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  1. Pendeen v St Stephen tuesday 14th march 1930 ko being played at Falmouth town
  2. I understand what your saying but it seems to easy to just call a game off we were informed at 830am they couldn raise a side surely more effort should be put in to get a team out last week at9am we had 9 players but managed to pull in a couple players and get the game played surely it's better to field a side of some sort rather than just cry off so easily
  3. Pendeen v Threemilestone postponed threemilestone unable to raise a side I know this is u fortunate but not fair on Pendeen obviously we will be awarded the points but with the league so tight up the top could come down to goal difference and all top 4 teams have put 10 plus goals past threemilestone each which has obviously boosted there goal tally but we won't have the same opportunity surely something has to be done about this rule
  4. Has there been any news on the semi final draw for junior cup yet
  5. Does anyone know when the semi final is being drawn
  6. Does anyone know when the draw is for next round please
  7. Thanks bud thought you guys gave us a gd game gd luck for the rest of your season great bunch of lads and a gd team there