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  1. Yeah agree Leeds, great player! If you've got Seans number that would be great!!! Getting quite a few texts etc saying this player and that but a number with the name would be nice please anyone!!! I got quite a few mates but I don't know everyone's number!!! 😀 Cheers 👍 ⚽️ Not sure we want any feathers ruffled thanks, just a good laugh, see some old mates, and give Bickland a nice send off and hope Westys youngsters don't get double figures!! Thanks 👍
  2. Hi Mike, yeah thought of both mate, including many others but was going on the phone numbers I've got or been given. Wrote down bout 75 names on a sheet of paper when Dicko first mentioned it Mike!! If anyone wants to play feel free to call or text me on 07455987850. Or contact Dicko on 07443421626 or at the Falmouth Packet. Be great to hear from any of the old guys, it's a one off so be be nice to make a day of it to remember, Bickland deserves that, and we might even give Westys boys a game for the first 15 minutes!!! 😁 Already had a couple pull out from that original squad so as many players as poss be good, reckon we'll need about 20 on the day to make it with our old bones, chasing youngsters around!! Ronaldo has just scored so I'm off to watch the football! Cheers gents x⚽️
  3. With Falmouth's iconic old Bickland Park ground being due to become extinct in the not too distant future 😥(gutted) the Falmouth Packet Sports editor Matt Dixon came up with the idea of playing a match in its memory! 👍⚽ He texted me to try and round up a few of the old boys who have had so many good times on the hallowed turf to create a Cornwall/Town Legends team for the day. After several (failed) attempts going through my new phone with failing eyesight and chunky thumbs I've managed to come up with a bit of a squad!?! Obviously with it being the summer, there is holidays, family, etc to consider as the match is scheduled for Saturday 22nd July so things and players could change? Mr Steve Lawrence, a well known Falmouth referee has kindly offered to officiate on the day. If anyone sees this and fancies 20 minutes or just being there it'll nice to give her the send off she deserves!! The clubhouse end goal is probably my favourite place in the world (along with Amsterdam)! Be great to see some old friends. Reason for the massive squad is we're all decent old players but we're playing Westys Falmouth 1st team squad so we need the numbers!! Just hope it ain't hot!!! 😎 Open to suggestions or long lost friends and numbers!! Everybody welcome 👍 All roads lead to Bickland Park!!! (Saboo 1989) x Sid Taylor, John Dent, Dave Philp, Kevin Miller. Paddy Scrace, Tommy Matthews, Wayne Quinn, Duncan Powell, Mark Hope, Andy Parr, Steve Jewell, Chris Strike, Wayne Brown. George Torrance, Andy Street, Adrian Street, Mark Rowe, Ian Gosling, Dale Band, Gary Wheildon, Matt Salmon, Anthony Reynolds. Phil Shapcott, Danny OHagan, Martin Gritton, Mark Rapsey, Alan Lenton, Damian Stevens. Apologies from: Gary Wignall, Chris Long, Nigel Thwaites, Ron Vercesi, Tony Kenealy, Jake Ash, Dave Sweet, Luke Hodge, James miller, Pete Lewis. Been some squad 20 years ago!!! Go easy on us Westy!! Hope to see as many as possible there for a great Bickland send off! 👍⚽👌
  4. Proper football grounds, enclosed, good atmospheres with a decent crowd in, two of the best in my opinion and I've played on most dozens of times. Just an opinion though, be interested what players and former players think? Bit of a different view watching and playing.
  5. Thanks for the kind words Rob, really appreciated mate. Consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have met many great friends through football over the many years. Football has given me some very special times and memories. Cheers everyone 👍⚽️😁
  6. That big fat lad has never scored 2000 goals has he Dave!!! 😂 Had a good few days being filmed (in wide angle) thanks to everyone who helped out with it, much appreciated, was a good laugh. Something for the grandchildren when I'm long gone anyway!!! Cheers gents ⚽👍
  7. Got to be honest I think that season Dave has mentioned I signed for Mark Jenkins at Barnstaple in the Western League, for Trevor Mewton at Falmouth in the South Western League, Dave at Aggie, John Peters at Nanpean and I think even Malabar in the old Falmouth/Helston League!!! Back then the SWL season used to finish about 3 weeks to a month before the Combo and East Cornwall so could see no problem helping out some old friends with a mounting fixture list at the back end of a long season and a chance to add a few more goals to the tally!! Agree with Older though in the fact I would never play against my clubs reserve side, that's just disrespectful in my opinion. But could never see a problem helping out some old friends to be honest!?! As Steve said, the rule is there, it's up to you if you want to use it or no? Was always gutted at the end of the season anyway so always appreciated a few more games. Made the gap between finishing a season and the dreaded pre season training not too bad with a bit of tennis chucked in!! ⚽️👍
  8. Some crackers there!!! Loads of local derbies 👍⚽
  9. That's definitely total bollocks!!! Saltash is decent but nowhere near the ground Falmouth or Newquay is!
  10. Sorry was in a stupid mood last night!! BGT gets a bit boring, bring back the footy!! 😳
  11. It's a NOVEL idea, you don't even have to BOOK, or pay anything to COVER the cost! An iconic trophy, be a CHAPTER in your life you won't forget! Get down to the library, it won't be a BIND. 👍😀⚽️🏆
  12. Callington 2-3 Grampound (Mortimer 2, OG) Halsetown 0-1 Downderry Rovers TMS 0-2 St.Agnes (OHagan 21' Rapsey 84'(pen) Tux is away on a well earned break but I'm sure his excellent coverage will continue next season, this is all I've got in the meantime!!! Cheers gents 👍⚽️
  13. Shite that is!! Some of the best grounds in Cornwall there!! What a load of old bollocks x
  14. International matches, World Cup qualifiers through to June 11th, then England u21s are in the Euros from June 16th to June 30th all live on Sky. Also the Confederations Cup runs alongside this from June 17th to July 2nd. As we speak there is a very good England u20s team in the World Cup who beat hosts South Korea yesterday to top the group. All live on Eurosport with the final 11th June. All the pre season stuff starts first week of July so actually there is no break from football if you don't want there to be!!! Hope this has helped!!! 👍⚽️🏆
  15. Like to wish Kev all the best also. A hard but fair defender back in his hey day and always a tough 90 minutes against Kev but always first man to shake your hand at the final whistle and great company in the bar after. Doing the Indy Combo reports the last few years I had the pleasure of speaking to Kev most Saturdays after the games when he masterminded Mullions title winning Combo season a few years back and he talks a lot of sense, proper football man, don't get too carried away with his success but don't make excuses on the odd occasion they lost, tells you how it is. Don't think you'll find too many having a bad word to say about Kev and I think he's a great choice for Godolphin who are a club that have made unbelievable strides themselves over the last 10 years or so on and off the pitch. As someone has already said, think it could be a good fit and partnership.