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  1. Appears to be a few seasons back along when they decided to "keep it local"
  2. I'm sure everyone has their role and purpose at the club, and it seems to be working. Hats off to them
  3. Surely the location of where a player lives shouldn't be a factor, if they play for a Cornish team then they should be eligible to play for the county.
  4. Once decent managers, out of touch now. Can't see those 2 candidates bringing anything to the table. Leigh has been out a while, Alan Carey contacts are all 35+
  5. Parkway always seem to go for the same managers who has the same links to the same group of players. So unless they get a manager who isn't affiliated to all the usual suspects, they won't get anywhere. Probably Wayne or Hobbs will take the reigns. Would be refreshing to see someone new.
  6. I very much doubt the new manager has attracted them.... More like dollar bills