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  1. St Dennis scorers were Olsen morcom ruler n my self if u need to update ur stats tux
  2. U forgot to post our goal scorers lol
  3. Gunnislake got new players?still think it'll b tight finish between our teams but st mawgan n Gerrans won't b far behind either
  4. Heard wets scabbed a goal off doodles lol
  5. Wheels quickly falling off ur bus copey or just not at the races?
  6. Wasn't a slice was trying to lose the ball lol
  7. Thanks for ur shout of get at him he's sh*t wen I came on lol
  8. His goal,normally I don't pass to him as I hate it wen he scores lol he's even claimed 3 ogs this season as his own!!
  9. Any news on the ref from Saturday?