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  1. Looks like Falmouth will want the ground as well in a moment.
  2. Certainly to my generation Falmouth will always be the yardstick to judge yourself by.
  3. Yup ...sin bins ...good idea.
  4. Looks like next season, and about 100 yards up the hill to the old hospital site. If I'm looking at the right site it was started about 6 weeks ago.
  5. Chippy Chapman class keeper, as good as I've seen.
  6. Lot of fuss for a hole in the ground (!)
  7. Of course he can - fluorescent pink (!)
  8. And who is Glyn Hooper (?)
  9. Hardly negative (even if they fall flat on their face) they put it on a public forum and have got responses. 99% ended with wishing them the best - same as yours (!)
  10. Bonkers over the top to me - but best of luck to all who have a go.
  11. Best of luck to those players from me, served Penryn well for quite a few years now. Moving up a league to see if they can cut it - fair play to them.....nothing wrong with that. Every time they win a game now I can say well done to the Penryn lads for carrying Falmouth.
  12. Just being cynical Dave - money is money.
  13. You need a youth set up to attract FA funding ...maybe (?)
  14. Yup - you're bleddy right there. My missus is always saying I'm losing my memory - especially on a Friday night when I forget the way home