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  1. I thought Simon Adams AKA Shifty was taking over at Ryn - although nothing seems to have been confirmed. Is Casey Adams going anywhere else?
  2. Very early with a hangover Scouse
  3. I think there's change at Penryn? But I could be wrong. Surprised to hear Casey is stepping down, he's done a quality job there!
  4. Couldn't agree more with this. The standard is actually very very high - despite the stereotypes that are associated with it.
  5. Definitely unfortunate that we can't progress but we wouldn't have done so this season anyway after a disappointing campaign.
  6. Hopefully see you there
  7. Have to make sure you get to the AGM mate As for your Mrs and kids enjoying having you around Ells... I'm sure they're excited for the footy season to start again already as well
  8. Having a qualified referee is certainly beneficial. And speaking to Tony who has done a fantastic job with the first team this season, he seemed to imply it would mainly be youngsters coming through, with a couple of experienced heads looking to return to the club to help out. With such a big squad in his current team, it will also give his fringe players more game time. He certainly seemed enthusiastic about it, and didn't imply he would be looking to poach players from other sides, they simply don't need to. Everyone keeps bringing up the reserve/first team swap. Nick's place is with the first team, and that's that. Although Threemilestone lost their reserve team last season, it seems foolish to reject them to me, they intend on using youth team players and players from the surrounding area without a club (such as those who have been left without a club after Newbridge folded) , as well as giving more time to their fringe players who stayed at the club when the reserve side folded last year.
  9. Well I hope you stay up, I'm hoping only one go down. Although it's a shame to lose Lizard who have also been great competitors over the years. It's a tough one mate, managers seem to have more "pull" than clubs these days. I'm battling to keep my best players at the minute - while i've only asked one or two to come out to Frogpool, other clubs seem to be really on the ball this year in regards to getting new players in.
  10. I wouldn't put too much value on this rumour just yet Ells. Seems weird to me that no club can be named. Anyway, I am sure both our sides can give Titans a good game and not make next season too easy for them!
  11. Sam Bromley to Mawnan, right @Manager. ?
  12. RIP
  13. My mistake. Apologies. I always assumed it wasn't junior football because of the hype around it.
  14. Would this eliminate the combination league as senior football?
  15. We can sort something out mate.