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  1. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Winston, as referee's we can only referee to what the players want, if they wish to play outside the Laws then we can only answer with free kicks and cards, if on the other hand both teams want to lay football then everything is much easier for everyone, I was not at the game but looking at the fixture it would seem to be a good local derby and I would think that's how it was played.
  2. Sin bin confussion.

    Gangster, actually the sinbin trial has only been sanctioned for the approved league games,so no it cannot be used in any other game.
  3. How I see it is that it's not the game that's broken so why try and fix it, it is a social problem people/players these days do not like authority this is why the respect campaign is a total waste of time, this even goes right into the schools, I have known experienced teachers who all have the same problems and cannot wait to get out of teaching.
  4. Referee Required

    unitedrhino, It may help if you rang some of your local officials first.
  5. I set up my user name when that was what everybody did and as the great majority of forum members know who I am then I have not felt the need to change it. Now to B Manning everybody thinks of the comedian but it`s not, just reverse it to Manning B then its Manning Black., self explanitary I hope.
  6. Temporary Dismissals

    Tempo, yes this is something I have encountered on numerous occasions and how a sinbin will stop this is beyond me my own take on it would be , 1st yellow for dissent( in a season ) £10 admin fee plus one match ban, 2nd yellow £20 admin plus 2 match ban , increasing on this ratio.
  7. Temporary Dismissals

    Jacob , I for one do but it gets me nowhere execept for complaints about me and numerous threats to report me to th CCFA.
  8. Temporary Dismissals

    I have to agree with you Marksy, they keep tinkering with the game to suit the offenders and thats the wrong way around, as I see it the sinbin will become a badge of honour for some players. if the threat of the second yellow followed by a red is no deterrant then the sinbin has no chance. also if I get shouted at over percieved time over the 10mins to get their player back on then I will walk away.
  9. FA Cup Final

    gingerninja, what on earth is an unnatural position, the only unnatural position is if it`s been torn off and is laid on the floor. I saw it as the ball came off his knee and then hit his arm, certainly not a deliberate act.
  10. Hi Steve, thanks for your comments, it was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully we will meet again during the season.

  11. Hello, hope all is well? I know we'll be seeing you tomorrow at Grampound but on Sunday we may be hosting a games against the threemilestone vets and are looking for a ref, would be an 11am kick off at the trispen pitch again.

    Would you be interested in reffing that, should be a stroll in the park to ref!

    Cheers Elliott

  12. Spot on with your post on language Keith, Scousemouse etc seem to think it's a black & white problem , but it's a very big grey area.