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  1. Payback for Chelsea beating Tottenham ....owe the s.hit a pint now (!) Get well soon - the bins are already overflowing.
  2. MR 100%
  3. Always next season ...but not quite yet
  4. Three(!) ..yer having a laugh, you only got two likes.
  5. Is it that tough over Truro now you need to borrow shirts ...WOW!!! didn't realise times were that tough. Don't need any new material lot keep throwing it at me, it's like a tiddler in the pond picking off the flies as they land. Just hope it does not end up picking flies of a carcass....oh !!! nearly forgot, we could probably lend you a pitch as well - we still have one.
  6. Only lost on goal difference Bestest team for an hour or so, but it's goals that count, last two Chelsea goals could have gone anywhere - but went in (!) A dive for the penalty .....should or could easily have been 2-1 to the Spurs...that's football. Finishing above you berms will keep me happy. ALWAYS NEXT SEASON
  7. Mr 100% - the dream continues
  8. Don't worry, it'll all come down soon. Sky starting to lose money on the football, BT upping prices to pay for it as well ....the end is nigh for big bucks - good. But the damage has been done.
  9. Full credit to them for turning up - unlike some men's teams. Well done from me....their number 8 a decent player I thought.....well done again.
  10. Definitely correct there my beauty, we all love a clown, who's trying to make it it look all rosy and under control - when it ain't. Here's laughing at you COCO Visit page View image Share
  11. I don't think they are transferable buddy - your club could apply, but a bit late I think. C'MON YOU SPURS
  12. Pop over to Helston...what for (?) don't even know if they can raise a side (!) Lost 10 - 1 could not raise a team for the next two games (!) didn't have to think about it - because it's fact....there's some truth for you. And what is actually happening will out in the end - always does.
  13. We've always had our own thread ...but we'd rather laugh ....sorry, have serious debate about assenhole.
  14. That's only if you believe the crowd figures (!) They've been caught out a few times, both saying too many, and sometimes not enough
  15. Funny old world really, I was talking to the ref after the game....and he thought you were s*it as well - but he can't say that - so I have.