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  1. And that rumour is.....
  2. I again, wheeled the wife across the ferry and around to Kimberly Stadium last night to watch what we hoped to be a good game of football between two good sides. It didn't disappoint in the goals section, but some quality was lacking, whether that was down to less than usual standard of the surface or not, i don't know. But what i can say is that it was by no means as one sided as the previous report suggests. Saltash opened the scoring rather fortunately will a wicked deflection, but even after that, Saltash were the better side in the first half and were good value for their slender lead. The 2nd half did belong to Argyle, but they never really opened Saltash up at the back and tested their keeper. So you have to give credit to a Saltash side who looked well drilled, who had a game plan and stuck to it. I don't think you can argue they were overly physical towards Argyle, just beause the Argyle side are youngsters you cannot go easy on them, this is a mens league, so they must acept they will be onthe end of tough tackles, arguably the worst ofthe night was a late chopping down in the middle of the park from the number 6 (Jim Alexander i think he is called), but that was more a professional foul as Argyle were looking to break. The Argyle boys certainly didn't hold back when they had the opportunity to put a tackle in, so fairs fair. A great result for Saltash who showed the form of champions, not playing their best football, but an important win nonetheless. The half time oxo and chips were very nice and reasonably priced too, all in all a good evening.
  3. Accepting
  4. Camelford v Exmouth Town 1 - 4 Godolphin Atlantic v St Austell 1 - 6 Launceston v Plymouth Argyle Reserves 1 - 3 Saltash United v Cullompton Rangers 5 - 0 St Blazey v Newquay 2 - 3 Tavistock v Helston Athletic 4 - 0 Torpoint Athletic v Bodmin Town 1 - 3 Witheridge v Falmouth Town 1 - 2
  5. Thanks for the response. I'm glad it will, terrible tackle and doesn't have a place in our game. Hopefully Dave makes a full and speedy recovery.
  6. Is there any news on the situation with Dave Smith of Torpoint who had his leg broken on the weekend as a result of a nasty tackle? Never nice to see. What happens to the player who got a red card as a result of the tackle (and deservedly so)? As the game was abandoned, does that mean the red card still stands? I hope so!
  7. Tiverton V Exmouth 2 - 2
  8. QUARTER-FINAL St Austell v Crediton United (2.30 pm) 6 - 2 PREMIER DIVISION Callington Town v Bodmin Town 2 - 4 Godolphin Atlantic v Exmouth Town 1 - 4 Ivybridge Town v Cullompton Rangers 2 - 3 Launceston v Helston Athletic 2 - 2 Newquay v Tiverton Town Reserves 0 - 6 Plymouth Parkway v Falmouth Town Tavistock v Saltash United 1 - 3 Torpoint Athletic v Witheridge 3 -1
  9. Bodmin 8 - 0 Mousehole
  10. Bodmin Town v Exmouth Town 2 - 3 Cullompton Rangers v St Austell 1 - 3 Falmouth Town v Callington Town 2 - 3 Godolphin Atlantic v Tiverton Town Reserves 1 - 3 Helston Athletic v Witheridge 3 - 0 Plymouth Parkway v Saltash United 3 - 2 (2 red cards) St Blazey v Ivybridge Town 2 - 4 Torpoint Athletic v Launceston 3 - 1
  11. Plymouth Argyle Reserves v Camelford 5 - 2
  12. Tiverton Town Reserves v Exmouth Town 1 - 1
  13. Didnt Dobwalls host the charity bowl and vase a couple years ago?
  14. Exmouth Town v St Austell 4 - 2 (1 RED CARD) Godolphin Atlantic v Callington Town 2 - 2 Helston Athletic v Cullompton Rangers 4 - 1 Launceston v Camelford 2 - 3 Tavistock v St Blazey 6 - 0 RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP, QUARTER-FINALS Ludgvan v Bodmin Town (2 pm) 2 - 3 Millbrook v Newquay (2 pm) 2 - 2 Saltash United v Holman Sports Club (2 pm) 9 - 0 Torpoint Athletic v Falmouth Town 1 - 2 (2 RED CARDS)
  15. Isn't Kelvin Finboy a striker? Would that open a space for Glynn to come and play for his brother?