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  1. 4th x 6 times. 3rd x 5 times. 2nd x 6 times. 1st x 3 times. These are the facts since the PL started. Last time outside top 4 was 20 years ago (1995/6). If you study those figures (try and get some help off someone), you will see that Arsenal have finished in the top 3 a lot more (14 times) than finishing 4th. So I think you mean to say "you are obviously happy with a top 4 finish". To answer that question, "yes". I would also be even happier to win it, or the FA Cup, or the CL, or the EFL Cup. Sadly, we can't win the EFL Cup, having been knocked out by finalists, Southampton in the quarter finals (unlike Spurs who were knocked out in the fourth round....snigger). We are still in the other competitions. Seeing Arsenal compete at the top level consistently and competitively all the time is very satisfying. I am happy.
  2. Arsenal are not in crisis. Yes, some awful recent results, and questionable performances. But that can be said of a few clubs lately, not just Arsenal. Wengers's recent press conference (after Bayern) was handled exceptionally well. I am guessing that although Arsenal may not end up winning anything this year, like most clubs, their results will improve, and securing another season of CL football will ensure Wenger's reign at Arsenal will continue. You must see beyond the immediate performances and results. The club, as a business, is top notch and in a very good position. Better than most others. And this is largely due to Wenger, and his excellent performance as the main man. Why would the club owners want to get rid of Wenger, a tried and tested expert who knows (and loves) the club like the back of his hand, and install an unknown entity. Look at ManU after Fergie. Look at ManC, with Pep. Look at Liverpool and Klopp. Not exactly setting the world on fire are they. The PL is the most difficult league to win, and to stay in. The consistency of Arsenal at the top is unparalleled, why change it? Good luck to him.
  3. He'd get into Spurs team every week. Tells you something!
  4. True supporters stick with their club through thick and thin. Yes. Evidence the contributors on this forum. Anyway, just when I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, along come Spurs to cheer me up. Thanks guys, us Gunners can always rely on you.
  5. Go easy on us SSS. Phew, that was excruciating. At least we are still in the CL. Your chumps couldn't get out the group with such European heavyweights as CSK Moscow, Bayer Leverkusen and Monaco. Lets see how you get on against that next hurdle, Gent.
  6. Div 4: Newlyn Non Athletico Res. (1) 3 -v- 3 (3) Rosudgeon Res. The tale of two penalties. Another bitterly cold and showery day greeted the two teams at the Stadium of St Clare. A soft playing surface meant parts of the pitch were going to cut-up during play, so a bit of a midfield battle could be expected. In actual fact, the game did not deteriorate with the pitch, and held out well for a great overall show for division 4. Newlyn had the lions share of possession in the opening 10 minutes, without creating too much. Not much happened at the other end either. Newlyn forced a couple of corners, and Rosudgeon were quick on the break, threatening each time. It was Rosudgeon who opened the scoring, a low drive from the edge of the box into the corner. Newlyn responded with good inter-passing and a cool finish from inside the box, again into the corner beyond the goalkeepers reach. Back came Rosudgeon, winning a free kick on the edge of the box, and somehow squeezing it through the keepers legs!?! Shortly before half time, another breakaway from a Newlyn corner resulted in Rosudgeons third, making it 1-3 at the break. Second half was very even, and would have petered out rather uneventfully had it not been for the last 15 minutes. A through ball, slightly overhit, by Rosudgeon into the Newlyn area looked as if it would be gathered by the advancing goalkeeper. However, the keeper appeared to launch a little high for the rolling ball, and as it passed 2 feet lower under his body, the attackers leap over the goalkeepers outstretched frame was not high enough, and he was wiped out. A penalty. A strange penalty. Anyway, this was Rosudgeons chance to secure the points, and it looks like a decision was made to allow the penalty to be taken by a non-penalty taker (the guy who won it). I may be wrong, but that is what it looked like. He blasted it wide. Newlyns tails were up, and so advancing a few minutes later into the Rosudgeon area, a trip resulted in a home penalty. This was scored, 2-3, and minutes to go. The comeback was completed with 5 to go, a hat trick for young Seb, best finish of the day, leaving the keeper with no chance, and several strong words being exchanged at the back of the away defence. Thoroughly entertaining, and although teenage Seb was a worthy MoM for the home team, the 4 x 50y/o plus starters for Newlyn showed today why playing for 90 minutes is key..... "you ain't won nothing until the final whistle blows".
  7. What the hell....I was not writing this from a club perspective. I suppose you have thought because it involved Man City, a competitor to Arsenal, that is why I raised this. Not at all. The teams do not really matter. I am merely pointing out that a couple of "simple" decisions for the officials to make were not made, and it resulted in a crucial goal being scored. Sad that you can't see that. This is nothing to do with Arsenal, Spurs, Wenger etc etc, it is to do with the mistakes made. Consistency in refereeing is crucial to our game, and at the top level, it is very difficult to see that consistency coming through (due to the intense scrutiny of TV pundits etc). So, at least the officials should be making the simple decisions correctly. This particular game shows an example of just how badly they failed. Shame you cannot see that.
