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  1. Haha well a congrats on the clean sheet!
  2. I was in the dug out, only going on what I was told... I seen a top save from the keeper, one of the lads said it just crossed the line. Regardless, Lizard won the game, I felt a draw was a fair result but that's football
  3. Lizard got there goal from a definite pen and defended well when we pressed for a goal. The older guy at the back marshalled his defence well and we just couldn't get the ball in the net, even though it did cross the line once but the ref couldn't see it due to the amount of bodies in the way. We had our chances that we didn't take. Thanks for the comment about us being a division two side, with 5 players in squad under 17 I'm happy that we wasn't labelled a division 5 team 😉
  4. Just to clear one or two things up from my perspective. The throw in he reversed wasn't for the throw in the wrong place, it was because it was a foul throw. The free kick he pulled back when we could of have a potential advantage was because of arguement that followed between the two players involved in the foul The free kick awarded for the player shouting his name was given because, although he shouted his name, he was nowhere near being able to make a challenge for the ball. unless someone else deems 10 yards back and with no chance of getting near the ball to challenge. Indirect free kick awarded as the shout was deemed inspiration conduct as I did distracty player who subsequently missed the header. Lets just leave it know, Mr Roberts is a top ref who was happy to explain things to me after the game. Nobody can keep 22 players happy every week
  5. I agree with geachy that I can't see the Mabe management team go to Fal town after the years of hard work put in to get them where they are. I can't speak first hand as I'm no longer at the club, but I don't believe that Jack, Liam or Nick would walk away and watch things disappear
  6. I am the manager of Penryn 3rds and me personally, I think he didn't get much wrong (before I'm criticised, I am a ref too) His decision making was fair and he let the game flow and spoke to players about his decisions with accuracy and a calm manner. Even after the game I asked him about a couple things I was unsure of and he explained them to me from his view. I think he he could have shown a fair few yellows today for dissent but chose not too, especially when he was called a joke by one of the Mousehole defenders... the Mousehole full back wearing 2 I hope is qualified as he questioned every decision that went against his team and the majority of them were inaccurate according to football law On the game, draw a fair result, we started badly and made a few positional changes that got us going and back into the game. Few top saves by Donut as he does every week keeping us in games when we go hunting for goals. Good luck to Mousehole for their last 2 games and cheers for coming back in for a beer after the game
  7. Maybe the people who run Mabe have a lot more dedicatation to making their club progress through the leagues?? The managers at Mabe have been there since the beginning and have done really well to get where they are in such a short space of time. A small club run by a handful of people. If those people leave, the club will more than likely fold, then there would be the usual comments of how another club has folded due to lack of commitment... Falmouth Town is a big enough club to attract a manager with proven combo experience, not go scraping around the middle of the Trelawny leagues
  8. St Day res 2-2 Penryn 3rds Penryn scorers: Joe Scott and Kyle Cooke We took a 2 goal lead after about 20 mins, then decided to sit back a bit and st day pressed and it was 2-2 at half time. Some good defending from Penryn and some quality goal keeping from Donut in the Penryn goal kept st day out. We played counter attacking football and could of had a couple of goals ourselves but for some rushed finishing. Draw a fair result and very well refereed
  9. Trelawny prem west cornwall 5-2 Penryn 3rds penryn scorers: Toby Clarke and Jason Roberts Deserved win for West Cornwall, we gave our all but with a bare 11 we ran out of steam and couldn't get back into it. 3-1 at half time, we scored a goal early in the second half but a few changes from WC and the game was over as a contest when their 4th went in
  10. Was a very even game between TMS and Penryn 3rds. Penryn now under new management and lacking a few bodies during the week, Kirk was available and came in to help us out as he has done for Penryn on many occasions. Penryn have a young side now and I think it was a balanced game that TMS probably deserved something from. An even first half with us trying to adjust to a slightly new formation with a couple different players starting. A reshuffle at half time and we came out slowly and TMS got themselves in front. Once we settled down we got ourselves ahead and didn't really look back. TMS kept coming and pushing but we held on for the 3 points. As for the keeper incident, me personally I thought a red was coming but my angle was different to what Mr Manning had, but he is the ref and I respect his decision. Good luck to TMS for the rest of the season and for your rebuild next year in division 1, good squad you boys have there that will only get better
  11. Even if he is the only person with a key, I'm sure a quick drive around there with a box of grapes for the poor bloke will be enough to pick the key up. Marazion always been a well run club, surely someone will be able to help
  12. Penryn vs st Buryan postponed, pitch unplayablle