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  1. Called for it years ago to increase participation. Lots of people at the time said it was a ridiculous idea!!! use it or don't. Fairly simple really but I think it's great to increase people playing the game
  2. Behave. Mings knew what he was doing and was lucky that he didn't get him properly. Same with zlatan, he knew what he was doing with his elbow, him falling over after a slight push was embarrassing as well
  3. By the way. I don't play anymore and haven't for 4 years!! i just feel that in this instance the ref should have known this and there isn't really any defending of him. He's a got alsonething wrong that he shouldn't have - in my opinion
  4. They probably are, but I never proclaimed to be that good. And I didn't have to pass any tests/exams to get to a level
  5. I only commented as I get fed up with the constant defence of referees when they get something that is pretty obvious wrong. It's quick to go the other way. And as I've said on numerous occasions, they get paid to do the job. Although to be fair the standard of refereeing and in particular the assistants in the premier league this year there isn't really a benchmark of any decent standard
  6. 15/20 but I'm not a "qualified ref" so I don't get your point really i understand that it's a lot to learn but come on, this is a simple one for me as it involves something that may happen in every game.
  7. I disagree. It's a law that I would know as it's a retake. He got it wrong and ludgvan would feel right to be aggrieved. Bang on all you want about it, if you've passed an assessment/exam/test to do a profession then I'd expect the person to know the laws of something Fully understand a ref making a mistake by not seeing something or his interpretation of a decision
  8. I don't want to do it. But if I did and was paid to do it then I'd expect to know the laws of the game. I can cope with refs not giving a free kick, offside, handball or something but not knowing something that is a law isn't right in my mind.
  9. Referees get paid to do a job. They're qualified and should know the rules therefore in the incident with Ludgvan and mabe I can't understand how you can defend him. And let's face it, if the ball has gone in the back of the net what difference has encroachment made? Every penalty should be retaken if thst was the case
  10. Found it. March 12 2012 it was written called "change the game" but it's been archived. I was championing the use of roll on roll off subs and youth football.
  11. I wrote a post about grass roots football a few years ago, I'll try and dig it out and post I there. It will be interesting to read again to see what's changed
  12. Not sure what you mean as I didn't say anyone shouldn't be in there. I just mean that I'd like to see those sides in the top league
  13. Nice one. I think clubs like Penzance, Newquay, Falmouth, porthleven should be in the premier league. I'm glad you said that as well as in my opinion you have to have a realistic level of ambition. But more importantly it's about providing a facility for the community for years to come, so not just thinking about today!! best of luck
  14. Excellent posts and thoughts from those connected with Penzance. Mr Mead, what are the ambitions of Penzance fc now?