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  1. I think Boxing Day and Good Friday are on different days this year Andy!!
  2. Money in combo

    You can't blame the players if they're offered money but one can question why clubs feel the need to offer it in what is a recreational level of football. We end up with a host of players changing clubs each season who, when they retire, have no affinity or loyalty to any of them. Gone are the days when players join the committee after their playing days have finished. Paying players is not only taking hard earned money out of football but ripping the heart and soul out of clubs - all for the benefit of someones ego and short term success.
  3. Major Shock

    I've mentioned this is previous threads but think it's worth stating again. If you add together all the things have changed in the last 20 years: lack of loyalty and commitment from the current generation, more teams playing at a higher level, Saturday games on TV, 20-fold increase in those going to University and never returning to their home-land, changing work patterns etc. it's not difficult to see why clubs begin to struggle to field teams. I have no answer to the problem and, unfortunately, it's not likely to improve in the near future. Great affection and sympathy for Penryn.
  4. Penryn Athletic withdrawing from CSWPL!
  5. Hayle football club

    Billiant news! Well done to all concerned in the well thought-out development of another great facility for Cornish football.
  6. Minimum length for Step 7 used to be 110 yards but was changed a few seasons ago to FA minimum of 100 yards. There are moves being made to reverse that change because it prevents onward progress to Step 6.
  7. As long as the pitch complies with "minimum FA standards" (100 x 50 yards) it would be OK under current League Rules. Leagues do now have the choice to stipulate their own minimum sizes rather than accept minimum FA sizes but would need to incorporate any change into League Rules.
  8. And why on earth would you consider that my post was sarcastic or directed towards you? What grounds could I possibly have for being antagonistic in my responses to your comments?
  9. The FA, both locally and nationally, are fully aware of the problems faced by clubs and are "open" to change. Over the coming years, I'm sure there will be significant improvements to both the structure and available help to football in the lower echelons of the game. As with everything, changes take time to formulate and impliment ....not aided by some people who have entrenched views on the game which they are never willing to deviate from!
  10. If Clubs wish to be part of the NLS they have to accept the conditions of being part of it. Each upward Step requires extra facility developments so that Clubs can gradually improve as they progress. I do think they should consider adopting a points system for each requirement, with say 75% compliance as a pass - rather than the current 100% or fail.
  11. Wrong again Al - no cost to the clubs!
  12. CCFA do not have the resourses to award grants to clubs but do have a dedicated Development Manager to give advice advice and help clubs through the process of grant applications to the Football Foundation and the Stadium Improvemt Fund.
  13. I think all clubs know where to find the information about available grants: however, clubs still need to find a percentage of the costs themselves - at least 30-40%. The difficulty is "saving" their share of the money from within their already tight budgets!
  14. The FA have inflexible criteria for each Step of the National League system. The Clubs which are currently non-compliant are fully aware of what needs to be done - and by when - to avoid the threat of relagation. I anticipate most of them will get there.
  15. I believe Newquay and Saltash will be taken off the non-compliant list in the coming months; both will be re-assessed early next season. Remaining clubs, including one not listed above, still have some work to do to "cross the line".