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  1. Lee if your stuck us callington maybe able to give you a game at our place
  2. Should sign for one club! Play for there 1st 2nds 3rds how ever many teams your club has. Stop people dragging in from all over the place
  3. Ha ha who's dan pethick he ain't played for years. 😂😂😂😂 😉😉 rumours has it he thinks this is his year in the Swpl
  4. Anyone in ecpl signed any new players. Or rumours?
  5. Cheers mate. Do you boys want a pre season friendly? Will let you know what dates we have? Be good for your boys
  6. A racial assault on a callington player? Manager ended up punching him in the face twice which included a uppercut. All over a late tackle down the wing. Which callington player got booked for. St Dom also had a player sent off as well in about the 78th min. Such a shame for poor Ken who has put his heart and sole into st dom for so many years,