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  1. Madron f.c

    That's an absolute disgrace!!! ...........Everyone knows you need to at least change the ink from black to blue and get a couple mates with different sized writing to sign the signatures!! 😀👍
  2. Good prediction about Luke in your Indy column today which was obviously written before he scored 5 goals yesterday Dave!!! Could you send me 5 numbers between 1 and 50 by 7.30pm Tuesday night please mate!! 👍😃👏🏼
  3. ST.AGNES (2) 4 Rapsey 14' 36'(pen) Bayley 59' Mullins 63' KERNOW (1) 1 Thurlow 27' Decent pre season friendly played in a competitive and sporting spirit. Possibly a little bit of a flattering scoreline for the hosts as the visitors were on top at different stages of the game and created as many chances if not more. Aggie took the lead slightly against the run of play when Tony Penrose arrowed over one of his superb corners and Mark Rapsey evaded his markers for a split second to head home from 8 yards between two defenders on the line. Just over ten minutes later Kernow deservedly equalised when Martin Thurlow challenged home keeper Mark Norgate as the ball dropped from a blocked shot and got his head on it before the keepers fist. One of those 50/50 shouts that usually favour the keeper but not on this occasion, 1-1. Aggie got on top after that for the remainder of the half and went back in front after a foul right on the edge of the area was given as a spot kick, again a 50/50 decision really, who would be a ref? After a bit of a delay with the ref trying to place the ball for the penalty!?? Rapsey managed to spot his own ball 13 yards from goal and scored from the spot to make the half time score 2-1. Kernow took the game to Aggie straight after the break with Thurlow and Graham Ayres both shooting over the bar after working good openings for themselves. Once again the hosts scored against the run of play when the tireless Mark Wade produced a superb driven cross from the right for defender Steve Bayley to power home a header into the corner of the net from ten yards. Just a few minutes after that some more great wing play from Penrose saw him get to the byline and cut the ball back for Darren Mullins to finish from close range. The hosts were now creating plenty of chances with the visitors getting the odd one on the break. Rob Watt and Rapsey both came back on for the last 20 minutes after going off at half time and both had chances to extend the lead with Watt unlucky with a far post volley that went just wide and Rapsey missing the top corner by about a foot from a wind assisted free kick after a foul on the impressive Fred Allen, then beating a few defenders to go clear only to shoot straight at the keeper to blow his hat-trick chance. Good performances from Jack Belche at the back and Darren Lawrence in midfield after losing a remakable six stone in the last year. Man of the match would probably go to Mark Wade for his non stop work rate at either end and Tony Penrose for his quality set pieces and crosses, hard to split those two really. Game played in great spirit and the most aggressive man on the pitch was probably Dennis the referee who got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning! Pulled Rob Watt up for three foul throws!! He played South Western League for years so i tend to agree with Rob that he does know how to take a throw in and ive taken over 200 penalties in matches in my time and only missed 4 i may add so i do know how to put the ball on the spot!!! Apart from that thanks for giving up a couple hours of your time on a Sunday morning and reffing in the wind and rain on and off Dennis!! Dont think ive missed much? Thats about it i think, league starts in two weeks on September 3rd for most teams. Think the favourites will be St.Dennis in Division 1 and Saltash in Div 2 if i was a betting man which unfortunately i am and down £40 this week!!! Cheers Gents x
  4. St blazey

    Understand your frustrations Two Footed after the teams that Blazey have had over the years under Trev and even before that with the likes of Wacko. There are a lot of big cornish clubs in the same boat though mate, the likes of Falmouth, Liskeard, Newquay were all huge once as well. All you can do is start again, try and rebuild, it could take time maybe or you might get a great little side together and just click such as the likes of Godolphin and Sticker have done over recent years. I've got to be honest i have been paid enough money over the years to play football and have taken whats been offered without much of a thought which you do as a player to be honest whether you are from Devon or Cornwall!. It's not until you are old and grey you appreciate the time and money that goes into a club and all the hard work by people who just love their club and spend hours there for next to nothing most of the time. I think you've got to give young managers like Westy at Falmouth who is Town through and through and Macca at Newquay the chance to build their own teams and start again. In 10 years time Blazey could be right back up there again, put the money into the facilities as much as the team and players will come and hopefully the good local lads as well. Try and get behind these enthusiastic young managers and support them, three games is a long time in football these days it seems. Would'nt say Blazey will ever be a laughing stock ex-chairman, you've achieved more than most over the years and are a sleeping giant who im sure will be awoken sooner rather than later. Keep the faith as Jock Stein would say!!!
  5. Watched the first half today Paul and to be fair you had no luck at all. Even the well worked corner routine between Travis Skerton (used to play against his dad Mark, very good finisher and nice bloke ) and Josh Harris got whistled!!! I was sitting 5 yards away and it was perfect! Most of the play was down the bottom end and Holsworthy had about four chances and scored three goals! Fair play to them but i thought Blazey looked decent in spells. Harris knocked in a few dangerous crosses with his left peg and Russell looked a quality player on the ball. Skirts lad could well come good as well i reckon. We've seen Torquay panic this week after three games and sack their manager which is ridiculous!! You need at least until xmas to gel a side together, see who aint gonna quite make it and in that time you may find a gem or two!? Give the manager your full support (not you personally Paul )and if its not any better in January then thats a different story. I think Blazey may well be ok with a win or two to boost their confidence levels? Still one of the biggest clubs in the county in my opinion, a real sleeping giant! Tell you what though you could do with some box nets!! That would finish the ground off lovely! Plenty of room for them behind the goals as well! 6 poles and £100 on ebay! I'll even come down and give Weazle a hand on my day off now im a local! Easy to do!! Have a word with the committee mate! Would look well smart!! Good luck Blazey for the season
  6. Chacewater Reserves

