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  1. Mangle agree about not having much money , but could you at 67 do the same job as you do now ? I know I couldn't , Arsene replacement would be difficult ,But utd consistently won titles , our club hasn't , look at Chelsea this season we stuffed them at the Emirates , but their New manager ( Conte ) has changed the way they play since and at present they are very hard to beat , our team doesn't seem to learn we make the same mistakes . Usmanov was stitched up he is the second largest shareholder but can't get on the board , a few seasons back when Lady Bracewell sold her shares to Satan she realised after that she should have sold them to Usmanov for the good of the club and has stated that puplicly and her family owned shares for years , any decent fan doesn't want him sacked but perhaps a move upstairs , it will come he can't go on for ever who to replace ? Don't know but the club was there before Arsene and before I started supporting them and will be long after he leaves and I move on from this earth , it is Arsenal FC not Arsene or yanks utd , fans divided Mangle interesting times ahead , even ex players who played for him have noticed a change in his demeanour , and comment he is burnt out , personally I don't want him end up I'll after all he put into the club , he will always be known as Arsenal greatest manager but I am afraid father time catches up with us all.
  2. Which way are they declining ? Si James is it football wise or facilities ?
  3. Crisis? No cross roads ? Yes . Spent 100 million in the summer but the signings haven't made a major improvement yet . Mangle at this point in time I would take third in the league and the FA cup , Arsenal business model is top notch , can't fault it for a money making machine , but we follow Arsenal and hope for trophies especially league trophies , agree it is tough league to win but what about Leicester ? . The move to the Emirates was sold to the fans that the club with increased revenue to compete with the best in Europe , I have only been once but the fans are growing restless to spend so much money to follow their club , because it is what they put their hard earned cash into , they have been sold a dream but it is slowly becoming a nightmare , Silent Satan , Ivan the terrible and Sir fish and chips have forgotten a club is about winning not fleecing them through ticket sales . Let Usmanov on the board or sell up to him. this man is a fan of the club he is richer than abrovich , he offered an interest free loan to pay of the Emirates so Arsene could invest in the squad , turned down by Satan and crew . Arsene is 67 he is looking drawn he has put his heart and soul into the club but even over the last five years football in England has moved on .
  4. Sorry SSS but it's all the supporters fault , if it wasn't for you guys you wouldn't need a football club at all .
  5. Andy you were a great ref yourself so to impress you he must be doing something right , good to hear officials getting praise .
  6. Perhaps it will settle down in a few years and it will get back to a sustainable level , no easy answer it may be people have fell out of love with the national game .
  7. Joe before I came to Hayle my folded club Long Rock charged £2.50 subs and that was 15 years ago , so no £12 is not a big amount to play football and have a shower , and grounds and facilities are much improved , no more washing in cow troughs ( done that) or no washing or running water at all , but some players don't appreciate what they have today compared to say twenty years ago .
  8. Fenman check out the Trelawney League post for today and check BD post frightening reading .
  9. Bloody hell B D that is frightening ,. How many clubs / teams have been lost in that time ?
  10. Willow , couple weeks back the home side sat on the wooden bench no dugout , as to blowing over insurance would have a nightmare .
  11. Well still use the wooden bench in front of the tea hut , very old school but would that be OK for today's combo league ??????
  12. Who is ??????? Lamps scored more goals than a lot of so called strikers , so not really a fair comparison .
  13. Fenman the truth is people use any excuse not to play gone are the days when you would turn up even when , ill as you were worried about your place in the side , now if they don't turn up then don't get picked to start the following week they are off to another club loyalty is a two way street how many clubs get some money , pay players and get rid of local players ? Money runs out as it always does and surprise club struggles to attract players , I have only recently came across a player who admitted he went to where the money was , at least he was honest .
  14. Kos and Sanchez ?.
  15. Wendron should have no problem as they were previously in the combo before taking promotion to the SWPL , and have outstanding facilities ,, know nothing about West Cornwall, Pendeen also a former Combo club , Lizard good club house , parking a bit sparse ,don't know about barrier around pitch as it is a public playing field , but if they get promoted not many teams would fancy playing there in the depths of winter as very exposed . Good luck to all applicants and well done for having ambition , pity some more senior teams haven't had the same ambition in previous years when they haven't taken promotion .