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  1. This was certainly a game of two halves. St Dennis totally bossed the first half and led 2 - 0 t half time. The second goal was very interesting as initially the referee disallowed the goal. After consulting the St Mawgan linesman the goal was given. The ref wasn't sure if Lee Rickardhad got a touch to the ball which he had. One might have questioned whether Lee's foot was high and therefore in a dangerous position but the goal stands regardless. St Dennis will be disappointed that they didn't add to the two goals they scored in the first half. St Mawgan was a different team in the second half and two goals from skipper Stuart Harris the second a super volley meant the points were shared. Lee nearly scored his hat trick but a superb goal line clearance by Bonar maul prevented this. At the other end with the last "kick" of the game Ollie Morrison headed just over. A good competitive game well reffed by Alan Howells. St Dennis are still in control as to the destiny of the Division 1 champions.
  2. 8 quid, I understand that Newquay has a game on the Saturday and with the club in the situation it is, it was considered not to burden the club with the possibility that the pitch could be damaged. I understand that the officers of Godolphin are away and so perhaps no-one would be available to make the sure the pitch and ground facilities were managed efficiently on the day. I understand that a function is already taking place at St Blazey so that ground is unavailable. I understand that St Austell has a game on the Saturday morning and so Poltair Park was ruled out. I understand that the Wadebridge ground was used for last season's cup final and so another venue was sought. I understand that Bodmin and Launceston were ruled out because of potential pitch issues. As a ground with floodlights is needed then Liskeard was chosen and under the circumstances there doesn't seem to be many other choices left that Cornwall F A could have made? If at the start of the season you had said to everyone involved at St Minver and St Stephen, you will play in the Junior Cup Final but it has to be played at Liskeard, do you think either club would be disappointed?