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  1. I'm not sure what you guys were watching I think both teams were gd and competitive and both cancelled each other out all over the park was a great cup tie and fair play to st Stephen they took the only clear cut chance and gd luck in the final from all of us lads at Pendeen
  2. And we meet the criteria as I said we withdrew due to unforeseen circumstances but we are now in a stronger place and rebuilt so looking gd for Pendeen future
  3. Just for the record jack Ramsey left ludgvan a month a go to join us at Pendeen wade brown helps out when pz don't have a game and luke Johnson isn't the the lad that plays over mousehole just same name the other senior player is Toby Angwin from st just again another player who plays for us when they don't have a game I can name as many senior players as I like but can only play 2 and yes they have all played in senior cup but that rule doesn't apply anymore so hence why that have played in junior cup for me as well hope this clears it all up for you guys so you can just enjoy the game without worrying yourselves ☺️
  4. As you said your opinion we have all the same set up from when we left the combination the club is going in the right direction I can take criticism but will also stand up for the team that I have rebuilt and we are certainly ready to step up again and prove you and a few others wrong
  5. I have never heard so much local, players will play where they want we have a gd squad now and I'm sure regaining senior status will attract more players as well you seem to have beef with Pendeen your entitled to your opinion but you don't half talk some
  6. Local follower we dropped out out of the league 3/4 seasons ago due to unforeseen circumstances we have regrouped had back to back promotions and now in a very gd position to go for this promotion we have done this through hard work and rebuilding and no money to pay players your out of order talking about something you obviously know nothing about I hope we get promotion and who ever your team we give them a proper Pendeen welcome
  7. Haha thank you wendronofficial but would be happier with both 😉
  8. Pendeen v St Stephen tuesday 14th march 1930 ko being played at Falmouth town
  9. I understand what your saying but it seems to easy to just call a game off we were informed at 830am they couldn raise a side surely more effort should be put in to get a team out last week at9am we had 9 players but managed to pull in a couple players and get the game played surely it's better to field a side of some sort rather than just cry off so easily
  10. Pendeen v Threemilestone postponed threemilestone unable to raise a side I know this is u fortunate but not fair on Pendeen obviously we will be awarded the points but with the league so tight up the top could come down to goal difference and all top 4 teams have put 10 plus goals past threemilestone each which has obviously boosted there goal tally but we won't have the same opportunity surely something has to be done about this rule
  11. Has there been any news on the semi final draw for junior cup yet
  12. Does anyone know when the semi final is being drawn