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  1. Irrespective of wether certain decisions were right or wrong Arsenal were far the better side on the day and fully deserved the win. With regard to the controversial decisions, did those on here stick with their opinion on their first view or after seeing them in slow-mo from 4 different angles!
  2. Really bad week for the spuds. Man Utd and Arsenal both winning trophies and the spuds no trophies. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  3. All matches should be played on pitches like Hereford v Newcastle in 1972 !! 😀😀😀
  4. A very emotional evening, but with the whole of Manchester behind them they did it.
  5. I know a couple of avid Man City fans who, following the dreadfull events in Manchester, are putting aside their rivalry and rooting for Man Utd to win tonight. They hope that a win will give the whole city a lift at this terrible time. Good on them I say.
  6. Q: What does a Spurs fan do when his team has won the Champions League? A: He turns off the PlayStation.
  7. Normally yes, but this year the team in 6th may be in next seasons Champions League!
  8. Only another 18 years to go then before you match them! Plus, of course, another 11 league titles and 4 FA cups.😀
  9. SSS - you seem to think I'm an Arsenal supporter. Sorry to tell you that I am NOT.
  10. Anything less than 2nd next season will be a failure.
  11. I can see the advert now: St Darren's advice : 100% guaranteed or your money back. Could be very lucrative for you! 😀
  12. Show us your trophies. Nobody ever remembers who finished second!
  13. I seem to have upset Miss Piggy! Some people can dish it out, but they can't take it.
  14. Do Spurs get a trophy for beating Leicester? Oh sorry I forgot Spurs have been designated a trophy free zone!
  15. If the club had lived within it's means 15 years ago, there would have been no need for Heaney or Masters.