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  1. The Football Association have introduced a series of tough new mandatory bans for grassroots players who abuse referees following a strike last season of officials and a Telegraph campaign for action. In a series of rule changes that will come into force for the 2017-18 season, players at all grassroots and youth levels will now receive an automatic and minimum five-year ban from football if they assault a referee. There will also be at least an 84-day ban and £100 fine for any physical contact with a match official. Verbal threats will now be sanctioned with a minimum ban of 56 days, or six matches, and a fine of £50. County FAs have all been written to by the national governing body and told that disciplinary commissions must impose these sanctions and can further increase them based on any aggravating factors. The FA did previously have a series of recommendations for the punishment of serious misconduct but these were not mandatory and, as extensively reported by The Telegraph, many grassroots referees felt both endangered and unsupported. ABOUT TIME !!!!!!!!!
  2. Tottenham Hotspur

    He knows everything except what's needed to win trophies! Long may it continue. ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha
  3. In what circumstances would you change your opinion? What would another club have to do to become the biggest club?
  4. Money in combo

    Why is it understandable!? Why do players expect to get paid for pursuing their HOBBY? Clubs at SWPL level and below should not pay players.
  5. Pre Season Friendlies

    Didn't know that - got the info from the list of pre-season friendlies in yesterday's Indy
  6. Pre Season Friendlies

    Boreham Wood on 8th July, Falmouth Town on 15th July
  7. Surely a Butlins holiday is a reason not to sign!!

    I think they must have eaten too much Stargazy Pie! I wish them all the best though.
  9. Thanks leedsunited I was interested in the whole management team, not just Steve Massey. Probably didn't phrase my question very welll. I'm no stato and I've got a memory like a sieve (goes with old age!). The management team is obviously very strong and very experienced. Just interested in what honours they've won and when.
  10. Thanks that's good, but I was hoping for a bit more detail. Probably a question for DD or other Stato's out there.
  11. Have the new management team at Helston won much as managers / coaches in the past?
  12. New Under-16 side at Truro City

    Breaking news SSS, some players go on to become managers and some players / managers go on to become club chairmen! (eg: Niall Quin). I think Ferguson would just about be experienced enough to do the job! You really don't have a clue! Anyway, why don't you give it a go and show us all how it should be done! Yo could start off with a subuteo team and work your way up.😃
  13. New Under-16 side at Truro City

    Dave, just have to accept that even if Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge at Truro City there would still be people on here criticising and thinking they could do a better job. They like to talk the talk, safe in the knowledge that they will never have to walk the walk!
  14. New Under-16 side at Truro City

    It's called old age! 😳
  15. New Under-16 side at Truro City

    You've got such an interest in Truro Older that I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up playing down Penryn! Nothing wrong with Penryn, but it looks better from Truro! Anyway I once spent a week down Penryn one day!