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  1. Joel mcwilliams from St Ives, tj lobb from penwith not sure who from St just though
  2. Signed a few too replace them from another swpl West club apparently?
  3. From which clubs?
  4. Tom whipp, ed timmons and Rob wearne all to Helston from Falmouth
  5. Signings of Tom whipp, Rob wearne and Ed timmons from Falmouth will help them
  6. Firstly not every peninsula league club pays that I can guarantee!!! Secondly Mousehole what they say and what they do is different ball game! I think they'll bring in 5-6 players all on big money, by the first league game I see a handful of Mousehole squad that finished the season in there first starting line-up if I'm wrong I'll come on and make a public apology! :$
  7. Get real!!! they'll have at least half new first team squad by time the season starts only handful of players will remain when you have huge budget which Mousehole will deny there paying which everyone knows they are and a lot may I add,you can cherry pick from other clubs!!! Money gets players simple Watch this space for more movement in and out of Mousehole can't blame players if can earn 50-60 or more for example for playing footy
  8. Same as last year help out penzance when penwith don't have game probably
  9. What's gonna happen to 2/3 of the first team squad from last year? if gonna put these elite development lads into first team squad for this coming season..
  10. Hope first team never picked him again playing against own club ludicrous
  11. Would definitely be keen if seconds are I'll contact Ralph or roscoe and dave bunt and see if we can sort something
  12. Stronger apparently!
  13. Ryan Barnes wouldn't drop from Falmouth peninsula premier surely? Who had very good season or penzance have put big money up.. but they did that end last season and still struggled Everyone expected penzance to strengthen massively this year!! they'll be lots on way out of there too I'd imagine
  14. I've heard one of the new teams applying are gonna be ridiculously strong and gonna walk div4 and do very well in all the cup competitions, not sure the club tho a newly created one I believe
  15. Perranporth football club