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  1. Ryan Barnes in goal, Dan Park out wide and Harry Trewhella-Batt in at RB. 3 good young players
  2. Perranwell 3 - 2 Holman SC I'll keep this shorter than last week Great start from us, with some key players returning we looked really good going forward. Lots of quick counter attacks. Our first goal came on 9 mins when Reece Monteith squared for Adam Brown to finish from close range, the same combination for our first goal last week Soon after Pete Norfolk put in a great back post cross to find Jack Mankee who couldn't finish with his head from close range. It really did look as if we were going to go on and score 2-3 and Perran didn't threaten much in the opening 30. Again Pete Norfolk just before half time breaking down the right and pulling back to Jack Mankee in space who took the ball on the turn but dragged it wide on his left foot. As expected we were punished for our wastefulness and right on half time with Phil Rees scoring a towering header at the back post directly from a corner. Really gutted to concede and go in level as we really did play well but didn't make our dominance count. Second half, different story really. We resorted to booting it long down the throats of a couple of 7ft centre halves which strangely enough didn't work too well Perran were hitting us on the counter and made it 2-1 after 15mins. Breaking through the centre and finishing. The game was a bit nondescript really for long periods of the second half. Lots of launching from both sides and it wasn't fun to watch. Reece Monteith got our equaliser after dribbling down the left channel, holding off 2 perranwell players and opting to shoot instead of the anticipated cross. A powerful shot across goal leaving the Perran keeper no chance. It wasn't to be though. After we lost a 50/50 challenge on the edge of Perran's defensive third, the hosts broke quickly through the centre and after a good save from young Ryan Barnes, Chris Madeley tapped home from close range to win it. Definitely a bitter pill to swallow as we should've been 2-3 goals clear in the first half, but Perran persevered and got their rewards in the end. Awful 2nd half from a spectating point of view
  3. LWC Drinks Combination League Results - Sat 12th Aug 2017

    West Cornwall 4 - 3 Holman SC Well, a local derby to start the season! Although it didn't really feel like one. West Cornwall were sticking to their possession game and we were mostly force to close down in the heat which didn't leave much left in the tank for full blooded tackles. In typical Holmans style we gave the Combo league newcomers a rather sporting 3 goal head start. A good diagonal ball from Owen Barrett cut out the entire Holman's defence and I believe it was WC's number 10, who lobbed the onrushing goalkeeper to give the hosts a lead after about 3mins. More good work from Barrett driving from the left wing, beating a couple of defenders before rifling a shot into the post which rebounded and was slotted home, so a 2 goal lead after about 7mins. West Cornwall added a third goal from a corner, we didn't clear it and it was scrambled home to make it 3-0 on around 25 mins. Pretty poor defending from us and not a single chance on goal at this point. Opta's stats had our possession down at 28% as well so things weren't looking good. However, we managed to give ourselves a lifeline and started playing with a bit more desire. Bobby Hopkins opting for the long diagonal which gained some ground and after restarting from a throw in, Reece Monteith curled in a perfectly shaped crossed from the left wing for Adam Brown to head home from point blank range. 3-1 and game on! HT The second half saw us competing much more and despite having less of the ball we were able to close down WC more effectively. The hosts were still very dangerous though, they put in a number of very good quality crosses which were just eluding the strikers and after some patient passing the ball was dropped back from their right winger to the right back (bald head and beard sorry don't know names) and he put in a brilliant curling cross which was headed home from close range. Found myself almost flinching to clap instinctively (didn't) as it was such a good passing move in all honesty and at this point 4-1 down it looked over. The young number 10 for WC also struck the bar with a good volley attempt soon after and we were on the ropes momentarily. We then pulled another goal back through Jack Mankee on around 60mins. After some neat control in the box he was fouled and stepped up to calmly slot home which made it 4-2 with plenty of time left. The introduction of Ashleigh Bingham injected some life, and with his work rate and long throws we clawed our way back in again. This time it was the evergreen Simon Lavis showing us you can still score goals whilst falling over. A corner which wasn't cleared by WC, bounced high to the back post and Lavis instinctively threw himself at it with an overhead kick which looped in. Great piece of individual skill to make it 4-3 and it felt like the equaliser was inevitable as we had the momentum at this point. West Cornwall were awarded a penalty after a quick counter was illegally halted by Bobby Hopkins inside the box, no complaints with the decision and luckily the WC number 9 missed from the spot to give us a lifeline. A few minutes later it looked as though our luck was finally in. A long throw from Bingham was flicked by a WC defender unable to clear and bounced off the foot of the far post. It looked like Adam Brown would have an easy tap in but the WC defence reacted well and quickly crowded him out to stifle our hopes of a point. FT 4-3 Congratulations to West Cornwall on their first victory in the league. It's a shame it had to come courtesy of us but they played well. Pretty sure they will finish around mid table and I'm sure others will appreciate their style of play. There were some positives for Holmans from about 30mins onward and with returning players we can definitely improve. Easily the longest report I've ever done
  4. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Well this was my second visit to Clijah for the Darren Lewarne Trophy, and I have to say I was disappointed yet again. No bouncy castle anywhere to be seen.
  5. Money in combo

    Fixed your post mate. This was a point I tried to make earlier when I referenced Exeter City and their fan scheme to fund a player each season. At which level does it suddenly become acceptable for people to pay other people to do something? Who are we to question someone's motives to spend their own money? It makes as much sense as standing in Tesco and asking someone why they are buying Prawn and Mayo sandwiches.
  6. Money in combo

    Nobody wants you to apologise? Nobody criticised the team or the committee. More virtue signalling Richard. I simply pointed out that you were being a hypocrite and now you're getting defensive
  7. Money in combo

    Yeah I think Richard was getting on his high horse a bit by questioning the achievements of teams that pay, when transplanting an entire team to achieve success is equally short term and artificial. What I was questioning was Richard's pretentious stance on the matter of paying teams. I couldn't let the virtue signalling and hypocrisy of his post slide So just to spell it out for you mate. I'm not literally questioning the achievements of Carharrack, they've done very well and nobody can take that away from them. They are fully entitled to bring in players and do as they please, it doesn't bother me. But in simple terms I think his questioning of short-termism makes him a hypocrite. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"
  8. Money in combo

    Completely missing the point. Did you actually read any of the discussion before posting?
  9. Money in combo

    Richard, what if a club completely transplants an entire squad of players (unpaid) from one club to themselves in order to be successful? What have they achieved? Pretty simple economics at work though with regard to the original point, supply and demand I think they call it. Something is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. Really what is being questioned here is someone's motivation to do something. Exeter City have a concept where a group of fans club together and donate money in order to finance the wages of a new player each season, why do those fans do that? Is their motivation any more valid than the same scenario at a local level? Why so?