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  1. Yes I seen it, just trying to get a bit of interest going
  2. Got to agree mate and an easy game to referee
  3. If anybody stops him scoring 3 next week they will be in big trouble!!!
  4. Yes Tom, we did win the Senior Cup and I will always have a soft spot for the club as long as they finish below Dobwalls this season!
  5. Congratulations, if its a boy I hope he will be a referee, then again if its a girl I hope she will be a referee....................and I won't say anymore
  6. You were up late last night! yes both ha ha. If I said what I thought I would be in big trouble
  7. best not say anymore then! (I did edit my original posting)
  8. Thanks for the hospitality and great food after the game. First time I have been to Wendron and what a good set up, all the best for the rest of the season
  9. Less said the better re the referee,
  10. Dobwalls with their new clubhouse
  11. Hi Willow Tree, It was Plymouth City who played at Pennycross, they had a Western League side and a West Devon Sunday side made up from South Western League players that entered the Sunday FA Cup
  12. I have to say Tommy was one of the best centre halves I have played behind