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  1. You're a mind reader too RAPPO ! Actually I've seen some good games in the Scottish Leagues this season.
  2. Spot on sir. Get rid of all the hype and fireworks too. Sadly Sky and BT Sport call the shots in this competition too now and even kick off time as well.
  3. Yes sir, don't know what the number of subscribers is, but the mag is a good buy.
  4. Phil's shoes are hard to fill. Lafs will take some replacing.
  5. Every good wish St Blazey - it would be great to see you back in the top flight soon. It's where you should be.
  6. Football, whilst we all take it very seriously - some might say too seriously, is just a game. What happened at the Manchester Arena surely puts our love of sport into perspective. The horrendous bombing at a pop concert, killing and maiming young people and children is beyond belief, and we can only share in the grief and sadness of the families and friends of all those caught up in this murderous act. May God give them relief from their pain and suffering, at the loss of their loved ones.
  7. Reading the above is like listening to a lot of squabbling children.
  8. Great finish by Spurs SSS. The Gunners well - sad days really. Has Wenger lost the dressing room - if so why ? It struck me watching their last few games, that he didn't know what to do. Even his substitutions were made far too late in the game. Mind you, there are a number of managers who would willingly swap Arsenal's place in the league with theirs. Will be interesting to see what happens now.
  9. Well it's done. Champions and runners up - those relegated and those still fighting to hold on to what they've got. Manchester United not in the Champions league - well done to those teams who achieved it. Wayne Rooney leaving United ?? This has been kept close to their chests. Where will he go - still give some one a good season or two yet from midfield. Bournemouth gaining 9th position in the league, well done them. Will they be able to keep hold of Josh King ? Arsenal - problems abound. Wilshire returned, not wanted by Bournemouth seemingly. Sanchez and Ozil - will they sign new contracts or go elsewhere and Wenger - what will happen with him ? Interesting - who will stay, who will go. Roll on next season.
  10. Is all this rumour just pie in the sky, or psycho suggestion.
  11. Well done Spurs, great end to the season - 7 away from home.
  12. I've not seen any diving either in the women's game. That said, to be fair, happily there's not very much of it in the men's game - and long may it be so. Echo your comments too - well done Mandy, St Agnes and the FA.
  13. Another great read Dave, thank you. Good articles - particularly like Rappo's Report and the interview with referee Derek Fox, in which his answer to the question ''anything you would change in local football'' was very interesting and with which I agreed totally.
  14. Yes - come on people, the Tinners will give anyone a good game.
  15. Immoral ? If this has actually happened - and if this is not against any FA rules, then they have done nothing wrong. This has happened before and has also happened in Rugby Union. Exeter Rugby Club did it when they turned professional - they got rid of most of the first fifteen and brought in other players, many of whom were already professional. They ignored the fifteen who had got them promoted in favour of a new team. Yes it stinks and leaves a rotten taste in the mouth. It would be interesting to hear from a Tavistock spokesperson.