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  1. You are obviously very happy with 4th, and it looks like assenhole are as well. I think he may well be on the move myself.....50/50 for me.
  2. Best of luck from me buddy......well done.
  3. YEAH (!) ...pfftttt.
  4. He's drinking - not writing a book.
  5. The new Bickland park will be the first.
  6. Watched this one. A credit to football, not just ladies football - the whole of football. Endeavour, effort, skill, commitment, goals......and absolutely NO ATTITUDE, just got on with the game - thoroughly enjoyed it. And a great win for Penryn against a highly fancied Helston team....and a deserved win as well. The referee must have enjoyed that as well, no problems at all, and did a good job leaving it flow - and it did.
  7. Probably on a goal, money, money.
  8. Well done from me
  9. Think the groundwork may have started....something happening on the new site.
  10. LOL probably right there. Women's league perhaps (?)
  11. Trouble was it was generally after the ball had gone LOL
  12. Truro would sign him.
  13. I'm going to.
  14. Trouble now Mark is all they boogers I had a war with have come back to haunt me. Big limp and a walking stick these days couldn't tackle a jelly now - the jelly would win.