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  1. It has everything to do with Helston thirds - you are one club not separate ones! I always thought that senior clubs have to take priority and if a first team can not fulfill a fixture then the other side's can't. I think this is only a Trelawny ruling - but it should apply across the board. If players are not signed on then it is somewhat naive of Helston for not signing on more players. In no way whatsoever should it be blamed on Paul (chairman), Sid and Richie. The work they have put in on and off the field to get the club to where it is has been outstanding and they deserve better. I wish Helston all of the best, I hope the players and the town turn up and out in force on Wednesday to give Sid and Richie the send off they deserve. Whoever is due to take over has a few bridges to build - in and out of the club it seems - but the potential at Helston is massive. They have it in them to be one of the top clubs in Cornwall - it is perhaps a shame for them that they aren't a little closer to the Tamar Bridge.
  2. On Sunday 23rd April Helston FC host the Kernow Youth League Final between Wendron United and Charlestown under 16s, who finished 2nd and 1st in the league and will also meet each other in the County Cup Final. A great chance to see some of the county's brightest young footballing talents and some players who will hopefully go on to play County u18 football next season. Thabks to Helston Athletic for hosting this fixture at Kellaway Park. 10am KO
  3. https://m.facebook.com/wendronunited/ The Sharon Wood tournament is a great event to support, tying in the love of the game with supporting worthy charities. We are extremely proud of this event's success and are grateful for the hard work of those who organise the event. We would love you guys to get behind it, whether it is providing a team or helping on the day. Please like and share this event! We are looking for teams from u7-u13 to take part in the event on Sunday 16th July 2017. The event is one of the biggest of its kind in the South West and it has raised over £40,000 for Cancer Research and other local charities since its start in 2000. Application forms for teams are available at www.wendronfc.com Thank you
  4. Div4 Wendron v Newlyn Non-Athletico is a 4pm KO
  5. First I have heard of it mate! Obvisouly more in the know than myself! Would seem a bit odd, seems they're on to a good thing down at Carharrack?!
  6. Ah sorry mate. I meant after West Cornwall. WC have to be favourites for promotion. I fancy Pendeen to join them, but Lizard are obviously are the best placed currently (out of the two of them). My apologies - I explained it really poorly. As second team joint manager at Wendron, I'n dissapointed we couldn't stay in it for a few more games - we've dropped some silly points. Of Pendeen and Lizard I think Pendeen would suit Combination best but I'd like to see the Lizard achieve it.
  7. Anymore on this? Can't believe that this is so quiet? Maybe it's because of Easter or St Ives are still hung over! Congrats though to St Ives, unlikely - but popular winners. Great cup to win and good luck representing the West in the Evely Cup!
  8. Probably the same table as you. If Pendeen win their four games in hand they go level on points with Lizard. Their next four games are very winnable, although one is against us - so hopefully they won't win that one! Both have CSoM to play twice, they'll have a big say in things and I wouldn't be surprised to see the title head that way.
  9. @John Mead if this were to happen, would it be for the 2018/19 season or for next? I quite like the idea of a Trelawny Combination Premier and Trelawny Combination Div 1, or whatever they may call them it. @Sijames Lizard are currently in poll position (after West Cornwall) but I fancy Pendeen to make a late surge. Several games in hand and in a strong position to make a late challenge for promotion.
  10. Justin, just replied to one of your previous posts on the other thread - as for the Wendron/Penwith bad blood - for whatever reason, I'm not sure what, I think we should leave it there. It's been and gone and a new season will be fast approaching soon. You're probably correct, there will be some teams jealous of yourselves. I think the reputation, although I've never experienced it first hand, that you built yourselves hasn't done you any favours. Although, credit where it is due - you no longer here of these stories. Unfortunately for you, for some the damage has already been done. I don't think it helps that several members of your team, perhaps even yourself, come on here and are derogatory towards other teams and players, whether it's intentional or not, it is sometimes read that way. But each to their own. Like I've previously said: obviously a good side at this level as the points column shows and I'm sure you will give CSM a good run for their money in your upcoming cup match, we may even see an upset. Plenty of skill, hunger and desire - which is the right combination to succeed at this level. All the best in your forthcoming fixtures.
  11. Bit hasty to make that assumption! The poster has praised your ability! Can you accept that? Think there's some bad blood between the clubs, for whatever reason - which is a shame. But let's draw a line under it now. It's been and gone and a new season will be approaching. All the best Mr Justin and the rest of Penwith Exiles.
  12. I wasn't at the game so can't comment too much, but... I think it's a bit insulting towards our third team talking about how you took your foot off it, played within yourselves etc. To stick my nose in it, Wendron's goalkeeper was a right back and half their midfield was missing. I know that our manager was struggling for players (I almost got a call up). So yes, maybe you missed a few chances - no excuse in my opinion as chances aren't goals. Or hit the woodwork 28 times, or brought on fresh legs that may've disrupted it. But it's not the Penwith show - other teams have excuses well. That being said, like my earlier comment, Penwith were clearly the better side; the scoreline reflects this. Some may not agree with their approach to the game, but you need a bit of that in junior football. They deserve to be where they are and climb through the leagues. Best of luck for the rest of the season and for next.
  13. Great work Dave! Love that. If you're in the Porthleven area get down to watch: Porthleven v Wendron United TODAY GOOD FRIDAY 14th April 2017 2.30pmKO At Gala Park, Porthleven
  14. Maybe they are after a degree?
  15. Congrats to Penwith, didn't make it to the game but deserved winners and will take some stopping. Josh is some player; played with him in his St Buryan days and he should be playing a higher level. Penwith have all of the attributes to succeed at the level. Best of luck