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  1. Don't mean to be rude but can't you see the love people have for your club think you through the towel in to soon to be honest
  2. Such a shame to see a great family friendly club like st Dom come to this . I had two great seasons there and feel sad they have had to pull out . Ken in my eyes is a legend a man in his 80s who is such a wonderful man and does so much for the club . I agree they should have more time to put someone in the hot seat they had two people apply to do the job together who had a team who could play and possibly cause some shocks but the club felt they didn't have the experience surely someone is better than no one . I wish st Dom all the best and hope they back where they belong soon .
  3. To be honest it is slightly different as we never said they couldn't stay they all welcome to pre season to fight for places like anyone else if they good enough then they will be selected
  4. I know but I wasn't involved in this so I can't really comment on it to be fair
  5. Thank you 😂😂😂😂
  6. That narrows it down
  7. Yeah we were surprised no one told us he was signed for another ecpl club we was told he was signed for firsts and seconds . Which club will be happy ?
  8. Apparently there a press release coming tomorrow so will see if the the two stories match up
  9. It's very underhanded especially from a rival team no disrespect to you devon29 but why go to your under 18s I just don't get it . Rob we put a lot of effort in and had made 4 young signings for next season that were exciting to watch and then this
  10. You read right mate
  11. I'm totally shocked and disgusted a well established club could completely get rid of a whole team and management and bring in a rivals under 18s side and management . There certainly ain't no loyalty anymore . Some committee members should bow there head in shame disgusting behaviour
  12. Be interesting to see what st Dom team turn up after saturdays embarrassment
  13. I feel sorry for Ken a man in his 80s who does so much for st Dom here he was told before the game that the managers are leaving after there last game of the season so he will have to work hard to get a new management team and a new team as none of the players will stay such a shame as st Dom always a lovely welcoming place
  14. Hi rob I agree he did make some odd decisions Doddy did say it wasn't a pen and that he thought he was going to get booked . Didn't mean your goals were lucky just meant you had luck on your side for the decisions that's all. Can't take nothing away from you boys you prove every season what a great team you are stats don't lie mate . Was our pleasure to give you a well deserved guard of honour .
  15. Congratulations to torpoint on another league title been proven over so many years they a class team 🏆. Game last night was a good game by both teams only down side was what can only be described as a poor ref who If was up with play wouldn't have let he first goal stand due to handball and wouldn't of given a free kick from a tackle that was won in the area how he came to the conclusion it was a back pass is beyond me even there player thought he was going to be booked for diving and there linesman said you got to be some player to mean that as a back pass . Oh well you get good luck at the top.