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  1. They had a small,steep farmer's field close to the village.
  2. Friendly required

    Yes Steve.Steve Roscoe to confirm with me tomorrow morning.
  3. Friendly required

    With Holsworthy deciding that Chacewater was too far for a pre-season friendly (only 130 miles round trip),we are still on the lookout for a home match this Saturday 22nd July. If someone has cancelled your intended match,please get in touch with ledleystheking or myself.
  4. Friendly req'd

    Chacewater 1st team Trelawny Premier are after a friendly this Saturday 22nd July at home .
  5. Hi mate,

    Chacewater of Trelawny Premier could host you next Saturday?


  6. Friendly

    17th,or 18th would be great.
  7. Friendly

    Chacewater firsts could do with a home friendly next Monday 17th July.PM me if interested.
  8. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    We are already fixtured that day mate
  9. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    It was 22 Engr Regt FCfrom Wiltshire Jacob and the score was 8-2.Class outfit and best team that we have played in years..
  10. Nick Hone - RIP

    RIP Nick. I also had the pleasure of Nick's company before,during and after a match when he came to watch Chacewater a few years ago now. A real football man and supporter.
  11. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    Unfortunately due to the weather,that's the way it's worked out this pre-season Alan
  12. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    This coming Monday Jacob.
  13. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    Due to the heavy rain this morning with more expected later in the day,training is cancelled tonight and will be held next Thursday now. First team friendly at home on Monday and Reserve team friendly the following Saturday at 2pm.
  14. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    Hi folks, Chacewater start training this Thursday at the Recreation Ground with a 6.30pm start.All are welcome. Some pre-season friendlies have been arranged.
  15. Transfer rumours

    Dom leaving Perranwell and NOT signing for Carharrack."Retiring" but we'll see.