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  1. Truro: McHale, Bentley, Hartridge, Richards (C), Gerring, Adelsbury, Cooke (Brett 89), Allen, Neal (Thompson 83), Harvey, Yetton. Subs not used: Pugh, Todd, Smith. 16 goal attempts, 4 goals (Neal 27, 52, Harvey 42, Cooke 66), 4 saved (Cooke 20, Neal 20, 35, Harvey 32), 1 blocked (Allen 20), 7 off-target (Allen 8, Harvey 9, 50, Yetton 12, 54, Gerring 17, Neal 48 ). 5 corners (left 11, 45+1, right 16, 17, 65), 2 offsides, 12 FKs conceded. 1 yellow (Hartridge 32). Whitehawk: Covolan, Passley (Forte 67), Harding, West, Aldavert (M'Boungou 72), Omozusi, Torres (C), Sutherland, Mills, Woods-Garness, Scales (Akaubi half-time). Subs not used: Southam, Favarel. 7 goal attempts + 1 o.g: 1 other goal (Mills 90+2), 1 blocked Mills 4, 5 off-target (Woods-Garness 21, Scales 30, FK33, Passley 54, West 90. I think Tom made a couple of saves very early on as I was making my way to my desk from the media hut. Please advise! 4 corners: (right 4, 5, 6, 38 ), 2 offsides, 15 FKs conceded. 2 yellows (Passley 45+2, West 76) Gate 483. 50/50 winner 3647 (claimed). MoM Rocky Neal. Ref: Adam Ricketts (Avon FA), Assts: Craig Scriven (Somerset FA, Daniel Flynn Avon FA). Whitehawk possibly the poorest side I've seen at Treyew Road this season! Shame to see Les Afful kicking his heels rather than kicking a football.
  2. What was the gate at St Austell yesterday?
  3. Truro: Rice, Smith, Richards (C), Hartridge, Bentley, Gerring, Brett, Harvey (Neal 82), Yetton (Thompson 76), Knowles, Allen (Cooke 85). Subs not used: Booth, Adelsbury. 11 attempts: 1 goal (Richards 45+1), 3 saved (Smith 10, Allen 13, Harvey 51), 3 blocked (Knowles 3, Brett 47, Allen 75), 4 off-target (Smith 28, 69, Knowles 35, Harvey 70). 6 corners (left 3, 46, 62, right 4, 26, 61), 4 offsides, 8 FKs conceded. 2 yellows (Harvey 58, Smith 63). Wealdstone: North, Parker (Koroma 57), Brown, Mavila, Hamblin, Godfrey (Wright , half-time), Green, Cox (C), White (McGleish 89), Wellard, Tajbakhsh. Subs not used:Lafleur, Bonfield. 8 attempts: 2 goals: (White 26, Hamblin 82), 1 saved (Parker 44), 2 blocked (Tajbakhsh 19, Wellard 80), 3 off-target (Tajbakhsh 9, Green 41, White 66). Plus one shot out of a scramble which hit the bar by goodness-knows who! 7 corners (left 66, 80, right 9, 44, 79, 80, 81), 1 offside, 19 FKs conceded. 3 yellows (Hamblin 61, Wellard 68, McGleish 90 - see when he came on!). Ref: Aji Ajibola, Assts James Gould, Lee Roberts (both Devon FA). Gate 411, winning 50/50 ticket 3622 (claimed). 2 points nicked from Truro! But that's football! Wealdstone a very physical side (compare FKs conceded). Ref missed lots of elbows, arms and niggles of the ball. Good showing by the Wealdstone supporters: the pasties got sold out!
  4. Can't let that one go, Isaac: often you write bo££ox: that was TOTAL bo££ox! Stick to football. You obviously know nothing about politics!
  5. I'm not (on Twitter!) (or Facebook for that matter, or any of those sites) so can't see the goals!
  6. Yes, I wondered about the bobble-hat.... Wilton had goals 1, 2, 4 and 5. We had the other down to an o.g. only because that was the answer Billy Chown got from one of the players. Home 'keeper had an outstanding game, agreed. I thought their lad up front who appeared to be wearing glasses was promising, too. Point about the reffing. Twice or three times when a FK was awarded to Carharrack a Newquay player, rather than retreating the 10 yards, dawdled over the ball and the Carharrack player taking the kick deliberately kicked the ball at the home player's legs. Ref wagged an admonishing finger - at the Carharrack player - and ordered the kick to be retaken. He told the Carharrack boy off a third occasion, telling him not to deliberately kick the ball at the opponent. Truro had a player booked when he stood in front of the ball, less than two feet away, and had the ball kicked against his shins by the vising player. Which ref was right? Shame to see the Newquay club struggling.
