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  1.   Mangle, don't believe the hype. The Arab investment at Manchester City is very much a long term project, and the club has not 'bought' trophies any more than Chelsea, United, Arsenal or Liverpool have done in the past.   Although it is rarely mentioned in the media, City opened their new Etihad Academy last summer at a cost of £100 million. They are currently building up a massive worldwide scouting network with the aim of ensuring that the very best young talent from around the globe ends up being nurtured and developed in that academy, where the training and medical facilities are (according to those who have seen it) the very best on the planet. City are also very keen to recruit from the local area as well, which is why we have enticed Hyde United into a sponsorship arrangement that will be highly lucrative for them. Alongside our other scouting activities in the North West it will help the most promising local youths to gravitate into our orbit rather than going down the road to the Rags, like they used to in the past. The intention (clearly stated by the owners) is that the club will use the academy to be completely self-sufficient in players by 2027 at the latest. In other words, they are investing at all levels in the club to ensure that in around ten years time we will not be competing at all in the transfer market. Every one of our players will come through our youth system, and the so-called 'fair play' rules will be entirely irrelevant to us. The truth of the matter is that City are spending far more money off the field than they are spending on the current first team, and that is because there is a well thought out long term plan in place.   And as for the idea that the money is 'ruining' football or anything else, please don't please a word of it. According to articles I have read in various newspapers, the Arab investment in City has already created several thousand jobs in the Manchester area. This is not just because various parts of East Manchester close to the stadium have been regenerated; It is also a result of the owners extensive business activities in the locality, such as the one that saw Manchester Airport become the main European hub for Etihad Airways. The huge changes at City are good for reasons that have little to do with football.   I'm sorry if I'm starting to sound like Sheik Mansour's public relations manager, but I just reckon that the other side of the story doesn't always get much of an airing!   :)
  2. Oh yes, he'll stay all right. He's got himself a cosy little niche at a club where there is clearly very little pressure to win anything. No doubt they will scrape into fourth place again, and Wenger and his directors will be happy with that, regardless of whether or not they win the FA Cup.   By contrast, City told Pelligrini when he signed up last summer that he would have to win five trophies in three years to be certain of keeping his job (according to the media, at any rate). So, even if we do win the Premier League this time around, he will have to find at least three more pieces of silverware over the next two seasons to meet the minimum requirement.    This is what you call ambition, and Mr Pelligrini seems perfectly happy to accept the challenge. Somehow, I can't see Arsene being quite so contented.
  3.   Yes, I suppose that's true, but I certainly hope we're up to full strength at Wembley!   We could definately do with Aguero back, that's for sure.
  4. Well, I think I might respond to that in two ways.   Firstly, it is not only the "super rich" teams who field weakened sides in the cup competitions these days, at least in the early rounds. It is becoming depressingly familiar throughout the entire Premier League and Championship. Indeed, there is a growing number of Mickey Mouse clubs headed by third-rate managers who seem to be positively delighted to get knocked out as quickly as possible, so they can concentrate on their sole ambition of avoiding relegation. These clubs seem to have happily accepted the notion that they only exist at all in order to make up the numbers, and they are cheating their own supporters by making no attempt to win any silverware, ever.   Second, Sunderland have actually got plenty to play for in the league if they wish to stay out of the bottom three. This makes their achievement in reaching the League Cup final all the more impressive, as it shows they are a 'proper' football club with sort of ambition that all proper clubs should have.   By the way, the last seven meetings between City and Sunderland have only resulted in two wins for the Blues. I think it is safe to say that none of our supporters are going to be counting any chickens!
  5.   Absolutely agree with you, winning the Premier League is certainly more important than the Champions League. I assure you I am not saying this just because of our little mishap at the Etihad on Tuesday night. It is simply because you can sometimes be lucky to win a cup competition, but you can never be lucky to win a league title. No matter which league or which level it is that you are competing in, the best team always comes out on top.   Look at some of the teams who have won the CL over recent years. Liverpool in 2005, Chelsea in 2012........hats off to them both for winning it, but they were hardly the best teams in Europe at the time, were they?   Don't get me wrong, I desperately want to see City winning every trophy available, starting with the League Cup in a couple of weeks time. But the Premier League has got to be the jewel in any crown.
