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  1. Thanks for that. Good luck to him.
  2. Belated view of Carharrack v Port yesterday: Carharrack 3, Port 2 at the end of one of the best games I have seen all season. With the pressure off for both squads and just the sheer pleasure of playing football to enjoy, both sides played really good football with much of it training-ground stuff: lots of inte-rpassing on the ground: not easy on a bobbly pitch, not intended as a criticism of the surface, just an observation. in fact, I never played on such a green surface at the end of the season in my playing days. Odd how this excellent football produced such a fast-flowing, end-to-end game with chances at both ends. Shame teams can't do that week after week! 1 - 0 Carharrack (12) - Glen Patterson, who was a bit flukey: more of a heading-on than an attempt to score! 2 - 0, Patterson again (15) with more than a suspicion of a foul on the 'keeper, but nevertheless allowed. A question of viewing angle, I guess. Then what proved to be the best goal of the game for 2 - 1, (26), Gavin Perraton at inside right (sorry, "in the right channel") turned and drove low across the 'keeper from 25 yards. The second half was interrupted by the unfortunate injury to the Porthleven lad: I hope someone can come on here and report his recovery. There were 37 minutes left at the restart and the game ebbed and flowed with Port looking for an equaliser which didn't look out of the question and Carharrack looking to seal the win. They looked to have done it on 86 minutes when Jake Shaw swept in from the right to score from close range for 3 - 2; but even then, a brave diving header 2 minutes later - a challenger for goal of the match - saw Nick Boase leaving his 'keeper rooted to the spot as he turned in a cross from the left! Then it was time for the champers! Huge congrats to the side I briefly managed in the 70s! It has given me a massive amount of pleasure to see unfashionable old Carharrack win the Combo in style. Tea STILL a snip at 50p in a china mug: puts Truro to shame!
  3. To Pzfan: many, including me, believe there is the talent in Cornwall to play at National South level but you will never overcome the problem caused by where Cornwall is geographically. Many suitably talented players either cannot (due to domestic or work commitments) or simply can't be Arsenalled to devote all that time to travelling. Concord away on a Tuesday night? (because the league don't seem to take travelling times into account). As another poster pointed out, it was tried but didn't work back along by Steve Massey. I'm sorry to see Les go: although sometimes frustrating, he also has the ability to put in a decent shift.
  4. Carharrack 1, St Ives 1 Day, 0 - 1, 22mins, Wilton 1 - 1, 72 mins. So carharrack now need 2 points from their last 2 games! Very entertaining game between 2 good sides. Carharrack will be regretting three good 1st half chances - crossbar, cleared off line, crossbar! Another crossbar in the 2nd half plus a fine save from a great Wilton shot in the dying minutes. St Ives' goal a fine finish from probably their only clear chance of he game. A bit too much air-ball, otherwise a game that deserved more than the 70 or so spectators.
  5. Helston 4, Carharrack 0? An odd result after Helston's 1st team had such a thumping on Saturday! Wosson?
  6. .....and didn't tell him until Friday after being involved in two training sessions dedicated to tactics against Ebbsfleet. I imagine there's more to come.
  7. Wow! Always a mine of information about local sport, especially results, tables and fixtures and not just for football.
  8. Carharrack 5, Perranwell 2. 3 more useful points in Carharrack's bid to do one better than last season. 1 - 0 (21 mins) Adam Stephens 2 - 0 (25) Ryan Stephens (pen) 3 - 0 (34) Adam Stephens 3 - 1 (36) Jack Adams - Perran's most effective forward, mysteriously subbed at half-time. 4 - 1 (47) Adam Stephens 5 - 1 (73) Glen Patterson 5 - 2 (81) Perran's No 7 with a top-drawer free kick. Bit feisty at times, a few yellow cards, Perran bench apoplectic from the penalty onwards. Chilly evening as it darkened, mushroom soup with croutons welcome, all the more so for being 50p!
  9. Illogan 1, Perranwell 2 Match lost by Illogan rather than won by Perran - if you see what I mean. Perran went 1 - 0 up after 4 minutes, a nice down-field move ending with a crisp finish by their No 10, I think. End-to-end stuff followed with defences in control until Illogan equalised in injury time through a nicely-placed shot by the No 7. Down the slope in the 2nd half it was mostly Illogan but they wasted possession by giving away possession in the two classic ways: getting caught in possession - almost always completely unnecessary - and giving away unnecessary free kicks. When Perran got the winner in about 78 mins it was against the run of play thus far but they went to pieces after that, but I must say the Perran central defender, a big lad over six foot, had an excellent game. Nice warming chicken soup at half-time. More clubs should include soup on their menu!