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  1. Good game of football over at Rosudgeon. The blustery wind blowing diagonally across the pitch was a little off-putting and not conducive to great football. Both teams try to play as opposed to heaving long balls down field, and it was an even contest throughout. Newlyn took the lead, heading home the opener from a corner. Rosudgeon hit back via a penalty before taking the lead shortly afterwards. Newlyn levelled with another header from another corner. Half time was 2-2. Rosudgeon edged the second half, with both teams creating a few half-chances, Rosudgeon proved more clinical. Very well reffed. Good luck to Rosudgeon in their quest for promotion.
  2. Yep, simple facts please me. Arsenal 10, Tottenham Hotspur 0. Brilliant!
  3. On a lighter note, the Arsenal ladies put 10 unanswered goals past their Spurs counterparts this afternoon. Get in!!
  4. Well that sort of thing is rather easy. When someone is at the top, saying that demise is around corner is basically going to come true at some point. Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and so on have tasted regular success and eventually gone backwards. Arsenal may well be in for a backwards step, tough for us supporters, and great for you lot to laugh at. I just hope they don't go too far and bounce back quickly. The only reason why I go on about it being a business is because that is what it is. Money has ruined the game to a certain extent. But everyone keeps going on about Wenger, my point is that the board won't sack him, he is successful in a business sense. If a fan was running the club, he would have gone!
  5. The club is making money. If your business was making money, would it be ok to say you were in "la la land"? Not really. As I said before, you have to live with that. Get Wenger out, and bring in another manager, who will face the same issues. It may help give the players in their comfort zone a wake up call, but shame you have to dump the manager to do that. And, no guarantee what happens next.
  6. I think the players are in their comfort zone. Sickens me. All millionaires. You say "leaders". But these are grown men, can they not step up when the going gets tough? Do they need their dad out there guiding them? Just look at Wenger, answers every time at every press conference. They're (the media) are all after his skin, but he stands up for himself and his club and his players every time, every game. How can they not respect that, same as the fans? You mention Leicester, where you allude to the fact that the players are now grafting whereas they weren't for Ranieri. Is that the solution, sack the man responsible for assembling the team if they fall into their comfort zone, to get them playing at their full potential again? Crap isn't it. Get rid of the "high maintenance" players, such as Sanchez. I'm certain that he has a negative effect on some of the others.
  7. Not going well that's for sure. Didn't see the game, but Arsenals "late season" rally had better start now as they are really struggling. I think for the first time that Wenger will be really considering his future at the club. I do believe it will be his decision. They won't sack him, but he may feel that a change is needed. I'd be happy either way, wherever they finish this season. I guess the players are low on confidence? Not a good time for Arsenal. Depends what you mean by justify? If you are going to go on about the owners and so on, you are wasting your time. Football is BUSINESS. You have to realise that. It is not run by fans! Of course, the owners will want the club to win things, but making money is the objective. You have to live with that. The things you are going on about, the things on the pitch, then ok, but this will be to do with player confidence, injury status, respect for the management, pride and so on. Some of it down to Wenger, lots of it down to players.
  8. Both semis are at Wembley, so effectively, Spurs are going to be the only "home team". Oh, and Arsenal beat Spurs on the way to winning the cup in 2014.
  9. Nope. Haven't got the ability to look into the future. At this stage, I would say that the favourites for the cup are Spurs and Chelsea. Arsenal are least favourites. But the matches don't always go to form. We have to wait until tomorrow for the draw. Hopefully Spurs will get the winner of Chelsea/ManU, leaving Arsenal v City (who are unreliable form).
  10. Utter rubbish. You admit to not looking into the future, but end your posts with the Lillywhite nonsense. No need to enter into any more detail. Anyone can read between the lines.
  11. I thought it was a simple question, and following your own train of thought. Always an uphill struggle with you guys. So, reading through all the nonsense, an FA Cup Final appearance is what you would be satisfied with from here on in. What about the league?
  12. Going backwards? How? Again? When? What?
  13. As I say, read it and weep!! Ok, SSS, let's look forward. However, enlighten me first if you would, what the forward ambitions are for Spurs for the remaining part of this season?
  14. Amazing really. Since Wenger has been in charge at Arsenal, Spurs have NEVER finished above Arsenal in the league. What a fantastic record that cannot be disputed against your bitterest rivals. Read it and weep Spurs boys. Ha ha ha.