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  1. No one can disspute that this season has been an Annis Hobbilus one for Newquay Football Club, the most testing one in the clubs 125 year history. Newquay have been an ever present member of the former South Western League and present South West Peninsula League since 1951. Likewise, it has been an everpresent member and founder member of the Cornwall Combination League since 1959. It was a distinct possibility that the Newquay Club would not remain in either League at the end of this season. Now that everyone at Mount Wise can breathe a little more easily it is appropriate to thank the sponsors, managers, players and committee (both young and not so young) and loyal supporters for their dogged support during this very difficult season, you certainly discover who your real friends are. My condolences also go out to St Blazey, another old Cornish Club with a proud history. Perhaps it is also time to reflect. Football has certainly changed in Cornwall over the last 10 years or more, and many different views have been expressed as to why. Falmouth, Penryn, Porthleven, Newquay, St Blazey, St Austell, Bodmin, Torpoint and Liskeard all have had periods of instability. Realists will agree money or lack of it plays a major part in any clubs success. I believe that the changes in licencing laws and drinking habits have also been a massive factor. Booming Football Club houses of the past are very few and far between now. Over the years bar takings and fruit machine profits were sufficient to finance a successful team. It is also very true that we are living in a very different age where players have so much choice in how to spend their leisure hours. Commitment is a very old fashioned word these days, and has sadly been replaced by apathy. Time to be more cheerful, time to look optimistically towards next season. As the song goes "Things an only get better".