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  1. Posted 7 hours ago · Report post Perhaps the swpl officials would like to enlighten everyone. You're right Al, it couldn't have happened without their say so. Doesn't mean they were right though. I think the only definitive answer could come from Phil Hiscox. Like this Dunno about that midlandlilywhite.😂
  2. My understanding of football etiquette is that for all games where an admission fee is charged, it must ko at the advertised time. If I'm wrong I'm happy to be corrected. Lee Hobbs must have done something pretty bad to get a 2 game stadium ban. Not much use to Parkway for 2 games is he?
  3. To answer Big Al's question, the league cannot run on goodwill alone, and overheads, such as paying for the website, the committee's travelling expenses, admin fees, trophies and medals to name but four, need to be paid. I'm sure if you could suggest alternative ways to raise the necessary expenses, the committee would seriously consider all options.