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  1. Most you do but only around the £2 mark
  2. ECPL

    Dave keep going mate, don't be put off by the silly few. Whilst not everybody will agree with your comments that's what makes the Forum what it is
  3. No they have "retired"
  4. Dobwalls are looking for a Club Linesman for the SWPL for the new season, anybody interested please pm me
  5. Money in combo

    What has happened to "Contract" players and "Non Contract" players ? be paid if you are good enough no matter what league you are in and if someone is stupid enough to pay it, just do it properly and declare any profits after all costs ie boots, kit, travel etc are taken into account
  6. Talking about Simon Westlake, last season at Plymstock
  7. Just to say I love the banter but Mortgage Advice Bureau are pleased to sponsor the ECPL again for the coming season
  8. At least Newquay don't have to bring in an ast manager from over 50 miles away
  9. Hey mate you do turn up in some strange places !
  10. Why ? The more help they can get the better
  11. Sorry before you call people a liar if there is a long away trip the driver of a car carrying players get a contribution towards their petrol and a trip like Illogan would be £10. Even the management do not get their petrol paid so please get your facts right !
  12. Sorry Bobjfh but not every club pays, certainty there is no payment made to players at Dobwalls
  13. Hi Willow, Tideford had a really nice ground up the hill past The Rod And Line at Tideford Cross, funny I use to live across the road from the pitch.