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  1. So those players that wouldn't or couldn't be persuaded to travel shouldn't play for the club again . Thought there was supposed to be a fantastic camaraderie between the players who played for nothing because they loved the club so much .
  2. Heard in the two trees on Saturday that Hobbs and Carter will both be at parkway next season .Done deal !
  3. Wasn't he also the spongeman / physio at st blazey when Trevor Newton was there ?
  4. Anybody at the Falmouth v helston game yesterday know why the helston captain got a straight red card and why Sid got sent to the stand ?
  5. All together now ! The photo tells a different story .the camera never lies .
  6. Looking at the photo the only people that appear happy about it are the pirates heirarchy.
  7. Yep heard on the taxi rank that Henry's taxis will be running a free taxi to priory park for all truros home games .😊
  8. 100% Cornish hasn't said anything Leeds ! You should have gone to specsavers mate !
  9. I find it hilarious that Leeds United who reckons he knows what's going on at most clubs didn't know what was happening at his own beloved bodmin , judging by his last posting on this topic .
  10. Nightmare on your hands as well then Leeds .Bodmin would no longer be a big fish in a small pond .walking the league and every cup competition .😊
  11. Please don't tell Big Al 😊
  12. Turn up to a home game talk to people and youl find out .