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  1. Have St Minver won the league yet, or just require one more win ?
  2. Your positive comments about the ground are appreciated, I understand some additional work is planned for the close season, thanks to the hard work and chairmanship of Steve Woolley. St Blazey and their supporters will always get a warm friendly welcome at Callington - based on last night's performance, certainly not the worst opponent at Callington this season. For the record Kelvin Fyneboy scored both Town goals - three straight wins at the end of the season, after accumulating seven victories by Christmas. I thought Jamie Rowlands at right back, promoted from the ECPL side, had a very steady game last night - he set up the winning goal. Thanks go to manager Steve Metters and the players this season, Steve stepping in for one season only and keeping the team away from the bottom two places- I'm looking forward to next season with managers Gary Williams & Dean Cardew. Good luck to St Blazey for whatever next season brings you
  3. A nightmare for any club at this level, not fulfilling one, but two fixtures, and also rather embarrassing for the SWPL - no one likes to see a team with an * alongside their name with points adjusted. I have no knowledge of the situation at this club ( in fact have no desire to do so), however when their game at Cullompton recently was forfeited on a Wednesday, 3 days before the game, I did comment on this forum that with the SWPL accepting this situation so far in advance ( accepting the earlier postponement at Cullompton) it did set an unwelcome precedent. I have the utmost respect for the SWPL officials, but just wonder whether the Cullompton decision made it easier for the offending club/players to pull out of the Parkway fixture.
  4. The Torpoint player went straight through the Callington player to get the ball, referee was just a few yards away and gave an instant decision. I reckon the sails on the windmill on that shirt of yours must have obscured your view !! Enjoy the rest of the season pal...
  5. Callington Town 2-1 Torpoint Athletic A second consecutive win for Town, with Ollie Kennedy following up his hat trick against Launceston on Good Friday with a late winner against Torpoint. Callington started the better of the two teams, but after about 20-25 minutes Torpoint started to come much more into the game, which for an end of season game had been entertaining and good value. Just before half time Keiron Prescott was brought down in the penalty area as he shielded the ball and turned - an obvious penalty and very clear decision for the referee.Harry Southcott smacked the ball straight down the middle of the goal to give Town a half time lead. The second half was a more scrappy affair, and with 30 minutes remaining Town had defender Matt Thackeray red carded. Torpoint pushed forward more as they sought to something from the game, and they equalised from a corner on 68 minutes when John McCreery was left completely unmarked at the far post with a simple header to equalise. Torpoint sensed the momentum was with them, but their defence looked uncomfortable against the strong running Kelvin Fyneboy, and so it proved just before the end when from his run Ollie Kennedy was on hand to roll the ball under the Torpoint keeper.
  6. This Bodmin/Camelford game stuff is getting rather tedious now !!
  7. Changing the subject to something positive - good win for Callington yesterday!
  8. I think this raises a few points; - why do the FA insist on such an early finish to the season, it's ridiculous, there is no logic to this, and it puts unnecessary pressure on league and club officials as well as players when teams might be pushing for honours, or to avoid relegation, and fail due to playing too many games in a short period - last season Callington, and I think Stoke Gabriel and Godolphin played on consecutive days towards the end of the season - I would have thought that early notice of failure to fulfill the fixture would have led to pressure from the SWPL to actually play the game, rather than accept postponement - from what I read both Helston & Cullompton considered the pitch to be playable at Cullompton, and I think it had been passed fit after a morning inspection, no doubt the SWPL have been lenient towards Helston with this in mind - it does set a worrying precedent however, I do recall Bovey Tracey failing to honour a fixture at St Austell a couple of years ago, it will be interesting to see how the SWPL treat such a situation arising in the future ( hopefully it doesn't of course) Just my views....
  9. No, because Callington Town played Mawnan in the earlier Junior Cup final, and I think Portleven played in the later Senior Cup final. It was atrocious weather, rain, and a very strong wind blowing, so much so that at the clubhouse end when Callington took a goal kick, the wind picked the ball up and carried it back over the line for a corner several times
  10. Accepting John Mead's stat, it's also interesting to note that given quite a lot was made by the SWPL about Argyle attracting the highest attendance of the season for the home club, with Argyle having completed their away games, this has been the situation in just 4 cases - at Tavistock, Saltash and Parkway, plus Cullompton in what was the first Premier division game of the season on a Friday evening ( given that Godolphin are likely to attract a big attendance against Newquay this week)
  11. Callington Town 6-0 Liskeard Athletic Callington maintained their 100% home league record with what was ultimately a straight forward victory against Liskeard. The game featured a second half hat trick from Jarryd Kelly. Callington started on the front foot, and forced several corners, but it was not until just past the half hour that they took the lead from a right wing corner was inadvertently deflected home by a Liskeard player. A few minutes later Ben Langton turned and shot home to put Town two up at half time. Little had been seen of the Liskeard attack in the first half. Liskeard did fashion a chance early in the second half,home keeper Chris Wearing flicking the ball on to the post, Jarryd Kelly also hit the post for Town soon afterwards, and then scored the first of three goals with a fine right foot shot. Right back Jamie Rowlands finished well with a rare strke to make it four, Kelly scored again, and completed the scoring with a penalty.
  12. Premier Division Callington Town 0-6 St Stephen (0-0 at half time)
  13. I didn't see this incident, as I was too busy yapping at the other end of the ground, but several Town supporters said that they couldn't see why the "goal" was disallowed. In fairness this was a fairly isolated Callington attack in a half that Bodmin controlled, but wasteful finishing and one top class save from Sam Borthwick kept the score 0-0 at half time, and up to the hour mark. The introduction of Bodmin sub Dan Jennings made a difference, two good finishes just after the hour - he's always impressed me as a sharp finisher. Bodmin made a double substitution taking off the creative influence of Dan Sullivan, and it so very nearly backfired for them towards the end of the game. Kelvin Fyneboy ploughed through the Bodmin defence to score with 3 minutes of normal time remaining, and Callington then had a decent penalty shout when substitute Carlton Farnham was about to receive and control the ball, and was rather recklessly shoved in the back. As the rain swept in, Bodmin retreated too much into defence , and another Callington sub playing on the right beat his full back, and pulled the ball dangerously across goal which just evaded onrushing forwards. Based on possession, and chances created there is no doubt that a win for Bodmin was the right result however. What I didn't understand was why the referee had to book one player from both sides fairly early in the first half, both for their first fouls of the game, neither of which could be considered dangerous, reckless or out of control - ridiculous !!