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  1. Looking at the goals conceded its a miracle three of the teams haven't jacked in already
  2. U in the league or just cups?
  3. St Dennis v queens is 5:30 ko if any folk is interested in watching......
  4. Played a full 90 for the 3rd game on the trot pryndog not doin 2 bad considering I'm playin a full 90 for vets as well if we got a game the morning after,I got 11 goals this season how many u got? U better hope u win the junior cup or I'm goin to rip u on that,3rd time lucky or 3rd time unlucky lol that is the question???
  5. Were u in the game 1st half lol,always nice to c u trucks shame I was trashed the nite b4 other wise I'd of got a goal or 2 ha ha c u soon mate
  6. Another win for st Dennis,ash Taylor jordi willymot n Scott hill with a brace each,can c y it was called off last week,pitch was very soft in places still.
  7. St Stephen v st minver on fri nite 21 April at liskeard apparently
  8. A finals a final scoffy,r u playin in it?
  9. Surprised it was only 1-0 st Stephens have scored nearly 40 in the last 5 games!!