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  1. Sin bin confussion.

    Heaven forbid that the authorities that be allow a referee to use common sense and trial this prior to things actually mattering
  2. You say that referees have to follow this new law. How about the referees at the moment that don't punish a bad tackle in the first 5 mins of a game because "it's early". Or the inconsistency of officials booking/sending off players for foul and abusive language? Who's doing it right? the new law is one again open to interpretation and what the referee tolerates!!
  3. In my opinion Truro are a bigger team then Falmouth but as a club for me no one comes close. I guess that's through growing up and seeing the ground wanting to play there as it's a proper football ground. Unfortunately Truro didn't take the community on the ride with them
  4. Pulling out?

    What support could you offer
  5. In my opinion Falmouth are still the biggest club in Cornwall.
  6. Pulling out?

    Maybe if a few pulled out earlier there wouldn't be so many idiots around today
  7. Bodmin 2-2 Truro City

    £8??? Haha. Robbing gets. That's more than a competitive league match
  8. Money in combo

    So you've achieved that. What's next?
  9. Money in combo

    It's not just carharrack though. It's in the swpl as well where players play for a manager not a club.
  10. Money in combo

    What is the 5 year plan or whatever you wish to call it though Richard? what happens if the team decide to leave on mass to another club, not saying it's going to happen but it could. This is an issue that many clubs have when they are relying on the manager to bring a nucleus of players to the club rather then selling the club to the players. This goes for a lot of clubs not just carharrack
  11. Major Shock

    £20 or £30 a game back then isn't far off the equivalent now really. Still crazy money!! The clubs don't fork out the money as older says, you could get a sponsor to pay them!! it will never stop whilst it can happen, as a player you're not going to turn down £50 theres no community feel about many clubs nowadays, after all, when they were set up over 100 years ago they were for the benefits of the inhabitants of the community that they are in
  12. New Under-16 side at Truro City

    Well done, bit late in the day but well done
  13. FA Cup Final

    Get the final back on at 3pm. Give more tickets to the fans of the clubs who get to the final. In earlier rounds, don't spread the games out over 4 days. Semi finals at Wembley!! Fans don't want that Tv has ruined football as a sport because of the money involved. The best day in the calendar used to be the first Saturday in January when all 3rd round games were played. Now there's about 7 played. The FA have ruined their own competition
  14. Truro City,season tickets.

    @yahoo.co.uk doesn't sound official to me. I appreciate that that is the way it is but it could help tcfc if it appeared more professional. It wouldn't be hard to do Theres lots of little things the club could do to help its image but unfortunately the owners aren't willing to take advice
  15. Truro City,season tickets.

    Perhaps give that information out at the beginning to prevent any other issues. Still can't believe the club aren't dealing with it themselves officially though