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  1. Major Shock

    Excuse my ignorance Paul - did you mean Millbrook ?
  2. Major Shock

    Players who have no real love for the game shouldn't be playing at all. Coaches/managers should talk to any would be player who turns up wanting a game. Don't just say yes to a lad because you're short of players - quiz the boy. Who's he played for and for how long, talk to his previous alleged manager and find out what he's really like. Don't mention money and if he does, show him the door. Amateur football should be full of players who are only there for love of the game - ok and perhaps a beer afterwards.
  3. It's always sad to hear this about any team. I don't know the circumstances, doubtless the club have their reasons and have made this decision based on those. Best wishes to Vospers Oak Villa FC and all concerned for the future.
  4. Money in combo

    Might be a good idea to draw a line under this thread now.
  5. Well Brian (if I may be so familiar) , I know where you're coming from but, I guess many folk wouldn't take part in the forum if they had to come clean on who they actually are. I can live with it. It is, in my opinion, a good and popular forum. To stifle comment or contributions would be detrimental, I believe, to the life of the forum. But yes sir, doubtless some posts would not have been made if the authors had to contribute under their real name.
  6. They might surprise you. Many pro clubs do like to do their bit to encourage interest in the game and to bring in funds to clubs further down the leagues.
  7. Hayle football club

    Well done Hayle, great to hear.
  8. St Just AFC

    Excellent Mark, great to hear. Well done to you and everyone involved. Every good wish for the new season.
  9. St Just AFC

    Look up St Just AFC on facebook. Local businesses advertising at Lafrowda etc, something we were trying to encourage when I was on the Committee some seasons back. Good to see and money for the club.
  10. Great to see good things happening at St Just. It just goes to show what the backing and sponsorship from local businesses can do for a football club. Well done to all concerned and thank you to all those businesses sponsoring St Just AFC. Get down to Lafrowda Park for the start of the new season people, you will get a warm welcome and watch great football.
  11. Yes best wishes Mousehole, hope it all works out for you.
  12. Mr

    Look them up in the directory and give them a ring sir.
  13. Mostly good proposals Willow. However, I don't think it necessary to cut each half down to 30 minutes. If they bring in the other ideas to cut out time wasting, the game would be better for it.
  14. ''Multi qualified'' - a bit of a mill stone that Bruegel.
  15. Immoral behaviour

    I think this subject is done to death now surely. If players are not happy at a club, or wish to try pastures new, they will leave. There are always individuals at a club who will take center stage, those who will go off and seek more money, and those who will remain loyal to ''their club''. What ever the whys and wherefores at Tavistock FC, I wish them well for the future, both for the players and the footballing enthusiasts of Tavistock.