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  1. Any idea why the five failed the Step 6 criteria?
  2. Margo is a lovely lady ! Lol !!!!!!!!
  3. Is that for the Crystal Palace job Robbie ????
  4. Yes they have in the old South Western League in 1952-53 and 1954-55. I thought you would remember these Dave ! Lol.
  5. Like your Senior Cup our trophy is gleaming on the shelf too !
  6. Crowd was 334. Lovely set up at Crediton, organisation by the club and SWPL staff was excellent. Commiserations to Exmouth who were very gracious in defeat and joined in the celebrations in the club house after the match. Well done to my boys who were the best team on the day and deserved to win the cup. A really special winning goal from the sweet left foot of Martin Watts.
  7. Good luck Abbo & Lloydy. Yes may the best predictor win !
  8. Sent mine too. Sorry just seen you've received it !
  9. A really good article on "Superman" - Robbie Morris. It clearly shows the great level of commitment and love that volunteers like him give to their clubs.
  10. Yes fine Dave. I've sent my prediction to you directly via a forum message. It's been fun doing the predictions this season albeit my own team keep letting me down by usually by one goal either for or against ! I am happy with the format too.
  11. 681 official attendance.
  12. Godolphin 2 Cullompton 2 Launceston 1 St Austell 3 Saltash 3 Falmouth 0 St Blazey 1 Exmouth 4 Tiverton Reserves 3 Torpoint 1
  13. Bodmin 7 Witheridge 0 Parkway 1 Tavistock 3
  14. Callington 3 St Blazey 0 Cullompton 2 Launceston 1 Exmouth 3 Parkway 1 Helston 1 Torpoint 3 Tavistock 2 Bodmin 1