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  1. Was outside the box
  2. Least we have the satisfaction that Mabe were scared of us !!!
  3. Well that's an interesting development from Mabe 😂😂
  4. I've heard something similar .. why am I not surprised lol .. Yeah too many start clubs then fold .. I was part of it at Camborne Park but I can understand if players wanna play higher bit other teams just do it to trophy hunt then go bk to there own standard.. we when at park only started as we had been a Sunday team for 2-3 seasons b4 we decided to try Saturdays
  5. It does indeed bud and feel sorry for those who get dropped for them .. Even at 5 up the subs who played Tuesday vs us didn't even get a chance to come on and only bought on Luke Murray as he was running late Feel sorry for those lads Least for you guys u do rotate players but all penwith at heart
  6. After hearing one of them say "if we concede to these Muppets we should all be shot " there is only one team in rooting for on the final Tbh though most were ok and able to joke with I'm hoping the player who was dropped to bench for the game and left at half time was due to work commitments and not what happened to him at the game
  7. Yeah totally agree with you .. look at Newcastle in the 90s lol
  8. Wonder who this is aimed at 😂😂😂😂 Holland have struggled a lot this season and have relied a lot in players playing one off games and a lot of those that play midweek work weekends so need need to worry Dan they should be ok for Monday .. may see you watching the semi final moz to see who you play and see if u have a chance to win the double as the league looks a forgone conclusion
  9. We've improved lately and think we will give Mabe one hell of a game no matter who they drop in Roll on Thursday and I'm sure banter too from the sidelines lol
  10. Look forward to watching this later .. Should be a cracker
  11. Who was the ref ?? Typically Jago scores a penalty then the game gets abandoned 😂😂
  12. Tbh the way it was i think a draw was a fair result and tbh take whatever decision that's made and go forward
  13. Not really the topic to start a grudge match in We have Mabe twice in 3 days and we will see then what happens Any news on the extent of the injury No idea on the outcome as 80 played but our guy told league it was 2-1 before being abandoned in 80 and since then result put as 2-1 on the site Just looked and the site now updated as A-A so no idea
  14. Appreciate it bud .. was truly gutted when it happened and still a bit down bout it now and my next game is a county cup final on Sunday so need pick myself up for it
  15. Feel bad for the player in question as it was a challenge in the air from me that caused the injury Feeling really bad and hope the recovery is quick