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  1. Bodmin 8 - 0 Mousehole
  2. Bodmin Town v Exmouth Town 2 - 3 Cullompton Rangers v St Austell 1 - 3 Falmouth Town v Callington Town 2 - 3 Godolphin Atlantic v Tiverton Town Reserves 1 - 3 Helston Athletic v Witheridge 3 - 0 Plymouth Parkway v Saltash United 3 - 2 (2 red cards) St Blazey v Ivybridge Town 2 - 4 Torpoint Athletic v Launceston 3 - 1
  3. Plymouth Argyle Reserves v Camelford 5 - 2
  4. Tiverton Town Reserves v Exmouth Town 1 - 1
  5. Didnt Dobwalls host the charity bowl and vase a couple years ago?
  6. Exmouth Town v St Austell 4 - 2 (1 RED CARD) Godolphin Atlantic v Callington Town 2 - 2 Helston Athletic v Cullompton Rangers 4 - 1 Launceston v Camelford 2 - 3 Tavistock v St Blazey 6 - 0 RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP, QUARTER-FINALS Ludgvan v Bodmin Town (2 pm) 2 - 3 Millbrook v Newquay (2 pm) 2 - 2 Saltash United v Holman Sports Club (2 pm) 9 - 0 Torpoint Athletic v Falmouth Town 1 - 2 (2 RED CARDS)
  7. Isn't Kelvin Finboy a striker? Would that open a space for Glynn to come and play for his brother?
  8. more or less guaranteed promotion if Phil Lafferty took over...... Step forward Mr Lafferty yours and Parkways destiny awaits! Bold statement. I hear Wayne Quinn stepped down as manager of Mousehole a few weeks ago, what about him?
  9. Helston Athletic v Exmouth Town 2 - 3 Plymouth Parkway v Tiverton Town 4 - 2 Tavistock v Launceston 6 - 0 Witheridge v Cullompton Rangers 1 - 3 Bodmin Town v St Austell 2 - 4 Carharrack v Torpoint Athletic 2 - 5 Falmouth Town v Camelford 2 - 2 Newquay v St Day 3 - 3 Saltash United v St Stephens Borough 11 - 0
  10. I had a conversation with a couple of people yesterday, both of which are heavily involved in 2 SWPL teams and apparently Stuart Henderson was approached but he has turned it down. It does seem mad that Kevin and Darren didn't feel they had the backing and then to see others on here saying they aren't surprised, they haven't been doing great etc. We are halfway through the season and they have only lost 2 league games, ok they have drawn 8 which probably isn't too pleasing on the eye when you look at the league, but if you look at the league, nobody would have predicted Saltash to have the season they are having (full credit to them!), then take out Argyle who are essentially a number in the league because of their restrictions for promotion etc, and once you do that, Parkway are not in a bad position to go up. They will need someone to come in and hit the ground running because if they genuinely want the promotion unlike a couple years ago where it was all talk until crunch time came and they pulled out, then they can't afford too many more slip ups.
  11. Completely agree, but this forum is about opinions and thoughts, and im sure people have opinions and thoughts of who they would like to see represent gods county......
  12. Agree with Bobjfh, some of the players at the likes of Bodmin and St Austell are the money chacers and may not be there for the right reason. Players at other clubs where money isn't a luxury are the players that are more likely to give you more and wear their heart on their sleeve as such. Just a thought. Who do people think should make the cut?
  13. Surely looking at the league you would have thought a few from Saltash should be included, given they currently sit top of the table? For me, Ryan Richards would be an automatic choice along with Liam Eddy. Agree that St Austell and Bodmin will be the biggest contributing teams, but dont rule out some of the counties other top clubs.
  14. Looks like number 10 is having his say on the matter........
  15. Bodmin Town v Helston Athletic 4 -1 Camelford v Tavistock 1 - 8 Cullompton Rangers v Callington Town 1 - 3 Exmouth Town v Plymouth Argyle 3 - 2 Falmouth Town v Plymouth Parkway 1 - 2 Godolphin Atlantic v Witheridge 2 - 2 Newquay v Ivybridge Town 2 - 3 St Austell v Launceston 7 - 1 Saltash United v Tiverton Town 2 - 3 Torpoint Athletic v St.Blazey 5 - 1