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  1. 'Goliath v David' at Bickland tonight

    Fair play to Troon and they have nothing to lose, will be a great workout for their lads against a decent outfit. I think Troon will give a great account of themselves and in football anything can happen, good luck and I'm sure it'll be a great game for the neutral!!!
  2. Friendly Saturday 19th August

    Hi Jon, Thank you for the offer, however one has been sorted now I'm afraid. If you have any other dates you're looking to fill then please just let me know and I can see what we have free. Thanks for getting back to me. All the best Elliott
  3. Anyone able to host St Erme (Trelawny 3) on Saturday 19th August, could do with one more game the Saturday before we start the new campaign. Ideally a Duchy 3 side or lower, but would be interested in playing a Trelawny 1 or 2 side also, let me know if anyone can host by popping me a private message on here. Thanks all
  4. Hi all, Looking for an away friendly on 22nd July, had one arranged but had to cancel unfortunately as we now can't host, if anyone can host us that would be great, ideally a Duchy 3,4 or 5 side or a Trelawny 4 side as it will be still very early on in our pre season!! Pm me on here and I'll get back to you. Cheers all
  5. Hi all, Anyone fancying a change, wanting to get back into football or at a club where chances maybe limited due to high numbers then give me a shout on here. We'll be playing Div 3 Trelawny and have a great bunch of lads who want to push on after a poor season by our standards last year, looking for most positions potentially so if interested PM me on here! Training is Wednesday nights at 6.30 up at Trispen and have a few friendlies lined up. Cheers
  6. Trelawny AGM

    Yes indeed we at St Erme echo these words!
  7. Friendlys!

    Hi mate St Erme require a friendly on Saturday 22nd if you can host us? Please give me a text on 07969510012 and hopefully we can sort something out. cheers
  8. New season

    You right Postman Pat, this heat is doing things to my brain!!!
  9. New season

    AGM Next Tuesday 28th at Holmans, each club can send up to 2 representatives!!! That's when it all gets sorted.
  10. Message me and we might be able to host you at St Erme, we currently have work being carried out but should know more tonight as we have our club AGM!
  11. Friendly

    Have you seen it from the other side though? a team in Div 4 might want to have a tough pre season and play teams in higher leagues to really get the fitness up and so a team in Div 4 playing Newlyn may see them get a lot out of it, I do see you point though that Newlyn are a good side and should probably play higher league opposition but each to their own I suppose!!
  12. New Season start date?

    True, but have a feeling the league will be pushing for most if not all clubs to start their fixtures in august, saves any back log or winter weather causing havoc
  13. New Season start date?

    It varies to be honest, I think the league will be looking for teams to start around mid august if not a little before by all accounts. Most teams have to inform the league of the earliest game they can get in as it does depend on pitch availability etc....sorry that doesn't help much, the AGM may shed some more light on this.
  14. Allan, PM me aswell and we'll sort our annual pre season game. Cheers Elliott
  15. Trelawny Goss

    Oh I'll be at the AGM mate, was there last year too!!! Yeah they'll be pleased to get rid of me I'm sure