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  1. You think he will be crap, I know that. His record speaks volumes though. I don't listen to the media crap, ex-players spouting off their rubbish, I look at the situation as a whole. He knows what he is doing. Sadly, the gap between the trophies, the barren years, is there for all to see. But that was when he was having to sell players to keep money in the bank for the new stadium. All that time, somehow he still managed to keep the team in the top 4. And unlike others, I have nothing against whoever owns the club. What they do with their money is up to them. As a fan, of course I want to see wins on the pitch. But owners want to see much more, the gate receipts, the shirt sales, the other incomes......stuff the fans don't give a monkey about. That is football nowadays. He will be ok and continue to do well.
  2. If you're happy with Wenger staying, and I'm happy too, then yes I agree with you. X
  3. Arsene Wenger commands over a 57% win ratio for Arsenal football club. What makes that remarkable is the period of time that percentage relates to. Nearly 700 games. Ponch at Spurs isn't doing half bad, with over 50%, but far fewer games, and of course, remains trophy-less. Wenger has won 3 trophies in the last 4 seasons alone. Something Spurs and The Ponch can only dream of. Take the mickey all you like, trophies are hard to come by, and the Arsenal manager has got quite a few under his belt. I'm always honest. I am neither a Wenger must stay or Wenger must go man. If he stays, apparently what is happening, I'm happy. If he goes, I would be excited as the club would be entering a new era. Either way, the manager gets my support, whoever he is.
  4. Sadly, I am not sure it will. The Europa will be just like the CL in terms of amount of football. Possibly more. The calibre of opposition will be different, but that does not make it easier. The last 2 winners of the Premier league have not played in Europe at all in their winning season. I would have been content to see Arsenal finish outside the Europe placing's, however, it would have been a torturous season!!
  5. The speculation is caused by the media. Who are continuously asking if he is staying??? Who are driving the speculation??? He does not have to answer. It is a decision for the club, for the person. Why get hooked-up on it. It distracted the players he says. Was that his fault, the uncertainty? No it was not. Look at the reaction after the game yesterday, they all hugged Wenger. Just let them get on with it. You said yourself, "just wish we could have played more like this during the season". It was the players who did not grind out the results. Ramsey says this after the game: "Of course I think he'll stay. He's been fantastic for me and the players. We changed the formation and had a lot of success. Fair play, it paid off and hopefully he'll be here next season. We owe him a lot." That is a player, not the media, not a fan. A player who is at the club, trains and works for the club, is in the dressing room before and after the game, who talks to the manager and other players. I really fail to see why there is any type of campaign against Wenger. Ian Wright has not helped with all the crap he has been saying. Not helpful, but he works for the MEDIA.
  6. ...and because these players, the same players we had all season, didn't, then sack the manager, call for his head on a plate, fly aeroplanes with horrible banners, moan about it all and forget what an absolute brilliant manager he actually is. He stands alone, all the time, not shirking the task of talking to the media like others do, fulfilling his duties where others do not, defending the players, accepting the criticism of some fans due to his "public job", and all the time, doing is utmost, giving 100% to the club. The awful way some fans have reacted over this season is awful. They are not true fans, they are idiots. They do not realise what a tough job this is, for any club to win any trophy takes skill, patience, and luck. Thin margins divide success and failure. Whatever happens to Arsene Wenger, stay, or go, I will be very happy, and support him or the new manager as a true fan, realising that any success will be very hard to find.
  7. Some people thought it was all over....IT IS NOW. Up The Gunners.
  8. Moses. Cheat. Got what he deserved, a losers medal. Well done Arsenal. Deserved winners.
  9. Uh-oh. I'm with you on this one SSS. Looks like we will have to be on the "same side", smiling at each other through gritted teeth tomorrow night, hopefully watching Ajax beat Man Utd !!!
  10. But, what have you won? NOTHING. NOTHING. You have not won a trophy for how may years.........? You did break a record this season, the record number of straight FA Cup semi final defeats! That is fresh news, and now. Well done. So congratulations on your trophy less, embarrassing European adventure, record breaking awful year! Enjoy the summer of reliving those great achievements. lol
  11. Our season isn't over yet. Still in with a shout .....
  12. .....and won zilch......
  13. I predict Spurs to be the same as this year, they will win nothing again next season. No strength in depth. Embarrassing in Europe this season, same again next I reckon. Won't win the league, too many games. And before you say it, Arsenal too. The Europa will do them no favours. With Wenger or with a new super-duper new manager, another sorrowful season ahead.
  14. Agreed. Ferguson left a very poor squad for poor old Moyes to take over. And they are still recovering. Which is fantastic!!!!!
  15. Well it didn't go under the keeper! In fact, I put the kiss of death on it by saying to my mate on the sidelines "He will bury that all right, just like Sunday, roof of net".....