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  1. You could still score them mate but good news that you dont have too!!! Enjoy the sun. MQx
  2. Money has ruined the football league and is slowly ruining local football. MQx
  3. Will that affect Rappo`s goals then??? MQx
  4. Congratulations to the players and committee for a great day and a great result. MQx
  5. Not sure I agree with the comments here as a local derby like this, with at least 3 or 4 league positions at stake, will always be a bit of a chess game. True there were a lot of "hoofing" from the Dobwalls back 8 but I did feel that we (Liskeard) shaded the football side of things. A shame to see an injury to Blatch in goal for Dobwalls but as usual he just got on with things and didnt give up. A fair result, a good local derby and both teams had chances to win. MQx
  6. Listening on 5 live MQx
  7. Only joking mate, busy weekend and still on computer (obviously) and didnt even get time to watch city v Liverpool!! MQx
  8. No invite mate x
  9. That didn't take very long Al !!! MQx
  10. He also told Moses to come forth but he got stuck in the traffic and came fifth !! MQx
  11. Rain all week, positively biblical !!! MQx
  12. Think we might be moving away from "Confirmed SWPL transfers" a little bit here guys !! MQx
  13. hi martin

    john mitchell over at Perranporth just wondering if you could fit us in for a friendly evening game at yours in the middle of july, lost most of last years team due to no budget this year so it will be a team mainly of youngsters with a few older heads

    many thanks