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  1. Toys out the pram yet again !
  2. Why ? Would you have gone in there and said hello I'm big al from the football forum who's always running Falmouth town and the ccfa down .or hello I'm a supporter of the team and I'm just interested in how things are progressing on the new ground and as I've been absent from watching games for quite a while due to work commitments, and is there anything I can do to help ?
  3. See previous postings mate or are you big al in disguise ?😊
  4. it's not ! Are you really that naive that you think that even if it was a member's only club that any club officials that might have been in there would have refused to talk to you because you wernt a member or are you just a man of many excuses ?
  5. so as you walked out to the ground,only to find the game was postponed .did you think to yourself well as im here i may as well pop in the clubhouse and ask how the new ground is progressing because i was whinging about no information coming from the club a few weeks back .also what did you think about the artists impression of the new ground thats been on the notice board in the cubhouse foyer for 3 or 4 months now ?
  6. There you go big Al ! Reasons to be cheerful 😃( apologies to Ian Dury)
  7. Match report please SCFC !
  8. Falmouth Club Shop

    He'l have Meldrew on the back of his 😃
  9. Would that be the same poor side that outclassed and outplayed your bodmin money chasers at Bickland last season and would have won if it weren't for the actions of a biased stand in linesman Mr H ?