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  1. Wise words CornishMaid. I think you've summed it up perfectly!
  2. If Tivvy Reserves remain in Prem. the bottom 2 clubs would be relegated to Division 1. This would mean that 3 teams from Division 1 would be relegated - the last finishing teams in both East & West plus the losing team in a play-off game between the two teams finishing in 17th place. The 36 teams would then be allocated to the most sensible Division (East or West), based upon their location.
  3. There's been no formal discussions between Combo & Trelawny Leagues but would expect the proposal to be brought up at both AGM's this year to enable a mandate for formal talks to begin. Can't see anything which might be agreed coming to fruition as early as 2018/19 season: the following season could be a posibility.
  4. IF - and it's a BIG IF - there is an amalgamation of the two Leagues, there's a good chance the top two divisions could enter the Senior Cup to put them on a par with ECL's two divisions!
  5. Interesting to note that Plymouth Argyle attracted a total of 3,726 spectators to their 19 AWAY fixtures this season - an average of 196; the average attendance for the Premier League is just 108.
  6. Another example of "road rage" on the pitch. When, if ever, will players learn to accept the referees decisions and get on with the game. Everyone makes mistakes and refs can only react to things as THEY see them. Being abusive and showing a total lack of respect towards match officials will never alter a decision. Lessons need to be learned or the referee shortage will get even more worrying! Making derogatory comments about referees on a public forum is not a good idea either!
  7. I believe that under NSL rules, a side dropping out of Western League Premier would merely "save" one team from relegation - assuming there are promotion candidates other than Exmouth Town: it's the same senario as Tivvy Res dropping out of SWPL.
  8. There is no longer "senior" or "junior" status in Cornwall, although some people find it difficult to move away from referring to Duchy and Trelawny as "Junior". The labels were removed from CCFA rules a few years back and their only mention is now the Senior and Junior Cups. Leagues outside of the NLS can still be ranked in order (of seniorority) but they are all classified as "Recreational Leagues" by the FA.
  9. P&D are indeed a feeder league to SWPL.
  10. Below Step 7, the FA cannot dictate which League relegated Clubs opt to go to. In theory they could choose any of the SWPL Feeder Leagues!
  11. The FA Technical Panel is the body which awards Grades for the NLS and they would have to agree any extention to the 31st March deadline which the National League recommend or request.
  12. It was an advisory visit from the National League Dave, the FA have not yet been involved in the proposed ground share or what needs to be done by when.
  13. Be assured, the naive people are correct!
  14. Thanks Rodney - true to form as usual; I know you have a great love for Penzance really!