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  1. Oh I'll be at the AGM mate, was there last year too!!! Yeah they'll be pleased to get rid of me I'm sure
  2. Would probably have to agree with most of this @Bobjfh it's always going to be difficult to say no to new teams, I know new teams are needed but its which teams get chosen which is my concern and I hope this is all taken into account when decisions are made, I'd hate to see new teams arrive at the expense of other teams that may have to fold throughout the course of the season due to players leaving or clubs that are established losing key players going into a new season, I agree that a Probus 2nd team would make sense as you have everything in place..........I really don't know what is best really and the AGM will be interesting I'm sure. All I know is that I can't wait for the new season to begin........I'm already bored of having no footy, although the Mrs and the little one's enjoy having me around on Saturdays!! Agree with you on Threemilestone aswell mate, they deserve it and they have the numbers to do so without the damaging effect to other teams - I know which 2 teams I would be happy to back.
  3. Fair point mate, I was just intrigued to see whether it was a new team made up of a new bunch of players, or a team that will see other local sides lose players due to it! We played Titans in Junior cup and although they beat us 4-0 we did compete and cause them some problems, which considering how bad we were says a lot! :-) Mind you not sure where we're gonna be league wise!
  4. Same old story, a classic case of players playing below their obvious standard is it @stokefan1?? Will all depend on how the leagues will be structured I suppose and how many will be excepted in, would be a shame as I feel the leagues are starting to balance out and teams are playing in the correct leagues as it's shown through most leagues this season being competitive, time will tell!!!
  5. You guys get mine and St Erme's vote!!! Good luck guys
  6. Typical Bellamy poaching tap ins!! Like I said to you mate thats impressive showing with 7 against a good side, and to get a couple too is always handy!!
  7. Fair play to you Aaron, a lot of teams wouldn't even have bothered so take my hat of to you all!! And even with 7 Bellamy still somehow scored, I've heard it all now 😂👌⚽
  8. West Cornwall Res -3 St Erme -5 Strange old game, WC dominated 1st half and got the lead and deserved it fully, Lee Langmaid in the St Erme goal pulled off two or 3 great saves to keep the visitors in the game. After a talking to St Erme came flying out the traps 2nd half and got straight back into it and never looked back, the only sour note for the visitor's was the sending off of 16 year old Owen Hankins in only his 2nd game in men's football which came as a shock to both sides as a late tackle out on the far touch line was warrant of a straight red card according to the ref which literally shocked everyone and even the WC lads felt it was very harsh. The score at the time was 1-3 and luckily didn't ruin St Ermes chances of getting the 3 pts, well played to WC and thanks for the support after the card for the young lad, was very sporting of them. St Erme goals - Elliott Jolly x 4 and Aaron Byworth x 1
  9. Hi all, Just a quick one, a friend of mine is planning a stag do for his friend who manages Halwill AFC 1st team from the Devon and Exeter football league (Div 2) and are keen to have a friendly against a local side in and around the Truro area (Date TBC) when they travel down for his stag do. And so was wondered if any team would be up for hosting them on the Saturday morning/lunchtime? They are looking for a game against anyone that would be interested and the plan for them is to have a game and then get on it after, and so if anyone is interested please PM me and I can forward details, I'm not sure of the standard they play at but someone on here would probably know the equivalent, any help would be appreciated. Cheers all Elliott
  10. Hello, hope all is well? I know we'll be seeing you tomorrow at Grampound but on Sunday we may be hosting a games against the threemilestone vets and are looking for a ref, would be an 11am kick off at the trispen pitch again.

    Would you be interested in reffing that, should be a stroll in the park to ref!

    Cheers Elliott