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  1. Couldn't be at the game today, but fantastic news for Callington Town - well done Rod & Kev Pethick, and the players - the majority of whom played in Duchy 1 last season !! Also thanks to Polperro for their result today - well done guys !
  2. Yes I do hope you injured defender is ok, and in the circumstances it was pleasing to see the Callington physio spending a good few minutes attending to your player , and helping to carry him off. The "handball" you mention, I seem to recall the referee was well positioned to make a decision. I stuck around for 5-10 minutes after the game, there didn't appear to be anything happening after match-wise, and having seen several Polperro players already head off, I decided to go - perhaps some miscommunication here. Anyway I am sure there was no disrespect intended towards your club
  3. Polperro 1-3 Callington Town An important win for Callington last night in their battle with St Dominic for runners up position. Before Polperro got into their stride, Callington were 2-0 up after 20-25 minutes playing some good football, with two fine strikes from the predatory Jarryd Kelly. Polperro pulled a goal back on the half hour, when they scored a clever direct free kick just inside the near post, wrong footing Town keeper Chris Wearing. This gave the home side the impetus to up their game, and it remained pretty even to half time. Polperro started the second half in the ascendancy, but without causing too many problems for Callington, who at that stage had limited opportunities. Polperro were awarded a penalty half way through the second half, but with Callington pointing out that in their opinion keeper Wearing had clearly flicked the ball away from the Polperro player before any contact, the referee sensibly consulted his assistant, and the decision was overturned. As the game entered the final 15 minutes, Callington did create quite a few opportunities finishing the game strongly, finally Kelly finished well with his left foot to clinch the win, and his hat-trick. A decent end of season game, with both sides giving it their best. Polperro a proper ECPL team and set up, and a decent bunch of players - good luck in your game against St Dominic on Saturday !
  4. Callington Town 1-4 St Minver Callington formed a guard of honour at the start of the game for the Junior Cup winners, and repeated this at the the conclusion of this game, as St Minver clinched the Duchy Premier title. It took St Minver until a minute before half time to take the lead, the lead was doubled from a corner just after half time. Callington showed their battling spirit by pulling a goal back, and the young Callington keeper ( who looks to have a great future) saved a penalty. St Minver scored twice more, one another penalty, to deservedly win the game. St Minver played very well in the second half, on a blustery day. St Minver I assume will take their rightful place in the East Cornwall League, and well done to them for sticking with it ( I thought they were messed around a bit last close season personally, after finishing Duchy runners up last year) I think I am right in saying that Callington Town were able to enter the ECPL in the early 1990's when St Minver pulled out, so a nice bit of symmetry today
  5. Have St Minver won the league yet, or just require one more win ?
  6. Your positive comments about the ground are appreciated, I understand some additional work is planned for the close season, thanks to the hard work and chairmanship of Steve Woolley. St Blazey and their supporters will always get a warm friendly welcome at Callington - based on last night's performance, certainly not the worst opponent at Callington this season. For the record Kelvin Fyneboy scored both Town goals - three straight wins at the end of the season, after accumulating seven victories by Christmas. I thought Jamie Rowlands at right back, promoted from the ECPL side, had a very steady game last night - he set up the winning goal. Thanks go to manager Steve Metters and the players this season, Steve stepping in for one season only and keeping the team away from the bottom two places- I'm looking forward to next season with managers Gary Williams & Dean Cardew. Good luck to St Blazey for whatever next season brings you
  7. A nightmare for any club at this level, not fulfilling one, but two fixtures, and also rather embarrassing for the SWPL - no one likes to see a team with an * alongside their name with points adjusted. I have no knowledge of the situation at this club ( in fact have no desire to do so), however when their game at Cullompton recently was forfeited on a Wednesday, 3 days before the game, I did comment on this forum that with the SWPL accepting this situation so far in advance ( accepting the earlier postponement at Cullompton) it did set an unwelcome precedent. I have the utmost respect for the SWPL officials, but just wonder whether the Cullompton decision made it easier for the offending club/players to pull out of the Parkway fixture.