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  1. We r having our pitches done as well mate so no games there for a few weeks sorry bout that
  2. If there's a chance we may b able to host both ur teams at st Dennis on the same day,I'll have a word with our manager n 3rd team manager n c if they r able to sort it out?or u can get hold of taxman on here he's our 3rd team manager.
  3. Any chance of the stats bein put up I can't find the link for i,cheers
  4. How far u willing to travel n do u have a 2 nd team?
  5. I had to go mevagissey mate with the family otherwise I'd of come in for a pint n sed hello/took the pi@s lol not sure y the others didn't? How many goals u got?
  6. Well done mate u guys deserve it
  7. Who won the cups earlier?well done to the 4 teams that took part!
  8. St Dennis 5 v tms 0 goals kev morcs 3,me 1,stu bell 1 thanks to queens for the use of their pitch as ours were hosting cup finals,another league title for the saints could of been more goals but belly n morcs missed their penalties lol
  9. Gsm V veryan battle for 2nd place in div 1,shud b a great game between 2 very good teams
  10. Well things like this do happen lol
  11. Is tafc 4 Eva even from torpoint or just a winder upper lol
  12. Think Lee mis read/interpreted wot u were sayin bob as he was at a wedding all day yesterday on the booze lol
  13. No doubting that lol Cheers for that,Hopefully we will put on a better show next season,all credit to the boys that turn up every week been a pleasure to play alongside with n mega proud that we have only lost 1 game in the league all season !