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  1. As sponsors of the league this is not good news. Perhaps automatic relegation should be considered for any team that fails to fulfil a fixture. I just feel sorry for Torpoint who must have been looking forward to an enjoyable afternoon together with the presentation of the league trophy.
  2. Ha Ha, anyway well done mate and see you on Saturday for the presentation
  3. probably because St Ives have a lot of black on their shirts, seems sensible to me.
  4. So I went to Polperro today to present St Dominic with the runners up trophy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done to Callington, could have saved me a trip.
  5. Ha Ha, are you trying to wind up the opposition ?
  6. To be fair the Dobwalls keeper didn't have one save or cross to really deal with plus the home team missed many chances but I agree they did battle but seemed to lack urgency for a team that had to win
  7. Could have tried Bodmin, I have heard they have a nice pitch !!!!!!!
  8. Just a thought but it is much more attractive for any sponsor to have Plymouth teams included in the league. I do suggest you look outside the box before making comments about the few extra miles to enter England
  9. Contact the sponsors of the East Cornwall Prem League, they do broken bones cover
  10. Penryn v Dobwalls off