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  1. It's not raining, game on! :-)
  2. What about the pitch, rain is going to be worse tomorrow.
  3. Weather not looking great for tomorrow!
  4. Money in combo

    Yea I know, they are all good mate. This topic wasn't about carharrack, money or not they have done well and will be the team to beat next season, even if they didnt have trigger running the line.
  5. Money in combo

    Another big name, No fee involved because he is a mate.
  6. Money in combo

    Ryan Bull wouldn't leave St.Agnes for nothing! ;-) CTB there are at least 3 team's paying money this season so there are still sugar daddies about or rich managers
  7. Money in combo

    Not putting the flag up so often in local derbies! ;-)

    Penryn first team!
  9. ** GSM PRE SEASON 11/7/17 **

    Players bag?
  10. Money in combo

    Dave that's always the case isn't it, club's don't have the money. It's either the manager who got lot's of money or a very rich sugar daddy. One of the club's who are paying are a reserve team and another should know better because they have done it before and backfired in the end after a few successful season's. Like people who have said already it time for the taxman.;-)
  11. Money in combo

    Short term success normally, but the money is getting silly now. £50 a game for one player!
  12. Money in combo

    And this season, be shocked Richard. Very surprised that you don't think there is money going around in combo!
  13. Money in combo

    It will always be cash in hand.
  14. Money in combo

    One player who play's at peninsula level being offered £50 a game to play combo with he hasn't a game, crazy!