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  1. We have had good set of fixtures this season, no Witheridge or Cullompton away this time midweek, it's their turn to come to us mid week.
  2. Callington Town v Torpoint Athletic should be a cracker, especially with Mr Cardew at the helm at Marshfield Park!
  3. I will be getting ready for next season. As a football secretary the new season starts these days before the end of the current season
  4. I might go back in to management after a 11 year absence.
  5. St Dominick 1-1 Torpoint Athletic St Dominick won on penalties 4-3
  6. Redsforever. If you failed to notice we had our Fred Binks Semi Final on Friday 12th May, so could not of played on Saturday 13th May, especially when Ashley O'Rourke had broke his leg, the lads would not of been in the right frame of mind. The Fred Binks Cup has been a big issue with being postponed three times at Launceston due to floodlights not working and the original fixture in the semi final being abandoned due floodlights failing, so we had circumstances beyond our control. We did try to organise your league fixture on Friday 12th May and was told you were struggling then as well to get a team.
  7. We were told to night, but had an idea on Sunday. It's a great shame to see St Blazey in this state of upheaval after a very good and successful pass.
  8. St Blazey are not coming, they can't get a side. That is 4 no shows for teams to play Torpoint this season. The teams were St Teath home, Plymstock United away, Launceston home and St Blazey at home. The question is, have players lost commitment to play in this league anymore?
  9. Tonight's Result ECPL Fred Binks Cup Semi Final Saltash United 1-3 Torpoint Athletic Torpoint Scorers: Darren Hicks x2 Luke Doddridge. Abandoned on 55 minutes, Torpoint's Ashley O'Rourke breaks his leg after a 50/50 tackle. Saltash conceded the match after we were winning the original game 3-1 after the floodlights failed, so it was 6-2 on aggregate. Torpoint go into the final next Friday against St Dominick at Lux Park, Liskeard with a bitter taste in their mouth. We wish Ashley O'Rourke a speedy recovery. Robbie Morris Torpoint Athletic Football Secretary
  10. Replay due to floodlights failing at Kimberly Stadium will be at Saltash United on Friday 12th May Saltash United v Torpoint Athletic kick off 1900
  11. I agree, Crediton were brilliant host today, and thanks for the compliments for us SWPL Board Members, we aim to please.
  12. Gutted, we will now have replay it, according to league.
  13. Godolphin Atlantic 1-1 Cullompton Rangers Launceston 1-3 St Austell Saltash United 2-0 Falmouth Town St Blazey 1-4 Exmouth Town Tiverton Town Reserves 1-1 Torpoint Athletic
  14. Callington Town 2-0 St Blazey Cullompton Rangers 3-2 Launceston Exmouth Town 2-1 Plymouth Parkway (7.45 pm) Helston Athletic 1-3 Torpoint Athletic (7.45 pm) Tavistock 1-2 Bodmin Town
  15. Newquay 1-4 Falmouth Town Saltash United 3-1 Ivybridge Town