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  1. Boreham Wood pulled out of this fixture I do believe.
  2. Anyone know where they will be playing there home matches, Treyew Road, Truro College, Kenwyn, Malpas, Truro School, Penair, Richard Lander, was just wondering.
  3. Sounds painful to me Ivor poor old Dave having his balls on different sides of the fence. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
  4. Ah but buy a Truro City season ticket and you may get a red and black scarf thrown in.
  5. I was lucky enough to be on the vip list that day older and I can assure you that the players were impecccably behaved, I can only assume you are referring to a certain member of the support team that had a little too much to drink.
  6. If they do play at Truro I shall look forward to meeting you 100%, I will even bring some Winalot along for Smokie and you can be my Pal for the night, think I just missed you a couple of seasons back when we played Godolphin in a pre season friendly. Don't forget your camera. Hope you enjoy your summer break. Rayvon in Truro.
  7. Hang on a minute how can Plymouth Argyle be playing two games on the same afternoon or am I missing something. Suppose they could always keep there kit on and run over the bridge.
  8. In his spells at Truro City I always felt Steve was never given time to complete the job he had started. The 2 chairmen were always looking for instant success. I always admired Steve for at least giving local talent a chance to prove themselves first before looking accross the border.
  9. Special discounts for Falmouth Town and Penryn supporters lol
  10. Don't care what colour they wear now Older but I still wear my Red and Black as do all the Tisa boys and girls as do all the other real supporters. I suppose next you are going to say Cardiff play in Red but call themselfs the Bluebirds. Just for you information Truro City now call themselves "the white tigers"
  11. As long as your happy being a tadpole in the Penryn river I have not got a problem with that Older. As for running down the team that you support I have too much respect to even think about it. You keep knocking Truro City if thats all all you got to do in life boy but don't expect me to back down. Come on you Red & Blacks.
  12. Can I add my congratulations to St Austell winning the league cup, nice to see the silverware being shared around for a change. I was a great admirer of Martin Watts and was at Salisbury when he was seriously injured playing for Truro City. If you get to read this Martin you are fondly remembered at Treyew Road and talked about regularly, shame it all ended the way it did. Some great free kicks and goals. Good luck in the future. Cheers and gone
  13. Hope you are going to get that repeat mode button replaced before the beginning of next season Older, unfortunately you cannot change the course of history boy, all I wish to add is that we are still Cornwall's premier club still playing at TREYEW ROAD and don't forge there was the small matter of winning at WEMLEY STADIUM. Enjoy your summer watching St Gluvias CC.
  14. Truro City is the shop window for all local players hoping to climb the football ladder. Isaac Vassell is a good example, I wonder if Argyle are regretting there decision to release him. Andrew Neale has been watched by league scouts this season so you never know whats around the corner.
  15. Typical end of season display in a meaningless fixture. Terrific turnout from the loyal City fans though. Tisa Player of the Season was awarded to Andrew Neale after the game and richly deserved. Essential we hang on to him for next season although there are several who will definately need to be replaced if we are to compete at this level again. Have a good summer and see you all next season. Finally keep buying the Sunday Independent and help keep Truro City Cornwall's premier club, as they say every little helps. See you back at Treyew Road next season Cheers and gone.