  7. Truro: Rice, Knowles, Richards, Riley-Lowe, Bentley,Pugh (C), Brett, Harvey (Adelsbury 90), Yetton, Thompson (Neal 68 ), Allen. Subs not used: Smith, Byrne, Booth. 11attempts, 3 goals (Yetton 28, Pugh 50, Harvey pen 78 ), 4 saved (Brett 49, 52, 75, Knowles 60), 3 blocked (Brett 28, Thompson 33, Harvey 33), 1 off-target (Knowles 69). 3 corners (right 9, 33, 50), 4 offsides, 9 FKs conceded, 1 yellow (Brett 74). St Albans: Russell, Casey (Lucien 80), Bender Chappell (C) (Swales 88 ), Martin, Gardiner, Cureton, Thomas, Theophanous, Walker (Merson 74), Noble. S ubs not used: Corcoran, Allinson 17 attempts, 2 goals (Bender 49, Walker 53), 5 saved (Noble 3, Chappell 6, Theophanous 23, 58, Merson 82), 1 blocked (Theophanous 65), 9 off-target (Walker 5, 45, 45+1, Theophanous 11, 31, 65, C ureton 40, Bender 42, Noble 66). 8 corners (left 48, 65, 84, 84, right 10, 15, 26, 42), 2 offsides, 10 FKs conceded, 3 yellows (Casey 78, Noble 85, Swales 90+1 - he'd only come on at 88!). MoM: Stewart Yetton. (Official!) Ref: Paul Howard (London), Assts Andrew Sheppard (Avon), Dale Wootton (Gloucestershire) Gate 323, winning 50/50 3535 (claimed). Still no winner of the box of biccies for identifying my mystery group which is called "The Warning"!. I'll find an easier comp for Wealdstone! Truro should have been dead and buried before scoring against the run of play. From that point, though, even stevens so 3 - 2 wasn't that unfair!
  8. Truro: Rice, Knowles, Richards, Riley-Lowe, Bentley, Pugh (C), Brett, Harvey (Neal 73), Yetton (Byrne 86), Thompson, Allen. Subs not used: Smith, Adelsbury, Booth. 8 attempts: 2 goals (Harvey 11pen, 35),1 saved (Harvey 33), 2 blocked (Knowles FK32, Richards 33), 3 off-target (Allen 64, Pugh 81, Neal 90+2). 7 corners (left 33, 47, 59, 60, 60, right 59, 81), 3 offsides, 7 FKs conceded. 1 yellow (Thompson 68 ). MotM Harvey Gosport: Miles, Dawson, Bird, Sanders, Wassmer, Carmichael, Lea (Bailey, half-time), Harding (Masterton 78 ),Lee, Wright (Martin half-time), Oastler (C). Subs not used: Thomas, Brice. 5 attempts: 2 saved (Carmichael 35, Lee 75), 3 off-target (Wright 30, Martin 46, Bailey 79). 2 corners (left 75, right 75), 4 offsides, 12 FKs conceded. 3 yellows (Carmichael 19, Dawson 53, Oastler 65). Ref: Robert Massey-Ellis (Coventry), Tim Burley (Cornwall), Sean Rothwell (Devon). Gate 319, 50/50 winner 1814. Don't know if it was claimed. No-one has identified my mystery group: box of Foxes assorted biscuits (including some choccy ones) carried forward to Saturday! 3 welcome points but Gosport were very poor.
  9. Truro: Rice, Adelsbury (Allen 70),Richards (C), Riley-Lowe, Bentley, Todd (Pugh, half-time), Knowles, Harvey, Neal, Smith, Byrne (Thompson 60). Subs not used: Brett, Yetton. 19 goal attempts: 1 goal (Harvey 15), 2 saved (Knowles 52, FK72), 1 bar (Knowles FK7), 9 blocked (Neal 7, 31, 50, 78, Riley-Lowe 12, 32, Knowles 48, Bentley 78, Harvey 89), 5 off-target (Adelsbury 20, Neal 56, Riley-Lowe 62, Knowles FK77, Thompson 89, Harvey FK90+2). 7 corners (left 12, 45+1, 50, right 3, 45+1, 59, 78 ), 1 offside, 9 FKs conceded, 3 yellows (Todd 21, Harvey 26, Adelsbury 90+2). Concord: Vose, Girdlestone, Wyatt, Nasha (Collins 74), King, McKenzie, Sembie-Ferris (Laucys 78 ), White (C), Miles, Cawley, Della-Verde (Topley 85). Sub not used: Young. 10 goal attempts: 2 goals (Della-Verde 27, Cawley 39), 2 saved (Della-Verde 45+2, Nasha 61), 1 bar (Miles 49), 3 blocked (Della-Verde 13, 49, Miles 65), 2 off-target (Miles 16, Cawley 71). 3 corners (left 9, right 54, 65), 5 offsides, 15 FKs conceded, 1 yellow (White 85). Ref: Adam Ricketts (Avon FA), Assts: Graham Pearce, Philip Staynings (both Wilts FA). Gate: 419. 50/50 winning number 2994: don't know if it was claimed. Still no-one has identified my mystery group. Perhaps I'll have to put up a modest (i.e. I'm paying for it!) prize! When Concord equalised, I said to those around me, "the next goal will decide who the winner will be". Hmm.
