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  1. Major Shock

    No but you could choose to volunteer at the club and help it out. It takes every sort of person to help a club run effectively and I'm sure your skill set would come in handy and I'm sure the club would be very grateful to you. I'm not suggesting that you're wrong about the decline in numbers, you're right, but instead of being part of the problem how about being a part of the solution? You never know the club might let you in free of charge in return for your help? Everyone wins! Just a suggestion. Too many people come on here moaning and complaining but won't lift a finger to support clubs. For some people it's time to give something back.
  2. Major Shock

    So how about getting involved then Big Al?
  3. You only have to look at a club like Wendron who put in huge amounts of effort a few years ago and received a grant in excess of half a million. It starts with a club infrastructure that includes a sizeable youth system and ladies/girls opportunities. A development plan to guarantee the future of the investment must also be in place as the Football Foundation will essentially be giving away public money as the FA is a not for profit organisation. If you're willing to grow a proper club and have willing volunteers you stand a chance. If the money is to pay for your first team to win trophies don't waste your time.
  4. Defunct grounds (2)

    Great times Rappo we were very fortunate!
  5. Defunct grounds (2)

    That's how bad they were Al!
  6. Defunct grounds (2)

    You must have made a note of the pass at Yate for Rappo's goal Mike, as Dave was saying, most of my passes went over the stand and this was probably the only one that didn't!
  7. Defunct grounds (2)

    Rappo, I scored twice in that game and it was 10-0. They only qualified for the Senior Cup by virtue of the fact they played in the Plymouth Senior League. They were about 4-5 leagues below us and gave them a proper hammering. Trouble was that we had to go to Yate in the FA Vase the following week who were 4-5 leagues above us. Not really great preparation for us. We lost by the odd goal and from memory I supplied you with the pass for our only goal?
  8. Hi Mike

    How many games did Phil Shapcott play for Town please?


  9. A county Youth Team match was scheduled for this season but was rained off.

    Sadly, a few years ago I managed to get a county game at Bickland as it's my home club and was badly let down. When I arrived the pitch was appauling, no work had been done during the week and little effort made to mark it out, the grass hadn't been cut. The changing rooms were filthy dirty as well, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. No committee members there to welcome anybody from the CCFA or Gloucestershire FA, they'd gone to Town's away match somewhere. Only Suzie Williams left to make food for the players after the match which had been agreed beforehand, and she had to go out and buy more as she wasn't told about it.

    To be honest I was embarrassed about it and having agreed everything before the game the "welcome" from the club was anything but welcoming.

    That might have something to do with it. The current committee are trying hard to redress the situation and are back in favour but you'll have to wait your turn I guess.

    Hope that helps.