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  1. Its a real shame.that tiago has now left the G after last night. A step backwards if you ask me.
  2. What was cardiffs team?
  3. Sin bin confussion.

    Played in a game saturday gine where the ref wanted to try the sin bin rule. This is going to cause alot of confussion through the season. He explained beforehand that if theres discent he will yellow card anyone and sin bin them for 10 mins then when they come back on the yellow card is clear amd theres no fine for it. Then it starts again. But surely it can only happen once to the same player before there is a further punishment?? But if a player is already on a yellow card for a different offence then gets pulled up for dissent shouldnt that be a 2nd yellow and sent off or a yellow and sin bin? Going to be alot of stop start games this year. Anyone else played with this rule yet and had it used?
  4. Newquay v Mousehole friendlies

    Mayne it was just to get 2 sides out for sat. Newquay struggle with people working summer jobs this time of year and cricket. Maybe they just mixed the sides up to get a good run out. Hope do newquay is a great club shoukd be abke to attract players easy.
  5. Perranporth Vs Veryan

    What was the resukt here?
  6. Evening Friendlies Wanted

    Do you have anything for next saturday arranged?
  7. Duchy Premier withdrawal

    This will go on and on. The priblem is the younger generation coming through dont seem to have the same buzz for football these days. Theres many people out there that put all there time into running it and not getting the commitment back so packing it in. We cant blame it on the new teams coming up coz theres just as.many teams pulling out. What is the answer to sorting it? I think it will be very hard to resolve.
  8. Duchy Premier withdrawal

    Wish you all the best. A real shame its ended like this after all the hard work to get there but theres alot of teams around these days and there will be many more that have to do what youve done. Good luck.
  9. What Friendlies on Sat 15th July?

    Lanreath 10-1 pelynt
  10. Frogpool Five-A-Side Tournament

    What happened to dan?

    Known jamie from a very young age along with phil. Two tremendous lads. With out a doubt if jamie had more luck with his injuries he would still be plahing pro level. Hes not only a top player but hes a top lad. After losing his parents close together him and phil have held it together and made them proud. They are both through and through godolphin lads. Credit to the G for keeping them.
  12. Duchy Premier withdrawal

    Such a shame especially when they have gone from strength to strength each season and finishes well last year. Least it doesnt effect fixtures. Was there a reason why they withdrew?
  13. What Friendlies on Sat 15th July?

    Lanreath v pelynt 2.30
  14. Some good fixtures there. Im interested to see how parkway do this year after an excellent year last. Wadebridge for me in div 1 they are looking very strong.
  15. Queens Rangers Friendlies

    Some good games there john wish you the best of luck this season. Your just the man queens have needed over the years. Im sure with a few additions youll be pushing to win the league. Good luck