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  1. Yeah, you're right, but it was 2 corners, strangely in the 2nd half, in the bottom corner, when your assistant referee, was away from the crowd and many eyes 👍 As in the first half we hit your bar twice from my corners, where all 5 of them remained within the pitch 😂 I'm not moaning, just offering my views, hoping that other officials will be aware of the antics of your assistant referee & hopefully, no other teams are affected. Because, unless anything gets said, things will continue. By the way, Gavin took at least two touches, prior to the flag being raised. Anyway, all the best for the season boys & girls
  2. Well, where do I start... The match wasn't too bad in my opinion. You know what you're getting, when you go to Falmouth, midweek. They were apparently a bit short, like ourselves, and that's what their 2nd team is for, giving the first team players minutes, regaining fitness/sharpness. We were missing 8 players (Luke Leah, Matt Witts, Chris Dobson, Dario Pisano, Jake Williams, Harry James, Craig Clinton & Tom Hogarth. So we had to call up one or two. As for the game, I personally feel that a draw at least would have been fair, but as we found out, football isn't always fair. Barney played well for Falmouth at centre half, as did their keeper, kicking well, coming off his line quickly & making some good saves. Westy was pulling the strings & directing on the pitch & it was also good to see James Miller in a Falmouth shirt, great bit of banter with a few on the pitch. Paul Hart scored a free kick, which was initially given as indirect, it deceived everyone, bounced & then ended up in the back of the net, with no appeal, so it stood. A few minutes later, Paul was sent off. Falmouth immediately shut up shop, but one or two tried to even things up, whilst trying out for the Olympic diving squad, including their striker, who kicked the floor, when attempting to shoot, then rolling around screaming for a penalty. Falmouth followed their game plan well, made easier as we weren't allowed to enter their half, without a flag being raised and the assistant referee trying to referee from the touchline, even telling the ref what to do. Flags being raised even when players ran from their own half. The assistant referee, just wanted somebody to talk to, flagging the ref over, if anybody so much as looked at him. He was even trying to talk to me, attempting to distract me at the very moment I was taking a corner & even in the 2nd half, when he was in the bottom corner, away from everyone, when, accidental or otherwise, I received a gentle nudge in the back, whilst trying to take a corner. As for playing against 10 for 55 mins, we perhaps should have done better, but weren't allowed near the Falmouth goal, a certain person made sure of that. We also hit the bar a few times from set pieces, missed an open goal, with a stretch too far at the back post, and had a genuine goal, wrongly ruled out. That gets given & the whole momentum changes. Over the past 12 months, the win at all costs mentality from assistant referees has seen a massive increase and it's taken the shine off the sport, for me. And being on the receiving end of 4 such episodes, in previous games has made me seriously consider hanging up my boots. I had a long chat on Tuesday night as to whether it's still worth it. I, like many other people make sacrifices, just to play football. Just like Tuesday night, I moved heaven & earth, just to swap a night shift, to play football. I play football, primarily for enjoyment, with some friends, to aid my fitness and to de-stress from all of the unpleasant things I have to deal with, on a daily basis, working in the emergency services. But unfortunately, certain people are ruining it, in my opinion and we're not even allowed to talk to them or ask a question, otherwise we're booked or threatened with a booking. Respect, they keep saying, well that works both ways, or at least it should do! As for us blaming assistant referees, Abbo. We had an issue with 2, last season, but lost more than 2 games, last season. And photos from one game, taken by a neutral, last year, proved our case & that the person in question, wasn't completely honest. And one game, was the only combo game to survive the weather, meaning representatives from most combo clubs, descended on St day to watch & members from roughly 10 combo clubs, witnessed this person running the line and stated our goal on that day should have stood 👍 In response to somebody suggesting we do an assistant referee's course. Anybody would want to play football as long as they can, before taking up that role. But FYI, I spoke to our gaffer and offered on a couple of occasions, to undertake the relevant qualifications, when able to find a course that suits my rota, and as a qualified football coach, I keep relatively up to date with the "laws of the game" On another note, the referee, Darren Cartwright had a good game 👍 Please don't let this detract from those other assistant referees, who do a fantastic job, and are really appreciated. The majority, like our very own Adie, are 100% honest, which makes it harder to take, when others aren't. Either way, it's early days & things apparently, can only get better. Here's to a good season.
  3. Great stuff, I really enjoyed watching this, very interesting, indeed. Well done mark & Steve 👏
  4. Well done to everyone involved in arranging this. It is a fitting tribute, to a truly remarkable bloke. I look forward to watching this match.
  5. ECPL and Jolly's Favourites

    It will be an interesting season, once again. St Ives have lost some key players, carharrack have lost one or two, but made a couple of good signings. Perranporth and St Day have to be in the mix. I wouldn't discount Penryn, Falmouth Town or Porthleven, as they are now the first team or their first teams have strengthened. And even if they don't challenge, they will have a big part to play, especially midweek games! Either way, I'm sure it'll be a good season & may the best team win
  6. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Gutted I couldn't be there, yesterday, but I am on holiday, like most of Holmans apparently. Having played a bit in the first match and witnessed Illogan v Holmans, there was lots of talent on show, especially in the Holmans side. The tournament was very well organised and will only get better. Well done to all involved 👍
  7. Luke Hodge's season 2002-03

    It's a really interesting read, from a top guy, who is so down to earth. I'm privileged to have played a few games with him, over the years
  8. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    The ref in question was Dave Bartlum & its probably not best to discuss officials on a public forum or let it overshadow what is meant to be a pre season friendly & celebratory tournament. Well done to everybody involved with the tournament, it's superbly organised & as previously mentioned, the pitch held up really well. It was nice to get a runout in a very competitive game, with lots of skill and passion on display. I'm gutted not to make the other two fixtures, due to a holiday, but may the best team win ⚽ 🏆
  9. Falmouth Club Shop

    I'll echo what Rappo has said. Great looking stash and as a connoisseur of football kit/shirts, I'll be looking to purchase something, to show off a cornish football team & support a former club
  10. Major Shock

    This is a real shock & such a shame, but it is always difficult, when you lose so many players in such a short space of time. I was only saying to somebody, last week, that I've never seen a pre season like it, with so many player movements, this year. I have had some good times and met many wonderful people, down at Penryn, and I'm sure that they didn't take this decision lightly. I am even more sure, that they'll return, stronger. Good luck
  11. Hayle football club

    Well done, to all at Hayle, I can't wait to see the new facilities. A great community facility, that will undoubtedly offer so much, to a wide variety of people & enable the club to push on 👏
  12. Blizzy, Brogs & Ollie are quality players, who've stayed loyal to Penryn for a number of years, despite numerous approaches. You can't blame them for finally making the leap to Falmouth, I'm sure they'll more than hold their own. A great bit of business by Westy
  13. Another great appointment, jeweller will get that changing room buzzing! 👏