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  1. I came away from Weston-Super-Mare less dejected than from the home game on Boxing Day. At the latter I thought we were even poorer. Going in front but then conceding is becoming a nasty habit. And as impressive as Thompson and Neal have been in attack, I think we need to find a more creative way of feeding them than long ball. They will rarely get much change from tough, experienced defenders at this level. We actually have a fairly solid squad of players, but they just aren’t knitting together at all well. Communication is sometimes really poor - look at the mix-up between defence and goalie on Sunday. I thought Chris Todd coming on near the end at WSM was exactly the tonic we needed (though I doubt we’d use him as an emergency striker every week!). He feels like the kind of pivotal, mature player who can motivate the team and pull everyone together, and it could be that experience like that is what we are missing on the pitch. Let's hope he stays fit during the rest of his time with the club.