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  1. Apparantly Luke Murray, Kane trevaskis and the gang are starting a new Falmouth team up so they Can start in div 5 again and get back to winning games
  2. What's the point there's more chance of mabe turning up than a taxi turning up 😂😂
  3. Was a good game to play in shame we didn't get a better result. To be honest I enjoyed a good battle with Keenan and it was a good hard fought battle and I would relish playing against that sort of striker every week but unfortunately in our leagues we only have the average striker who have little to offer 'Luke murray' 'Kane trevaskis' 😂😂 Bit silly both getting a red card to be fair but maybe that's why I'm not a ref, have a good night with the trophy boys but enjoy it whilst it lasts as we will be back for it next year
  4. I hope so 😂😂
  5. Yeah your correct, haha cheers!
  6. It's mad the amount of people that comment about exiles moaning, yeah we did I mean come on look st some of the decisions that went against us, every time we got the upper hand we were pegged back by a silly decision weather it be the 2 mad penalty decisions or the fact our players were getting booked for their first fouls. when we went down to 9 men personally I thought let's just keep the score down and don't let them make a mockery of us, did we deserve to win?? Yeah of course I feel like we did as we battled and we're able to deal with everything mabe threw at us, at times mabe we're playing us off the park but resorted to the long ball and played to our strengths instead of just passing it around tiring us out, plenty of chances in the game and well I'm sure from any spectator it was a good game to watch. full credit to the mabe boys though, I say it every time how much I love playing against them wether we win or not it's always an entertaining game and a good game, yeah today was spoiled due to our players getting sent off but that's football, you never know what will happen Semi final for us Tuesday let's hope we can reach another final and even finish the game with 11 men 😂
  7. Penwith exiles fixture pile up towards the end of the season is a bit of a joke, how can this be so harsh on us when we have fulfilled every fixture this season yet we are left with an unfair pile up?? 6th of may- vs mabe (league) 7th of may - vs mabe (league cup final) 10th of may - vs culdrose (league) 11th of may- Percy Stephens cup Semi final 13th of may - vs culdrose league 14th of may- Percy Stephens cup final (if we get that far) bit stupid and unfair if you ask me
  8. I came to the changing room after the game and said you battled well and with performances like that maybe you shouldn't be so low in the league, we had an off day today but take no credit from your boys, was a good game with banter flowing throughout. we don't judge our season on one game because we don't have great games all the time but we grind out results and we said in the changing room before the game that with the players we were missing and for a rushed set up for a Monday night we would take a 1-0 all day. Good Luck for your last game could end up doing us a favour
  9. Two good footballing sides and you mention mabe??
  10. Maybe that's the teams problem letting his actions do the talking dosent seem to work very well 😂😂 As for the physicality we relish that it's what gets us going but when it's intentional fouls and not hard challenging 50/50 tackles is abit different don't you think stop talking so wet, the woman on the sideline is always shouting abuse at the players surely she must expect it back if she can give it?? we have respect for every team throughout all the leagues The offer for a friendly was a mear olive branch, you will never be in the same league as us, your the Everton of the leagues and have been for the last 3 seasons your always close to competing with the better teams but always find yourself miles out of reach from the real footballing teams, you only got promotion last year because the majority of the league got promotion. look forward to meeting you again if you manage to get the call up to the second team one day
  11. Hahahaha, if I was going to take a wild stab in the dark I would assume you was the wendron captain.... The thing with wendron 3rd team is that when they aren't losing it's a tough game but when you realise the game is out of your reach or you start losing you turn into little bitches, you can moan about our players all you want, we are used to it, but as for embarrassing when we played you away your player headbutted our captain off the ball and in the last game your captain decided to boot him in the back of the knee whilst exiles were attacking, yeah we might be gobby and we enjoy playing football but can back it up with our abilities. We don't seek for approval off other teams but when we have played other teams in the league for example mabe and storm when we've been beating them it's still been a football match right till the end but you all try to have sly little digs your supporters/management are just as bad. we thank you for your kind words and I'm sure if your lucky we could perhaps arrange a friendly for next year all the best for this season and next season
  12. Nope, penwith exiles manager that is, and he's right we didn't really get started didn't get the ball down enough and actually play the football we would of liked
  13. Who cares who plays, it's 11 vs 11 anything can happen, if mabe have to bring in players that aren't usually playing for them then feel privalaged that they feel the need to do that in order to beat you. And as for last night was a good game until wendron went 3 down and started whinging and making sly remarks like little school children trying to provoke the exiles players, not gonna lie but I am glad we won't have to play against them next season not because of their footballing ability but because of how they are in general 😂😂
  14. They will need more than just those 3 points 😂😂😂