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  1. Well done to everyone who has been involved with this redevelopment at Hayle , a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes for a few years to get to this point , a pat on the back to everyone involved , I think I am right that Hayle will be the only club with 3 g which is not attached to a college in Cornwall , great news for the club and thanks to the original committee who through hard work and graft started this all off all those years ago , hope there will be some updates on progress with some pictures in the coming months .
  2. Thanks Bob , so clubs use your vote wisely , just think how it affects your league and the future of it , we have all seen teams, clubs fold over the years and various players not register be it injury, retiring , or moving away . Perhaps it will settle down in a couple of years and all local football will stabilise , but remember it is in your own hands to help with this .
  3. Dom Pullen would be an asset to any combination team just look up his record , not my favourite person on the pitch but he knows where the net is ,Casey has done a good job at Perranwell and made them a very hard team to beat especially at home , I know sometimes banter can overstep being funny into becoming personal .
  4. Next thing we will have four quarters to allow for more TV advertising , cheer leaders , and change the name to soccer , games to go on for hours , if they want to make a change put more into grass roots Football , make available more 3g pitches , improve the lower levels be it pitches changing rooms ect , reduce match ticket prices at the top , put a cap on transfer fees , wages , and make the so called fair play for clubs to operate in their means . But then again pigs will fly .
  5. It happens nearly every season with Arsenal. Players contracts running down then a panic that the players won't sign up , and surprise we have another player with the power over the negotiations , we had it with cesc, van purse strings now Sanchez , this is a problem , now who ever sorts out the contracts needs to go and get a better person for the job , surely common sense with a contract running down try to sort out earlier rather than latter .
  6. Welcome to West Cornwall and Pendeen to the combo league .
  7. I am not sure how it works now but new clubs / teams back in the old leagues were given a chance to put their case for entering into the league and then left the room , where a discussion and vote was made , if this is still the case if anybody has any reservations about clubs vote at the AGM this is a chance to make a stand , it is your league and you all have a chance to make a difference as to who you want to enter , turn up and vote .
  8. You have a vote at the AGM so use it if you feel so strongly a bout certain clubs , teams entering the league , it is down to clubs in the end if and what you want your league to do for you .
  9. That's classic older made me chuckle
  10. Perhaps they could merge with TISA as you both seem to have problems with your chairman or does he like the support divided which takes the pressure away from him .
  11. Sack him or back him , that was the boards call , agree with SSS he could have left with his head held high , pressure is on in the league for next season. With Wenger out fans getting on his back , some valid points from yourself and Mangle , the board have a lot to answer to with a drawn out contract , this should have been put to bed last season and then the fans would know what is happening and the media wouldn't have anything to report which has been in truth the big story for them . Silent Satan is not a football fan he came out two seasons back and told the AST that trophies were not a priority a business model is what he cares about his sport franchise makes money for him but don't win anything ( apart from Arsenal) .The fans were told moving to the Emirates would create the revenue to buy and compete with Europes best , this hasn't happened . The players have to look at themselves as well , why couldn't they play like that earlier in the season , fast moving football which is great to watch . Personally I think Arsene should move upstairs after twelve months but overseeing the changing of the guard . Not. This season older , spuds have played some great football this season and deserve to be second in the league , Arsenal have had a big dip in results league wise , but then you look at utd in the league and the money spent and they were behind Arsenal and Arsenal fans have been generally peed off with how their club have done , they still have two cups so Maureen goes under the radar again . You won't see me complimentary to your club very often .
  12. I think it was an open secret SSS , the board don't have a plan B in place for when he leaves , you are spot on about silent Satan and making money , not so sure about supremacy in North London change for both clubs with players leaving just depends on who they can recruit , I will be generous to spuds as you have a good manager but the problems will arise when other more elite European clubs come calling for him and the likes of Ali , afraid money talks .
  13. It is a shame that even season tickets can divide opinion amongst TFC fans , I can see both sides revenue towards new signings or not supporting the owner with the way the club is run/ managed , I take my hat of to you guys that follow their team on long away trips it costs time and hard earned cash to do this and you have every right to be dischanted with your club with all the off field problems , it's just a shame the owners and supporters can't come together and sort out some of the difference's between both sides and have a clear vision where the club is going and how it can be funded . Just don't forget the fans without them there is no club .
  14. Or perhaps get players to take a pay cut ?? To offset costs .
  15. Wrong again , you are the gift that keeps giving