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  1. Top lad and a fine footballer, wishing him every success for the future.
  2. A real shame that both clubs couldn't have brought more travelling fans with them - I know it's West Cornwall but embrace it and make it a day to remember! For a team that's had so much recent success, Bodmin really have no fan base at all - indeed when they scored (both times) barely a murmur was heard around the ground! To the game itself, Saltash will rue the chances that were not taken and in my opinion could've and should've won comfortably on chances created. Hats off to Bodmin though, they certainly know how to get over the line and scrap out a win. Neither side seemed to want to utilise the width of the pitch and it turned into a scrappy affair but as the game pushed into the latter stages the Saltash LB came into the game and provided most of the attacking options for the Ashes (including a great goal). Bodmin seemed content to berate the Ref at every opportunity (indeed a stronger Referee would've sent off Carter for shouting at him to F##k Off from 30 yards away towards the grandstand but he was too weak to even caution him) and every time the ball went into the Bodmin half their Goalie would shout 'Lino!' - very poor! However, Carter certainly knows where the net is and ultimately he was the difference between the 2 teams. Overall, a game lacking in pure quality but won ultimately by the side that knows how to win. Saltash have a great young Gaffer in Cusack and he should be congratulated on his philosophy on how to play the game. Bodmin win (again!) and should be applauded on another success. On a separate note, Simmonds is an absolute credit to local football and he for me, although not the best player on the day, certainly the best footballer on the pitch, unsung hero and well done!
  3. Once the going got tough?? How tough do you think it was having 4 hard seasons in the West Div seeing, Newquay, Godolphin and Callington get promoted above you all the while other clubs with the deep pockets picking off your best players? How tough was it during 2 initial seasons in the Prem with all the extra travelling and once again dealing with a team who's had their main striker poached? How tough was it securing additional funds to improve the ground to a standard to play in the FA Vase and travel as far as Bristol to beat Portishead? So yeah, overall an easy job which anyone could've done I guess? Seems SiJjmes has a lot to say about local football without any real clue - typical keyboard warrior!! Our record is one to be proud of, as is the legacy we leave in terms of facilities etc. Richie Full - Helston AFC Assistant Manager
  4. Everybody pays at this level, surely you are not naive enough to believe this is not part and parcel of football in the SWPL. Even your lot at Penryn pay, much as you would hate to admit it. Obviously time for a change at Helston and whoever comes in will have a significant base to build upon.
  5. All the very best to our County lads tomorrow with a very big shout to Helston's Mattie Buchan who has had a challenging couple of months to say the least! Leave it all out there boys!!