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  1. Hope your prediction comes true gashead1980. I have also heard that ther S4C has come up against more obstacles, anybody else heard anything?
  2. They could play down Malpas Park, Older would like that.
  3. Priory Park here we come, with a few ground improvements we could still keep our league status. That's if we move out of Treyew Road!
  4. If what I have heard is correct then Truro City could be ground sharing with another Cornish club next season which I assume would mean dropping down a few leagues. This I believe is another option if we have to vacate Treyew Road at the end of this season and its not Malpas Park Older.
  5. Olderyougit you really are a saddo, time to get yourself a life boy. Surely there are more interesting things to do in your life than knock Truro City week after week. The facts are we are still Cornwall's Premier Club, we are still playing at Treyew Road and if we have to ground share we won't be the first and we won't be the last. If there's any embarrassment in Cornish Football it's you boy. Start supporting your own team for a change insteading of knocking others. Still like the red and black shirts though. By the way its a low tide up Malpas tonight, could only see a few tiddlers when I was out earlier, all the big fish must be down your end waiting to jump in your punt.
  6. Did'nt know you were an Abba fan youoldgit.
  7. Must be a high tide down Penryn Quay tonight, the big fish are jumping in the boat. Thankyou for the compliment Older, first time I been refered to as a boy since I don't know when.
  8. I think Truro is certainly the best option for one or the other, money should not come into it but after all Treyew Road has the best facilities in Cornwall and teams should have the chance to experience this. I am not expecting many likes. One thing for sure it won't be held at Penryn. JMO
  9. On behalf of all the Red and Blacks at Truro City may I offer condolences to Rays family. A true football gent in every sense of the word.
  10. I propose a ground share with Penryn Athletic. stick a stand up on the cricket ground side and a bit of tarmac around the place and its good to go. Oh and bring back Bakes, Cornwall's No. 1 groundsman. Olderyougit could be the new Truro City PR man.