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  1. Get the final back on at 3pm. Give more tickets to the fans of the clubs who get to the final. In earlier rounds, don't spread the games out over 4 days. Semi finals at Wembley!! Fans don't want that Tv has ruined football as a sport because of the money involved. The best day in the calendar used to be the first Saturday in January when all 3rd round games were played. Now there's about 7 played. The FA have ruined their own competition
  2. @yahoo.co.uk doesn't sound official to me. I appreciate that that is the way it is but it could help tcfc if it appeared more professional. It wouldn't be hard to do Theres lots of little things the club could do to help its image but unfortunately the owners aren't willing to take advice
  3. Perhaps give that information out at the beginning to prevent any other issues. Still can't believe the club aren't dealing with it themselves officially though
  4. Contact Russell Keeble. I'd be wanting to see bank details of where it is going. I would have thought a club of the stature of TCFC would have had a bit more of a formal process rather than contacting an individual on a private email address
  5. Of the average "400". How many are fans and how many are spectators. How many will be there when the club drops a few divisions in a few years which will inevitably happen. Who should the the club listen to? The fans or the spectators?
  6. That's the shite thing about the FA cup final is the lack of tickets that go to the clubs that are there. 80,000 seats and it think the clubs that get there get about 18,000 each. So basically over 40,000 tickets go to the fa family wh don't give a for the res for the year. League cup final better
  7. That's fine. But it's also their choice, they're not forced or made to do it. A referee is qualified to apply the laws of the game. Interpretation is fine, if I was a ref I'd just say I didn't see it as you can't say anything back to that. But if they get the laws fundamentally wrong then in my opinion they deserve to be criticised.
  8. Can you bring players that would boost a side in the combo? Or money?
  9. You really are an arrogant prat who is doing nothing to increase the popularity of Truro City
  10. Why would they buy the ground back though and play football there? There's no money to be made in that
  11. On the 'give a flying **** ometer' I'm still at a zero i love the quote about Lee hodges building a team to compete at the top of the ladder. How's he meant to do that with no assurances about what's going on?
  12. By the way. I don't play anymore and haven't for 4 years!! i just feel that in this instance the ref should have known this and there isn't really any defending of him. He's a got alsonething wrong that he shouldn't have - in my opinion
  13. They probably are, but I never proclaimed to be that good. And I didn't have to pass any tests/exams to get to a level
  14. I only commented as I get fed up with the constant defence of referees when they get something that is pretty obvious wrong. It's quick to go the other way. And as I've said on numerous occasions, they get paid to do the job. Although to be fair the standard of refereeing and in particular the assistants in the premier league this year there isn't really a benchmark of any decent standard
  15. 15/20 but I'm not a "qualified ref" so I don't get your point really i understand that it's a lot to learn but come on, this is a simple one for me as it involves something that may happen in every game.