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  1. If Truro are playing their home games at Bodmin will that be the end of the ECPL side ?
  2. So will that be the end of Bodmin's ECPL team or are they going to play at Truro?
  3. So will that be the end of their ECPL team?
  4. Funny Dave I done exactly the same, soon got fed up with the stupid commentary, ps karaoke is much better than that!
  5. Camelford must be doubtful, lashing down near Callington
  6. Its still on mate
  7. thought you would be playing.....anything not to buy me a drink
  8. Ha Ha so where were you today?
  9. I hate to say this (ha ha) but compared with some of the referees we have had over the last 6 or so weeks I thought you were a breath of fresh air, as usual you talked to players and even if all decisions might not be right you were confident and consistent and got all the big decisions right, you are welcome to Dobwalls anytime, I must have taught you all I know!
  10. Hi Julian, pm me or drop me a txt with the address 07887567325
  11. Got to say a cracking game last Sunday, Saltash Old Boys v Carlyon Arms, 5-4 to the home side but a credit to both sides, no cards, plenty of goals and best of luck to Saltash in the final
  12. Hi mate, give me a shout when you are down, I have some kit. I can meet you in Saltash or Callington
  13. Yes Pedro you are correct, it is now a 1-30 ko
  14. Yes its this Sunday that NeilWarnock is coming to open the new Clubhouse. This will be preceded by Dobwalls v Doballs ex players ko 2pm