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  1. Did'nt know you were an Abba fan youoldgit.
  2. Must be a high tide down Penryn Quay tonight, the big fish are jumping in the boat. Thankyou for the compliment Older, first time I been refered to as a boy since I don't know when.
  3. I think Truro is certainly the best option for one or the other, money should not come into it but after all Treyew Road has the best facilities in Cornwall and teams should have the chance to experience this. I am not expecting many likes. One thing for sure it won't be held at Penryn. JMO
  4. On behalf of all the Red and Blacks at Truro City may I offer condolences to Rays family. A true football gent in every sense of the word.
  5. I think everything has been blown out of all proportion, after all surely this is just a storm in a tea cup.
  6. On behalf of all Truro City supporters from the old days that remember Andy, you will never erase the memories.
  7. I resemble that remark Older, once played the part in the school play, still I suppose its better than being Grumpy all the time.. Anyway Happy New Year and all the best from me to you and your team. Hope you don't come unstuck too often. At least we got one thing in common, Red & Black. Cheers
  8. Wrong and wrong again Olderyougit, don't give up your daytime job and don't go doing the lottery if you want to have enough money in your pocket for a Rowes pasty next week. By the way how did your team get on today, probably lost due to a sticky pitch.
  9. Time to get a new script writer for your jokes Olderyougit, you been using the same material for the last three years.
  10. No fireworks though Dave and Ivor, these are being saved for New Years Day at Weston Super Mare. Advace warning to all Tisa and Tisa Nomad members. Security have been instructed to carry out searches on the gate at tomorrow's game. Anyone caught with party poppers will be refused entry. NO PARTY POPPERS NO PARTY.
  11. I propose a ground share with Penryn Athletic. stick a stand up on the cricket ground side and a bit of tarmac around the place and its good to go. Oh and bring back Bakes, Cornwall's No. 1 groundsman. Olderyougit could be the new Truro City PR man.
  12. Older only has to dangle his little worm in the water and they jump in, that boat will come in handy though when the new Stadium gets built at Malpas Park. He will be up there Saturday afternoons retrieving the balls out of the river and taking them back to PAFC. Good news for Rocky though he should be back in the starting line up against Frome on Saturday, another easy 4k for the Truro City Coffers. Just for your information Older City are no longer 3.8 million in debt as the CVA has been cleared in full so you can cross that one off your list lol. Full credit to the owners and all involved in achieving this. Onwards and upwards.
  13. Older is just jealous ofTruro City's success and has a pop at them at every available opportunity. Nothing new to add and stuck in repeat mode all the time I am afraid. It would make his day if Truro were to be relegated or become homeless. Unfortunately Older it ain't going to happen buddy so can I suggest you get over it and find yourself a new script writer .