  10. 2nd Saturday on the trot I've turned up at a ground only to find the game off! So - went to Illogan: 1 - 1 v St Ives. I clearly didn't learn my lesson from last week! All Illogan for half an hour, then St Ives scored and it sort of knocked the stuffing out of Illogan for a bit. Deserved the equaliser but were lucky to hold on to a point as their 'keeper had to make two really fine saves to keep out goal-bound shots. Didn't trouble the visiting 'keeper much though thought they had scored after a scramble, celebrating a goal when none was given! Heard some visiting fans opining that they had "hung on" for the draw. Hot soup vital in each half! Based on league positions, a very good point for Illogan.
  11. Thought: since when does a player caught offside know when the flag is raised? Concentrating on the ball, surely? Turning after scoring and seeing the flag is up isn't quite the same as knowing when it was first raised. Better to scrap offside altogether.
  12. St Day 1, Carharrack 1. So I'm a bit late with my observations. With Truro off I got to St Day at 20 past 2 with the rain teeming down. The teams came out and the game began. After certain goals were denied at both ends in the opening minutes by the heavy conditions preventing the ball rolling very far the game settled to a dismal opening half hour. I was up on the balcony, cold in the wind and wondering what I was doing there! Then the rain stopped - then the sky cleared so I headed off to the touchline just in time to see the opening goal by Bryan Hawke on 35 minutes. Thereafter St Day's confidence increased and they finished the half on the ascendancy. In the 2nd half they continued to be the most likely to score and I couldn't see how Carharrack were going to get anything. They had tried to play their pretty football on an increasingly difficult surface. St Day had adapted far better to the conditions. Then somehow, as often happens in a game, Carharrack began to look more positive and had a bit of a purple patch. They forced several corners and from one of them Jake Shaw headed home the equaliser (55). Then it all kicked off with both sides playing as if they realised they could win; so end-to-end stuff, tackles flying in, near misses, great saves and blocks - I realised I was now enjoying the afternoon, glad I was there! Yes, I thought the St Day 'keeper had handled outside the area; no, I thought the pitch playable - Billy Chown and I agreed that "in our day" such a pitch wouldn't have been given a second thought (remember the pitch that Hereford beat Newcastle on yonks ago?); the Ref, Ian Roberts (for, yes, it was really him!) handled the game sensibly, overlooking one or two tackles that looked mad until you took the conditions into account and allowing for the fact that no-one got hurt; the groundsman, who I met, had done a brilliant job getting the pitch ready but faces a nightmare to repair it for next Saturday; both 'keepers were outstanding, outstanding (written twice deliberately); tea and coffee were 70p (not too bad). No-one should criticise a Club linesman unless they have tried to do the job themselves. Anyone who hasn't - just shut up! The draw was a just result but as I left I overheard a couple of St Day regulars declaring it was "2 points lost" - fair enough. After a dubious beginning it turned out to be a cracking local derby - but Ludgvan have hauled back 2 points....
  13. Carharrack 6, Perranporth 3. Goals a-plenty at Ting Tang again: 29 goals in 3 consecutive Saturdays! Real value for money! I shan't expect to see many next week! Slow start and yet no surprise when Carharrack took the lead (36 mins) through a Nick Boase header off a corner; yet a bit of a surprise when Perranporth equalised three minutes later, a scorcher by Ross Somerville. Three more minutes saw Perranporth surge into a 3 - 1 lead through Gavin Perraton and Somerville again. I had a hot chicken soup (50p) at half time: Carharrack must have had something more stimulating (!) as they drew level through Tom Goodman (47) and Ryan Stephens (51). Thence it was really a matter of how many more Carharrack would score. Ed Wilton gave them the lead on 56, Bradley Leivers rose to head home number 5 from a corner (63) after which Carharrack took their foot off the gas a bit. It was left to a route one goal on 89 mins. Keeper Scott Gilbert launched a punt that bounced once before Ed Wilton applied just a few strands of his hair to the ball before it went over the 'keeper and into the net. Entertaining for the meagre crowd (30?). ("Crowd"?) Lovely to chew the nostalgic fat with Glen Mather, talking of times when football really was a contact sport! Don't know who the ref was - a youngster who did a very good job.
  14. Well, cat, tbf I'm hardly a goal-keeping expert coach, just a bloke on the touchline with an opinion!