    Really sorry to hear that Nige, if a club like Chacewater has to pull a team out the league its a real sign of the times. Had many a battle on that lovely compact ground, especially as a schoolboy with Malabar, scary!! Got to be one of the best and charasmatic venues in junior football, better than a lot of Combo grounds in my opinion. Some really top people at the club as well, no more so than yourself Nige. My dad played there as a nipper in the fifties and ive heard some great stories! Had some brilliant teams there over the years, hope you continue to have success with the first team mate.
  7. Hi All, Good luck for the season to all the Combo clubs new and old!! Just a reminder if you want your teams report in the Sunday Independent next morning can you call/text/email me by 6.30pm at the very latest after your game please! I've done a bit of chasing around in the past so people can read about all 10 games next morning but the paper deadline and the fact I work nights 4 on 4 off means I can't anymore! It's only a few minutes of your time so if you want a report in I'm on 07455987850 or Rappoandrach@sky.com Don't mind who calls as long as someone does! Much appreciated gents, and have a good season Rappo ⚽️
  8. Actually I don't think badgers do hibernate? 😕
  9. I think the badger might have hibernated Dave! 😂
  10. Well said Rob, great to have a match in Andy's name. Loved his football, watching and scoring goals. Was a pleasure to have played with him and against him and watched a few games over a cup of tea and a chat. Look forward to it.
  11. Congrats to Mikey and Illogan for becoming the first winners, and what a great trophy!!! Presented by Darren in the pouring rain! Can't believe it's 25 years since the clubs formation!! Half my life ago! Best wishes to Daz in the future. Thanks to Neal for asking me to present the top scorer and player of the tournament trophies, lovely to catch up with some old friends I've not seen for a while, absolutely love football for that! Shame about the weather but Clijah was looking great yesterday and I'm sure it's a tournament that will go from strength to strength with some great local clubs involved. Good luck for the season 👍⚽️
  12. Deacs was there Mike, but probably at the charity games today? Just woke up from a busy Saturday night shift but I'll do my best to remember, not sure of all the names yet either mate? Great crowd considering the weather which chucked it down non stop!! Got to be honest I sat in the car for most of it! I counted 133 at one stage and there were more in cars etc. Would say approx 150. Hope someone can fill in the gaps Mike!? Hope it helps a bit through a rain lashed windscreen!! Cheers mate 1 James Wignall 2 3 Josh Sims (c) 4 Ryan Jones 5 6 7 Dan Carne 8 9 Rob Carey 10 Jack Rapsey 11 Matt Fox subs) 15 Matt Drummond
  13. Good result for Port with a lot of players missing today. Difficult conditions for both sides, Port didn't look half as potent or creative as the other night against St.Austell but that's understandable with so many changes. Missed Jared in midfield pulling some strings I thought. Could be a different game again Tuesday night at Helston? Must admit thought Town edged it over the 80 odd minutes I saw and I left when Jordy made it 3-1 to make a prior arrangement at the first Darren Lewarne Trophy at the impressive new look Clijah Croft. Agree with Ashton, think it's just a wind up as Joe looked strong at the back for Town alongside Tom, typical centre half display, no nonsense. Dan Carne looked trickey and sharp for Port with Olly Walker the same for Town. Just something bout skilful quick wingers ain't there!? 👍 Jordy Annear impressive as well for me against his old club. Strikers always score against their old teams! Be a close run tournament over the week between 4 fairly evenly matched teams I should imagine. Lovely that my old friend and team mate Dave G still has this tournament in his honour arranged by the legendary Turbo Torrance. Four great clubs involved, look forward to watching some more games this week 👍⚽
  14. Remember Hodgie bursting onto the scene as a teenager, he was like Wayne Rooney, a fully grown strong as an ox man at 16/17. Scored a hat-trick at Truro in a Falmouth v Porthleven league cup final while still a teenager if I remember rightly!!? A superb striker, unplayable on his day and as already said just a really top bloke, Hodgie always brings a smile to my face, lovely guy 👍⚽️👌
  15. Hi Terry, hope you're well mate, yeah agree it's difficult to really put a true reflection on it in pre season and I think both leagues are wide open. Everyone going for Parkway but I would never rule out the Saints or you guys over a season, Gilbey worked his magic once again and built another impressive looking team in about 3 weeks! Was impressed when I saw you against Port and heard loads of good things from the Truro and Cardiff games. Like you say St.Austell were chopping and changing throughout the game last night as was Alan. If Bodmin and St.Austell are not both in the top 3 end of the season I'll be surprised to be honest. Think the West Division will be tougher as well this year, watched St.Dennis win at Sticker last week and they were excellent and Wadebridge have Jennings and Hopcroft up front, two players you know well Terry. Must admit don't know much about Elburton and Blazey yet and I heard Liskeard did quite well in spells against you and Parkway in both friendlies. I'm sure there will be other teams as well getting off to good starts. Like you say Alan is a top manager that's why I think Port could have a sniff this season, they look very fit and sharp and like I said to the boy on the way home you won't be playing a Bodmin or St.Austell every week!! Look forward to all the opinions over the season anyway, always a good read!! 😃 All the best mate.