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  1. And that's just from the dugout.
  2. I don't think we should denigrate referees at any time. Most of the time refs do, what is a very difficult job, very well. Lino's and refs take stick constantly and frankly, if anyone of us was out in the middle instead of them, would we do any better ? Praise the officials if they have a good game and encourage them. I've done it personally a number of times over the seasons as the match ends, it's always appreciated. Yes, ok they do the referee's course, but they are still human.
  3. Well I guess you'd say that the game of the evening may be Camelford v Exmouth. Cullompton will have to play better than they did against Launceston on Saturday, if they are to avoid two defeats on the trot, against Bodmin. Launceston v St Blazey - the Clarets should avoid complacencey against Blazey. They are bottom of the table, but I reckon they will put up a fight right until the end of the season - beware Launceston !
  4. You never spoke a truer word Martin. Trouble is - how do you reverse it ? The mega money coming in from TV Rights and advertising etc, must be divided up more fairly. But I can't see that happening. The TV companies want only to support the Premier League - they have no interest in the lower leagues. The FA, even if they wanted to cut the cake more evenly, are dictated to by the TV companies. Sky, BT Sport and the Betting Companies, call the shots. A sad situation for true lovers of football and especially local amateur football.
  5. I like your last sentence SSS - pots and kettles comes to mind though (you towards stevieb over the Gunners)
  6. Bishop Stortford - a nice area. I once did a talk there many years ago, at a private boys grammar school. They take their sport very seriously, be it football, rugby or cricket. Mind you - being currently bottom of the league, TCFC ought to get the points (?). Best wishes Truro City.
  7. To be honest looking at Halwill's current form, I think most Combo teams would beat them quite easily. There, that's a challenge for a Combo team !
  8. At the moment, I think you're right Rodney. Chelsea are a class act, no denying it.
  9. A bit childish ?
  10. Launceston 2 - Cullompton Rangers 0 Launceston dominated most of this match and fully deserved their three points. Cullompton fought hard but for most of the match were on the back foot. Well done Clarets.
  11. Almost beggars belief. It will cost them a fine of course. It would be interesting to know the reasons for which they can't raise eleven players.
  12. Old pea whistles - ha ha !
  13. They'd have a job earning a living playing down here B-D. Surely they will be grabbed by the other professional teams, there is some great footballing talent among'st them.
  14. Inconsistency in team performances is strange isn't it. Torpoint have played some nice football over the seasons, not just this one. I suppose retaining players is an ongoing problem for all sides. Very frustrating for coaches and supporters alike. Again, well done Torpoint - keep it going.