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  1. Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2

    Thanks for the report UWDI i can inform you no nothing more there we are a small village side punching well above are weight but we do pride ourselves on our pitch your report is pretty much spot on Bodmin had 5 missing i was told and no keeper we also had 5 missing (james follett james elliott jason clancy mike curtis ryan smale) very grateful for Bodmin accepting the fixture and must add very graceful in defeat a lot is said on here about Mr Gilbert but he was very good back the club full of praise for our small village side onto next week when we welcome the champions Tavistock hope you visit again UWDI
  2. Bere Alston kick off there pre season on saturday the 22nd when we host Bodmin Town {13 30ko} then the following saturday we host Tavistock {2pmko} so if you want to see the new look Bodmin and current champions Tavistock in action free of charge head to Bere Alston
  3. A lot of players around the plymouth area are choosing to play p&d football as its local no travelling so they can work a half day on saturdays which is why the p&d is quite strong some very good sides in that league which showed in the windmill reaching the devon prem cup final last season i reckon four or five of the sides in that league would compete at the top of the ecpl
  4. Immoral behaviour

    Wow nothing on tonight Chris 😂
  5. Changes to Teams in League ?

    we did fail the ground grading but could of done the work but as it was looking highly unlikely we would finish top two we put it off to the summer we will have another go next season but like already said its very difficult to gain promotion from the ecpl because of all the reserve sides in it the problem we find is when you play a reserve team you never know who your playing as a lot of sides drag first team players in
  6. Immoral behaviour

    The way i see it is its harsh on the tavi lads but from the clubs point of view having played tavi this seson i cant see any of the second team bar Jamie Castle and the lad Tribble being able to step up to help the first team which is what a second team is for in fact they use one of our players at Bere if the need someone so to get a young team in where they can only inprove you can see where the club is coming from but like i said it is harsh on the lads that have gave everything for tavi

    Its not just the East Cornwall league that is not as good as it was that is also the case in the peninsular league how many times have we seen double figure scores this season it seems in both leagues there is a handful of good sides the rest are pretty poor