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  1. There could be some business ground work coming Darren Gilberts way
  2. Same game changing, referee decision on the last Channel TV production i saw Into stoppage time Falmouth 1-0 up but lose 1-2 as some Bodmin barman wearing "slippers" flags for a penalty
  3. i heard the full interview with hard hiiting questions from laurence Reed (BBC Radio cornwall sports news 1-05pm. Hoping to declare the ground situation by end of next week and pleading to the people in power to vote with Truro city F C at heart.-Plainmoor is an option but not the desired one.
  4. Some good comments coming from eye witnesses at Poltair-I was becoming bemused with ECPL "Shame it was such a dire game"-6 goals. With everyone seemingly huddled in the grandstand with all the camera crew and equipment it must have been low attendance as there was no hiding place elsewhere from the horizontal wind and rain. Does anyone know the official attendance and was there a programme/team sheet issued?
  5. Well that means a league visit to Witheridge on Easter Monday. One small consolation for Falmouth is that they have a number of players playing for Truro College who will be in the USA over Easter.
  6. I saw the match on the laptop in front of the fire with a mug of tea.-The live action was acceptable and I endured the whole 90 minutes-who would have thought this local football presentation could be seen live in your front room? I just about put up with the light hearted commentary but considering I wasn't at Poltair bracing myself from the horrendous weather and not having to drive home it was an enjoyable experience (apart from the result). I wont be tuned in tomorrow night from Saltash but will be watching a bigger game on TV from Germany.
  7. On Saturday Exmouth Town brought 30 supporters to Falmouth and a number of them taxied from Bickland Park to Budock Water to pay tribute to (Falmouth & Exeter City) goalscoring sensation Tony Kellow. A picture was taken with them surrounding the Memorial Stone out side the The Trelowarren Arms.
  8. Another lifeline for a reprieve of relegation from Premier Division.(Newquay 2nd.from bottom) The SWPL East Division has the top 6 clubs seperated by 5points and only Stoke Gabriel (in 3rd.) and Newto Abbot Spurs (in 4th.) have applied for promotion. You must finish in the Top 3 to meet the qualifying position
  9. Sold for £114-02p
  10. Now up to £63-00 St.Just lineup (Played Feast Minday Nov.3rd.1952 C.Trembath-V.Williams(C)-J.Hehir-W.James=-F.Phillips-D.Alford-W.Alford-W.Wearne-B.Chinner-J.Hancock-R.Hughes Referee-W.R.Lawry I anticipate a late Bid from CornishTeddyBoy LOL
  11. Gone up to £31-00 with over 5days left to bid. I see due to a colour clash (green) St.Just wore yellow-borrowed from Pendeen possibly
  12. The official St.Just Feast match programme 1952 is on Ebay -unfortunately someone has bid £25-00 so far St.Just v Plymouth Argyle The lineup page is on display and looks like a strong Argyle team
  13. 352 What was the Treyew Road gate? I did hear Wealdstone brought a lot of support.
  14. Midtable Falmouth have two away fixtures to end the season which would seem meaningless to them 25th. at Newquay who might be needing the points for Premier Division safety 29th.at Saltash who may be playing to win the league title Interestingly both opponents will wear the Red & White stripes.
  15. Have you got your own personal translator ? It would be great to get a look at these European football paper/ magazines.