  8. Spurs, in with a chance of winning the league. Ha ha ha ha ha!
  9. What on earth happened today. That final minute at Man City. Not a foul. Simple, not a foul. OK, ref gives a foul (or ref's assistant does). Kick is taken about 15 to 20m from the position where the kick should have been taken. Wrong. Simply wrong. Ball was also rolling. Not allowed. Simple again, wrong! No wonder Swansea feel aggrieved. It is hard for the officials to get the difficult decisions right. So why not ensure that they get the simple decisions right. They let us all down today. Sad.
  10. Arsenal played off the park. You lot crack me up. Poor finishing for Arsenal let them down. Chelsea scored the first by knocking the defender unconscious. Normally you see a free kick given. Second goal, pure genius that is Hazard - probably the best footballer in the PL. Third goal, a pure gift - these mistakes happen. The difference between the teams was not big. Anyone could see that. The pundits tell you otherwise, but make your own minds up. Arsenal had a lot of decent possession, but did not make the most of it. I love the fact that its Arsenal that have blown the chance of winning the league. They sit 4th, 3 points behind 2nd placed Spurs, Clearly everyone else have also blown their chances too. But no one seems to care about that. Arsenal have consistently been one of the teams challenging for the league title for 20 years or more. No other teams can seriously say that. I see no difference this year. Up The Gunners.
  11. Yes. One of those things. You missed the provocation (pushing/shoving), but I missed the "kick out" (or whatever he did). No one argued, so it was clearly a correct decision. It was a shame, as apart from that, pretty good game.
  12. Yes, well reffed. Sorry, forgot to mention that! A good game all round.
  13. ARTHUR PEARCE CUP Newlyn Non Athletico Res. (2) 4 -v- 3 (0) West Cornwall Res. AET On this blustery, rainy day, when most pitches had failed the morning inspection, and young men all over the county were forced into various drinking establishments far and wide to watch the Premier League and 6 Nations sport fest, West Cornwall made the trip down to West Cornwall to meet Newlyn NA at the 3G pitch at Mounts Bay Academy. This pitch was in good condition, of course, and although a bitingly cold wind and heavy shower of rain greeted the teams for the "warm-up", the game was on. Starting with the conditions in their favour, NNA started strongly, and forced the away team onto the back foot. The opening goal was a little fortuitous, in that a long ball forward was heading out of play, chased by attacker and defender, and as the chase seemed to end, the ball hit the corner flag pole, and stayed in play (unlike the defender, who hit the deck in trying to stop). Luckily, the attacker kept his feet, balance and nerve, dribbling the ball along the goal line, towards the cramped stance of the goalkeeper, who crept out from his post to cover the cut-back ball, leaving just enough room to squeeze the ball home directly. One nil, and deserved. More pressure from the home side continued, with only glimpses of the higher division skills of WC on display. Then, a silly challenge on the touchline, level with the penalty area, allowed NNA to deliver a cross to the back-post where a nice header made it two nil. This brought us to half time, where we reflected on a good performance to date, but knew that WC would come back at us. And so it was, the conditions, although changeable throughout the game, were now in their favour, and more and more they threatened the goalmouth. A comeback goal was on the cards, and secured, NNA looked vulnerable. But, with grit and determination, another corner was forced, and NNA scored their third, restoring a 2 goal advantage. 3-1 with 15 minutes to go. WC were not finished, and through the variety of substitutions, and formations, they pulled it back to 3-2. With time running out, NNA were on the back foot, and some desperate defending finally resulted in a penalty to WC, duly despatched into the net to draw things level. Still, the game was not done. The next twist, as NNA looked to see out the final seconds to get to extra time, an off-the-ball incident led to a straight red for Newlyn. Down to 10 men, and staring an extra 30 minutes in the face. So, to extra time, NNA decided to start again with the conditions with them, and actually played perhaps better football with one less player. Maybe WC had dropped off the pace, being a man advantage, I often think subliminally, the team with 11 think that their effort level can be eased. Of course, not so, as the 10 men now their effort level has to increase. So it proved, with Newlyn playing excellent football, and forcing a fourth goal. To the second half of extra time, and WC pressed, and forced the goalkeeper into several saves. A couple of corners went close. Then, one minute to play, the ball breaks for a shot at goal 8 yards out, and the keeper responds with good reactions. That was the final chance, maybe the best chance of the day, and it passed. The final whistle went, 4-3 to Newlyn, and hands were shaken all round. It really was a good battle.
  14. It didn't happen. 11th hour agreement.
  15. Ok, an away point to Sunderland is worse, I was just trying to go easy on you.