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  1. For me the referee / lino got it right - that was a foul ....nothing contentious about it at all.
  2. Malpas park ....council owned. Priory park ......council owned. Not a great deal of difference there then, they've ended up on a council pitch sooner than I thought they would Bodmins pitch taking a game every week - that's going to be interesting.....not the best pitch around exactly.
  3. Same scenario ....only while the money is there.
  4. No they would need money to win the league you're in....and they are a busted bucks to call their own. OH (!) I nearly forgot ......they don't have pitch either, hand to mouth on that one. Unless they ground share with that would be interesting in the league they are going to end up in.......Trelawney premier maybe.
  5. When the retail funding dried up that signalled the start of the slide. All that happened was designed to keep the first team going ... nothing else was of interest. And at the bottom of it all from day one of the momentous climb up the leagues, funded on money borrowed against the land, and more recently funded by the dream of the retail park .....was how much could be made. TCFC have never had any of the money, always in the hands of others, and the mugs bought the charade on the promise of league football LMFAO here - it was - and never will happen Football never really bothered any of them, it was just a means to an end - and the end has started. Down a few leagues, more like down to Malpas in the end.
  6. I don't see what the great difference is between what there is at TCFC and a bit of work somewhere else to get the same set up. A few cheapy stands ....that's about it (?)
  7. Stop annoying him then
  8. Will you still follow them when they are playing down Malpas (?)
  9. Malpas IS on the outskirts of Truro.
  10. Always said it was for housing....TCFC heading to Malpas eventually.
  11. HEY (!) you talking to me boy (?) S'pose so....I am a Spurs supporter.
  12. Simple things please simple minds.
  13. Don't move up to the next league then if none of you like travelling LOL You'll spend half the season in Devon.
  14. Ego - ergo - you (!)
  15. As they say "simple things"