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  1. Friendly Result July 22nd

    Look forward to it mate. Let me know when you're coming along. Fingers crossed this year can be our year to get some silverware.
  2. Friendly Result July 22nd

    Feels like an eternity mate!!
  3. Mabe 2 - 7 Frogpool Reserves Good game played at Mabe, in largely good spirits. Well refereed by Jamie Mooney. Our first goal came after Dave Leach was brought down, Sam Bromley converted the resulting penalty. A mix-up at the back and a lucky deflection caused the ball to loop Jordan Jermyn in the Frogpool goal 1-1. The Frogs went in at half time 2-1 up after Sam Bromley scored an absolutely outrageously stunning drive from 20-25 yards that flew into the top corner. Goalie o chance. We tried a 3-4-3 for the majority of the first half but it didn't seem to work on the narrow pitch so resorted to our familiar 4-5-1. Craig Rothwell scored a neat third goal after some lovely football. I can't quite remember the order of the goals after that, but after a series of good chances, Jack Main scored a well worked goal, Rothwell added a second to his tally, and Mabe got one back. Dave Leach scored a stunning goal after running the majority of the length of the pitch, with Jack Froud also on the scoresheet from close range. Thanks to Mabe for the hospitality. While looking vulnerable early in the first half, when we reverted to 4-5-1 we looked very strong. Tom Campbell was incredibly impressive at the back along with the consistent Lewis Bax and Ashley Johnson. Substitutes Craig Rothwell and Jack Main scored from the bench and impressed as did young Cameron Hamshaw who came on at left back at half time. Overall, a really pleasing game that we can take a lot from. More minutes on the board before we prepare for more of the same soon.
  4. Rolling subs were a success so I am willing to give anything a fair go. Interested to see what my fellow referees think of it.
  5. I honestly hope it works. Personally, I just don't think it is essential.
  6. If only common sense prevailed more often.
  7. Sin bin confussion.

    You can't be serious 😂😂😂 referees aren't allowed to practice using this trial system before official league games, I've heard it all now. Who actually comes up with this nonsense? Sick of it.
  8. Temporary Dismissals

    I still think that it's going to add more "gamesmanship" - I.E. time wasting, slowing up play. In my mind I don't think it is worth the negative effect it could have on the game. I agree with Manning, if someone is yellow carded for dissent, lets fine them heavily and even ban them. That way it's not going to have a negative impact on the most important thing... FOOTBALL.
  9. Temporary Dismissals

    If this is something you've encountered do you think the "sin bin" will help this or make it worse? Personally I think "threats" will only increase if a team concedes when they're temporarily down to ten men.
  10. Temporary Dismissals

    I am so glad it's not just me who thinks this is a waste of time. Perhaps those of us who officiate should manage a game properly and then systems like this won't be introduced.
  11. "I don't know what I'm doing yet"

    It's a tough one. It's hard to tell who is simply using you and who wants to get a grasp of what a match day with the team is like.
  12. Couldn't speak highly enough of the community spirit in Sunday League. Had such a blast last year, and it's much more competitive than it is given credit for. You'll still be able to enter a team, we haven't gone through league affiliation yet. Any questions give me or Scouse a shout.
  13. Trelawny AGM

    I must admit the exclusion of TMS, who have a plan and strong backroom staff at the ready, is awfully bizarre to me. I just feel sorry for those under-16 players who were ready to step up who are now without a team.
  14. Trelawny AGM

    I voted yes, but it really does depend. New clubs / teams should have to state where they expect the majority of their players coming from. For example TMS want to re-enter using mainly youth players from Truro from last year, and players who couldn't quite get into the first team on a regular basis last season after the reserve team folded. They have the makings of being a well ran second side, despite the problems of last year. Individual cases need to be analysed closely because if another side was to crop up in the Camborne area, you can beat teams like Storm will see themselves struggling again this year.
  15. It's preferred if you book in advance, but not essential. Payment details will be posted soon.