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  1. Not sure what you mean as I didn't say anyone shouldn't be in there. I just mean that I'd like to see those sides in the top league
  2. Nice one. I think clubs like Penzance, Newquay, Falmouth, porthleven should be in the premier league. I'm glad you said that as well as in my opinion you have to have a realistic level of ambition. But more importantly it's about providing a facility for the community for years to come, so not just thinking about today!! best of luck
  3. Excellent posts and thoughts from those connected with Penzance. Mr Mead, what are the ambitions of Penzance fc now?
  4. Money money money is the only thing that's going to work and then it needs to be sustainable. Its a big club in the area but catchment area is low and enticing players to go there would be difficult.
  5. Lol, I could talk forever about ambition. For me, clubs should stick to what they can survive at. My belief would be if st Agnes got promoted or whatever then it would have a detrimental effect on the club. For what it's worth I have no affiliation with st Agnes whatsoever now! carharrack have a good side in the combo league and some good lads in there as they were when they were at tms! we will see in 2 years time! In the meantime best of luck this season in the quest for the double/treble
  6. Who knows! but managing is a lot easier when you've got a good group of mates. If im wrong I'm wrong but I reckon 2 years disclaimer, if they go up
  7. Hey. I could be wrong. I just believe that they won't be at carharrack in 2 years unless the club go up a league. Mr pope is an ambitious manager and therefore if an opportunity comes would it be turned down. Cos that's what happened with threemilestone!!! and to say they're still there. It's only their second season in combo isn't it?
  8. They will have the best facilities in the trelawney league in a couple of years
  9. All clubs have put pressure on officials to get a game called off. It happens
  10. And he put in great performances didn't he?
  11. Howard webbs track record on getting big decisions wrong!!!!!! He shouldn't be anywhere near it
  12. I think you'll go on to win the league mr pope, you've got a good side down there. That side would also be good at somewhere like perranporth or Falmouth town!! I dont believe carharrqck will be in the combo league in 2 years time as I believe you would have done what you set out to achieve and youlll move on elsewhere and all the players will probably follow you, therefore leaving carharrqck struggling. Thats what I believe will happen. But we'll wait and see
  13. Haha. Of course!!!
  14. I have to admit when I ran the line for deacsy back in 1994 I can honestly say I was fair. I possibly gave benefit of doubt to Aggie though. I recall one occasion when Danny carveth made an uncharacteristic rash challenge and wiped the guy out near the 6 yard box I gave a corner in the hope the ref thought Danny got a hand to it. But that was the only time when I knew I was wrong
  15. Blimey my spelling is awful!! what I was getting at was willy won't have to worry about mr chown (who I presume was running the line, my apologies if not) doing it in 2 years time as I don't believe they'll be in the combo then.