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  1. Where have they managed?
  2. St Austell Voice says that it appears as if Gary Jeffery, the Launceston Manager, could be the front runner.
  3. How do you know what other clubs are paying, quicksilver?
  4. What resources do they need? You probably mean money, money, money. St. Austell had that but still did not win the league! Is it really justified to spend a fortune for a bit of silver? It is an amateur football , isn't it?
  5. Only run and govern the whole of Cornish Football. What do you suggest Big Al? Not have a Cornwall FA. Just let it run riot. Good luck to The hard working Officers and Staff. I think the deserve everything they get.
  6. I predict that the Western Morning News and the Cornish Guardian will soon follow. They seem to have lost their way. I think last week, the Guardian had one sentence about the St. Austell v Torpoint game. No pictures and hardly any news about the St.Austell area. Long live the St. Austell Voice, a lot cheaper too.