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  1. Anything is possible I guess, Ken deserves some good luck as well but I`m afraid my football days are near the end now, this has made me re-think a few things so I might just enjoy my vets footy from now on and see what happens!! Off for some "Coddy shack" fish and chips, then hopefully off to the Albion to drown a few sorrows! Cheers and gone MQx
  2. They were going to turn up with the new manager to pre-season training and speaking from experience, we were not expecting any amateur Messi or Ronaldos but we were expecting a bunch of local, loyal people to get together and play football every week! What is wrong with it being a friendship club that works hard and plays hard on and off the pitch? MQx
  3. Can of worms being opened in the wrong posting I think!! This post should be celebrating the forward thinking of a great Cornish club methinks!!! Good luck to Steve and all involved. MQx
  4. True words mate, I doubt you will be the last one if the lack of loyalty, vision and respect continues within football. Following our conversation I just sat and wondered why this has happened and I cant see any real reason for any club to treat players and managers like this so I do hope that this does not push you away from football. MQx
  5. OK thanks son
  6. Who said its ok ?? MQx
  7. Dont worry about brushes and tar mate, players just want to play football but if you have had "a few meetings" and "Liskeard approached you" then you dont have anything to worry about. Spare a thought for the guy who was coming in and bringing back local players to get the club through a sticky patch!! MQx
  8. Hi Pedro, sorry to seem negative here but at what point did you assume that Liskeard are "Clutching at straws " to stay up ? where did you get that information from please?? MQx
  9. And not many spilling mistooks either... MQx
  10. £4:00 is 3 figures mate and I will double it when you kick straight!!!! MQx
  11. Public forums should be for people to voice their opinions and meetings should be for committee`s to alter, amend rules etc. Slagging off people who run the league is not the way forward. Like it or not, stand up and say what you need to say but be prepared to help change things if that is what is needed. Hindsight is fantastic and comparison to other leagues and previous decades of football is fine but the fact of the matter is that loyalty and commitment are not what they used to be and Saturday is no longer a "football day" Work, train, play football has declined and in many cases it is legitimate but if clubs, big or small are not "able" to fulfill fixtures then the sanctions should be in place to deter this and not to encourage teams to give up. No easy answer here but I personally like the idea of 2 divisions to encourage senior football but if senior football is to be promoted then there needs to be more commitment from the PLAYERS MQx
  12. More fixtures in August and September when pitches can take it and players are keen to play !! MQx
  13. You can`t regulate or track all "payments" to players. Some do it in the form of food, kit, cash, holidays, cheap building work, cheap equipment, "goodwill" etc etc etc The fact is that players will move clubs for an extra fiver and unless something radical is done the problem will never go away. Accounts are financial statistics and statistics show a particular point of view! MQx