey Nickname

    Just hope they ain't got "sore heads" by the end of the season!!! Good luck to the Green and Blacks for the season! πŸ‘
  15. Yes stick me on the list Mr Badger πŸ‘ love a prediction!