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  1. Yes strange no game today , but semi final tomorrow , doing my favourite pastime cutting the grass ( don't like gardening ) , hope your lycra isint to tight watching the film with your family .
  2. Good luck to Hayle on Sunday hopefully a good crowd , playing a very good side but in a one off game who knows ? Hope it's a good game and the weather is like today .
  3. 100% you will enjoy your trip to Helston , great facilities. , Plenty of parking , good size bar , good food ( my favourite) ,. Might go myself hope you and smokie are ok , hopefully my club Hayle may get Godolphin next season in the senior cup , bloody hell looking forward to next season and this one hasn't even finished .
  4. y 25th March Carharrack 3-1 St Just Falmouth Town Reserves 1-4 St Agnes Mullion 1-2 Porthleven Reserves Newquay Reserves 2-2 Penryn Athletic Reserves Perranporth 2-2 Holman SC Perranwell 3-1 Illogan RBL Reserves St Day 3-1 Goonhavern Athletic St Ives Town 5-1 RNAS Culdrose Sunday 26th March League Cup S-F Hayle 2-1 Ludgvan
  5. Truro Postie , now there is a name , Cornwall support for Truro ? Look most people on the forums in some way support other clubs most games on a Saturday so we're was the support supposedly to come from ? Now there are football fans that follow local football not one club , so these would be the floating fans you were looking for but and remember this Cornwall is a low income area , to pay to get in would cost a fair portion of their earnings , perhaps if costs were reduced for say any midweek games more would come and support , so more income through the gates more money in food and drink sales , simple really , Truro fans are very loyal and have had the highs but now there seems to be a low on the horizon , a good post from Reno , when there was a reserve team in the SWPL they had a lot of fans which traveled to games lots of local games and rivalry , the fans and committee members said that they felt detached from the club and it was like two teams not a club before they were dropped .
  6. Don't scrap it , the combo has benefited from this , gives players a chance to test themselves , and managers a chance to see if they can step up , one of the better ideas , to be honest haven't seen it holding the game up with the ref having the subs names and numbers before the game , and haven't been aware of teams trying to run down the clock .
  7. Thanks John , doesn't bode well for Truro .
  8. What a mess , Truros fans must be spitting feathers as,. Looks like the only option is ground share ? But where locally as , Torquay would probably be the last straw for the club . Sad times for Cornwall's highest placed team , perhaps a group can take over the reigns and regroup will take a big effort but there must be old players , ex committee members who want to save their club ., Not looking good at this moment for Truros future .
  9. Really ? How much longer for TFC fans have to wait ? These are the people who through thick and thin follow their team , remember it is their team , patience ???? They have been answers needed not more BS .
  10. While bigger fools look on 🙌
  11. It's there for all to see .
  12. The main title should now be Will Arsene be there to spend the transfer money ????? The main title should now be Will Arsene be there to spend the transfer money ?????
  13. Can't worry about other teams and what they do , but perhaps in the grand scheme of things the board might get a worry that not getting in champs league will hit them where it hurts in the wallet next season , as that is their sum total of success , making and taking money from the punters . The side show yesterday of Bannergate , on various Arsenal websites the banner in favour of Arsene was paid for by a source from Hong Kong with links to Sir Fish and Chips family , if true priceless , two planes for and against , could only happen to Arsenal pantomime season has come early , honestly you couldn't make it up .😬
  14. Time maybe to come off the bench , you are still young try to play as much as possible , all old players will tell you you are a long time retired , but then again we were all better back then than we really were .
  15. No good thinking who will take over Arsenal as manager , as Arsene is still at the helm , shame that all the media and forum's are concentrating on what is going on behind the scenes including myself , and not for the football Arsenal was known for , you are correct Keith sad days for the fans , who will still be here when Arsene has decided his future and this non Football minded board has gone , this is the only constant in the future the fans , The Arsenal will go on but in what direction ?