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  1. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    After the first round of games on Saturday, the league table looks like this : With the Goalscoring Chart:- 2 Steve Abbott-Smith Jacob Cleverly 1 Tom Hogarth Chris Dower Cameron Sirral Nathan Hampton Connor Arthur (as provided by Steve Abbot-Smith)
  2. It's marvellous what you find tucked away on the internet! I found this over the weekend, a season (2002-03) with Luke Hodge, who at the time was playing for Porthleven. http://www.facup.cornishsoccer.info/1666.html
  3. Sin bin confussion.

    The Trelawny League has announced a third and final meeting. This is to take place at Holmans SC on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017 at 7pm. Before that there is one on Thursday 27th July – at Wadebridge Town - 7pm – 8:30pm. This one is primarily for those in the east of the county, but I'm sure no one would mind who goes where! 😀
  4. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Nice looking main trophy! 👍😀
  5. Friendly

    Thanks - have amended friendlies list appropriately
  6. Friendly

    Are you still playing Wendron?
  7. Penryn Athletic

    Not really adding value as the club were already in the Combination league!
  8. He's in the latest transfers as going to Camelford, however he played for G last night and so I'm wondering if he has perhaps had a change of mind and returned! Hopefully someone from either club concerned can confirm either way. The way he played last night I would say G would be wise to try and persuade him to either stay with them or return to them!
  9. PLAYER REGISTRATION & TRANSFER NEWS Last Updated : Wednesday 19th July 2017 Players Re-Registered from last season: 1,854 New players Registered this season: 106 Total number of Registered Players: 1,960 Transfers Received & approved this season: 129 Latest Transfers : 101 Ben Stidwell From : Helston Athletic To : Porthleven 102 Daniel Lord From : Porthleven To : Penzance 103 Lewis Couch From : Axminster Town To : Honiton Town 104 Lewis Young From : Launceston To : Godolphin Atlantic 105 Corey Burns From : Cullompton Rangers To : Launceston 106 Charlie Hardcastle From : Bodmin Town To : Launceston 107 Dean Stevens From : Stoke Gabriel To : Bovey Tracey 108 Sam Fishwick From : Appledore To : Torridgeside 109 Will Folland From : Witheridge To : Torridgeside 110 Dan Peters From : Wadebridge Town To : Porthleven 111 Brett Allen From : St Dennis To : St Blazey 112 Oliver Deadman From : St Dennis To : St Blazey 113 Josh Harris From : Plymstock United To : St Blazey 114 Stuart Morgan From : Plymstock United To : St Blazey 115 Lewis Vooght From : Plymstock United To : St Blazey 116 Matt Bullen From : Bodmin Town To : Wadebridge Town 117 Tiago Soares From : Godolphin Atlantic To : Camelford 118 Billy Hopcroft From : Bude Town To : Bodmin Town 119 Luke Rundle From : Plymouth Parkway To : Bodmin Town 120 Matt Drummond From : Helston Athletic To : Porthleven 121 Gareth Jones From : Camelford To : Holsworthy 122 Ben Thomas From : St Blazey To : St Dennis 123 Connor Davey From : Mousehole To : Helston Athletic 124 Bradley Kelly From : Witheridge To : Cullompton Rangers 125 Harvey Newman From : St Martins To : Cullompton Rangers 126 William Pitman From : St Martins To : Cullompton Rangers 127 Jack Rawlings From : St Martins To : Cullompton Rangers 128 Jonny Rawlings From : St Martins To : Cullompton Rangers 129 Sam Rawlings From : St Martins To : Cullompton Rangers
  10. Tavistock have suggested attendance around the 550 mark
  11. First of the Sin Bin Cornwall FA meetings

    It is still down to their individual interpretation of the appropriate law for dissent!
  12. Pulling out?

    There obviously has to be a date decided upon and that happens to be the AGM - just unfortunate clubs pull out after this.
  13. He can't help it if he's competitive!