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  1. Sin bin confussion.

    A point to note ....referees are NOT allowed to use this in friendly matches ....only league games when they start .
  2. Pulling out?

    Unfortunately we cannot make changes after the AGM and the Divisions have been formulated . All very easy to in the mind !
  3. Pulling out?

    Also been confirmed that MOUSEHOLE 3rds will play home games on Marazion pitch for 2017-18 season !
  4. Pulling out?

    Probably because they paid their entry fee and were in attendance at the AGM ! At this moment in time no one from the club has informed the Trelawny League committee that anything has changed , so as far as we are concerned they are still running . If that has changed until we are told what can we do about it ??? Always our fault !!!!!!!
  5. Percy Stephens cup final

    Silly bit of a tussle near corner flag both players fell over and bit of scuffle on ground with arms and legs flying .
  6. Rumour that Fourlanes res are moving to Gwinear ??? Praze constantine probus tms goonhavern all looking for entry to league