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  1. I wonder if the former veryan player bobbly lee johns played up there today?? Still showing his pace up there 👍👍👍
  2. Congratulations to probus on winning div 3 today alot of hard work goes in from tony penrose and vetern chris davey!! Well done to all the lads involved!!!
  3. Duchy 1 GSM 0 : 1 veryan Mi final post/bad match report of this season! A game which probably ment more than just picking up the runners up medal!When speakin to gsm boss ak about the nervs from the touchline during the game it says it all!!! wot this means to both clubs!! This was all about a local derby with 2 sets of players that all no each other but want to be the top club on the roseland! Gsm have had some awesome results recently and veryan not so good results! Gsm play with alot of pace going forward which we whitnessed when they beat st dennis the week before! All beit a wounded st dennis side they still put in a great performance! The game was settled with a martyn O'callaghan first half penalty! The game had few clear cut chances with it being a complete midfeild battle tackles went in from both sides ben ringrose, callum grahamshaw and james fryer came up against a resilient veryan midfield or martyn O'callaghan andrew pearce and steven way! From the sidelines the game only had spells of good quality in patches but just a battle of two sides who really wanted this victory!! Both sides had good spells in the game and it could have gone either way!! But with us winning 1:0 gives us the big 3 points we needed to clinch the second spot!! It would be nearli impossible for me to pick out a mom performance from a veryan player i think everyone pulled together wen needed! Its been a realli good season in duchy 1 a league which has teams in it capable of competing at a good level next season in the premier!! Well done to ak and his lads this season! Veryan havnt been at there best for alot of the season but we will go again next season for sure!! Well done again to st dennis lookin forward to playin them again next season!!!
  4. Quality game to watch not the result we wanted but a really good display from both sides!!! Good season for st dennis winning the league and getting to the knock out cup final! We will try and finish as strong as we can in our last game! Good luck to you boys on ending the season unbeaten! Looking forward to next seasons battle! 👍
  5. Duchy 1 st mawgan 4 : 2 veryan Im first gunna give great creadit to veryans opposition on saturday st mawgan were a well drilled outfit and played some lovely football and we were beaten well by a top side that desereved all 3 points!!! We werent at our best!! but when ur well and trully beaten by a better side i will always give a true reflection of the game esspecially when the best part of this season i have had to watch as(im always injured! 😆👍) in reply to the other comments above the wheels that r on our veryan bus lol havnt fallen off jst got a flat tyre at the moment!! 😆👍 (just for u grosey) i dont wanna get involved in the other comments butttt i was once a probus player years ago and i luved playing there along with a few of VERYANS players now!! And from what i can recall some of veryans players still help probus out when they r short pf players!! So i dont no how many times im gunna read that comment thankyou for that though colin 👍!!! Mom in mi opinion for sats game was number 5 at the bak for st mawgan he was outstanding never put a foot rong calm on the ball and played out superbly!!! good luck to st mawgan for the restoftheseason!! We will keep going to the end we never give up!!!!!