  6. Okay, they haven't actually lost, but the Southampton result could turn out to be a very good one for us.   Come on City, go to White Hart Lane and really make it count!   Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!   :thumbsup:
  7. It's hardly an achievement to win at Villa Park, is it?   I mean, surely to God anybody can win there?   Oh, hang on a minute..........................   :wacko:
  8. I'm just relieved that we got three points out of Palace on Saturday. All day long I had one of those really nasty feelings about that game, and my mood wasn't helped when we still hadn't scored by half-time.   Still, job done, thank God!   ;)
  9.   Crystal Palace, anybody? -_-
  10. I know all you Arsenal fans out there are getting excited, but the last time I checked we were only in October.   There's a fair old way to go yet, it seems.
  11.   He's definitely not as good as his reputation, which is massively over-inflated. Bearing in mind that he's been in his current post for seventeen years, and bearing in mind also that he's been competing in four different competitions every season, how many trophies has he actually won? I think it's seven, isn't it? Out of sixty-eight! And it will be seven out of seventy-two by the time this season is over, don't be in any doubt about that.   Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining Arsenal's current predicament. As a City fan, I'm perfectly happy for the 'Gooners' to keep hold of Wenger for the rest of all time and creation, as it makes our lives just that little bit easier than they might otherwise be.
  12.   Ah yes, I forgot about them,
  13.   Well, I was going to suggest that Emile Heskey might be available, but a quick check on Wikipedia shows that he's otherwise engaged in Australia right now.   I suppose that rules out everybody, then.
  14. He lost it a long time ago, not recently. Eight years without a pot is a long time to be stubborn. Arsenal are now reduced to celebrating a narrow 4th place finish as if they have just won a domestic treble.   There comes a time when change is essential to move forward and, in my opinion, Arsenal reached that point quite some time ago. I believe that the people in charge at Manchester City were wary of falling into the same trap when they decided to change the manager this summer. By God, it was ruthless, in view of everything that Mancini had achieved for us in such a short space of time, but the owners clearly felt that he was not the man to take the club onwards and upwards to the next level. They recognized that quickly, after just one season of mostly miserable underachievement.   I'm just praying that, having got that decision right, they got the next one right as well, and that the new man in charge produces the goods. You've just gotta have faith, as it says in the song.
  15.   In my humble opinion (for what it's worth) I don't think your discomfort is going to ease any time soon.   I know I'm likely to upset a few people by saying this, but I have honestly never rated Arsene Wenger as a manager. The praise that has been heaped on him by the media ever since he arrived in this country is quite ludicrous, and the man is an excellent example of The Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome. Sure, he had a purple patch some while ago when he won a few trophies, but when you've got the best back four in the world to call upon (plus the services of Bergkamp, Henry, Viera et al) then it would be rather difficult not to. He got lucky, that's all.   Bearing in mind that Wenger has had a full seventeen years in charge now, Arsenal haven't actually won all that much silverware during that time. The mystic genius seems to regard playing in the so-called Champions League as the pinnacle of existence in football. Not actually winning the bloody thing, of course, but just taking part in it by virtue of being the fourth best team in England. There is no way that a genuinely great manager would feel any pride in finishing second, third or fourth and not having any silverware to show for a season's hard work. It pains me to say it of course, but Fergie (so recently of our nearest-and-not-so-dearest down the road) would feel thoroughly ashamed of himself, and certainly wouldn't have the gall to celebrate such non-achievement. He understood that winning trophies (all trophies) is the only thing that matters, and to hell with the rest of it.   Anyway, prepare for yet another season of relative mediocrity. It will all be praised to the skies by Arsene's buddies on the radio and in the papers, of course, so I hope that will be of some consolation to you.